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Update 52 Patch Notes

By Star Trek 7 March 2023

Legacy Part 1

“The killer is clearly very disturbed.”

Fenris Ranger Phoenix D’Agnon calls on her old acquaintance the Commander to help her track down a killer targeting Rangers, altering their bodies to look like different species and posing them in disturbing tableaux.

Who is this person? What do they have against the Fenris Rangers? The way D’Agnon’s peers have been dispatched feels deeply personal to the perpetrator.

However, Phoenix is a strict adherent to the code of the Rangers, duty bound to help the vulnerable, and before she can find the killer, she must interrupt her hunt in order to assist those who cry out in need.

When she does get back on the trail, D’Agnon will learn that sometimes the source of darkness is not as far away as you think.

“A living person would have a hard time hiding that degree of pain.”

Star Trek Fleet Command Update 52 brings with it:


  • The Mess Hall
  • Ex-Borg Faction
  • D’Vor Feesha Glas: Refit
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • And much more

Mess Hall – New Building

Overlooking the water by the operations building, the Mess Hall is a new building available at level 15.

The building provides players with significant bonuses to Officer Stats, Research speed, and Ship component Tritanium cost efficiency.

Unlike other buildings, it does not require Operations level to upgrade and can be leveled up much further than other buildings.

The Mess Hall introduces a new stat Crew Level, which is required to upgrade it. Crew Level is the sum total of all your unlocked officers levels.

Acquire and level up more officers to increase your crew level and upgrade your Mess Hall!

To learn more about the Mess Hall, click here.

Ex-Borg Faction

M52 will introduce the Ex-Borg Faction, a new faction in which players can progress by defeating Freebooter hostiles in the new Ex-Borg Space. Commanders will be able to unlock this faction after finishing the mission “We are People Too,” available in the Holodeck for level 38+ players, and progress through it by completing new Daily Goals.

The Ex-Borg accumulated vast knowledge when they were still members of The Collective and are now ready to share this knowledge with their allies. Commanders that gain favor with them will gain access to a new Faction Store and the Ex-Borg Research Tree, which provide significant efficiency perks that increase returns and speed in other gameplay activities, including different factions and ship loops. 

For more information about the Ex-Borg Faction, click here.

New Officers

Admiral Picard, now available as an Epic Officer

Captain Maneuver: Seize the Time!

  • At the beginning of each round, X% chance to apply Morale for Y rounds
    • Base: 90% / Small: 1% / Big: 5%
  • Admiral Picard is an exceptionally strong Captain, and as such the power of his Maneuver is not dependent on synergy

    Officer Ability: This far, no further!
  • Increases base Weapon Damage of your ship by X% when fighting player explorers
    • 500% / 900% / 1500% / 2200% / 3000%

PIC Beverly, now available as a Rare Officer

Officer Ability: Critical Condition

  • When hit, increase crit damage by X% against Hostiles (Cumulative)
    • 3% / 4% / 5% / 6% / 8%

Below Deck Ability: Organ Donor

  • Increases the amount of Broken Parts dropped by Hostiles by X%
    • 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%

New Refit and Projectile

The D’Vor Feesha is receiving a new Epic Refit, greatly enhancing its mining capabilities to make it excellent at Raw Latinum mining and enabling new Refinery options that will grant Ship Parts. Alongside this, be on the lookout for the new Borg Cannon:

D’Vor Feesha Glas: Refit

  • Increase Raw Latinum Mining Speed by 200,000%
  • Unlock new Refinery Bundles to convert Raw Latinum into Ship Parts

Borg Cannon: Projectile

  • Increase HHP by 30%

New Research

M52 will launch 4 new Prime Nodes available for Commanders Ops 40+:

Ex-Borg Research Tree:

  • 2 new Primes for Operations 40+ and 50+ respectively:
    • Increases the Cost Efficiency of G4 Ship Parts for Components
    • Increases the Cost Efficiency of G5 Ship Parts for Components

Prime: Weapon Damage

  • Increases Weapon Damage by 200% for all Ships
    • Tree: Combat
    • Level: 40+

Prime: Ship Repairs

  • +200% to base Cost Efficiency for repairing Ships
    • Tree: Station
    • Level: 40+

New Missions

10 new missions kick-off the Legacy Arc! Join forces with Picard and Crew as they fight for the greater good of the Galaxy.

Learn about the new Ex-Borg Faction in 5 new missions. Fight off Freebooters and recover valuable technology

Be on the lookout for 10 side-missions that will have you joining forces with some of your favorite characters, make it so!

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

New Frames, Avatars and Hailing Frequencies

Avatars (9):

  • Uncommon Saint Patrick’s 2023
  • Uncommon April’s Fools 2023
  • Rare Alfa-177 Canine Avatar
  • Rare PIC Beverly Avatar
  • Rare Number One Avatar
  • Rare Mess Hall Avatar
  • Epic Admiral Picard Avatar
  • Epic Ex-Borg Hugh Avatar
  • Epic Mac Launch Avatar

Frames (7):

  • Uncommon Chateau Picard Wine Crate Frame
  • Uncommon Picard’s Outfit Frame
  • Rare Odo’s Bucket Frame
  • Rare Mess Hall Frame
  • Epic Commander Chair Frame
  • Epic Ex-Borg Frame
  • Epic Mac Launch Frame

Hailing Frequencies (4):

  • Rare Sarcastic Kirk
  • Rare Number One
  • Rare Alfa-177 Canine
  • Epic Odo in Bucket

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the mission rewards for Combat Training Level 60 were incorrect
  • Fixed an issue on the Mission “Requital” (Part 8) where the dialogue speaker appears as ‘Orion Slaver’ instead of ‘Prof Geschke’ during the 3rd objective
  • Fixed an issue where the daily goal says “Activate 1 exocomp consumable” instead of “Activate any exocomp”
  • Fixed an issue where collecting Alliance Reward chests would progress ‘Open PVE Loot chests’ Achievement
  • Fixed an issue where the progress gauge does not display in green when a Category is completed
  • Fixed an issue where the Fleet Commanders Commander Credits’ tooltip appears as ‘Get more in Command Refinery, Borg Solo Armadas, and Store’ instead of ‘Get more in Command Refinery, Borg Tech refinery and Store’.
  • Fixed an issue in Borg Solo Armadas where the player is not receiving ‘Uncommon FC Credits’ rewards
  • Fixed an issue in Fleet Commanders where the Commander Level Up rewards pop-up fails to appear after re-launching the client.
  • Fixed an issue on Fleet Commander Spock where the description of the Prosper Skill node was misleading as to what exactly is Increasing for the D’Vor Feesha
  • Fixed an issue where in Fleet Commanders the player is not redirected to the Commander PROMOTE tab when tapping GO on the skills requirements
  • Fixed an issue where in Galaxy View the Roda Alpha System info for mining / hostiles overlaps
  • Fixed an issue where in the Battle Report, the player’s name is not being displayed properly if the player sets their name starting with a special character or “[“
  • Fixed an issue where in Guided Achievements the configuration for S03_Obtain_Parsteel pointed the player to the store instead of galaxy view
  • Fixed an issue where in the Mission “Requital” (Part 7A) the “Locate” button was missing for the 4th objective
  • Fixed an issue where the new Jem Hadar hostiles wouldn’t count for generic “Kill Hostiles” daily goals
  • Fixed an issue where scanning a player’s base with 8 docks, the error “default_error_title” appears
  • Fixed an issue on the Mission “What Do We Do Now” where the 5 KSG Datapads required are not all registering
  • Fixed an issue where the “Help Request” & “Ask for Help” tabs are missing in the Alliance HUD
  • Fixed an issue where the Back Button in Syndicate, Dailies, Chat window and various other areas of the game were inconsistently becoming grayed out and unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where on the Mission “Armed for Science” the dialogue displays “You’ll get everything you need for 140M Dilithium”, but the objective requires you to donate 140M of Tritanium
  • Fixed an issue on the Mission “The Enemy Within (Part 2)” where “ship_name_45100” and “ship_description_45100” appear for the Name and Description of the mission hostile “Breen Warship” on the Battle Report
  • Fixed an issue where the player was not returned to Field Training tab if that was the last one displayed
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance Help button gives stuttering and unclear feedback when clicked
  • Fixed an issue where on the Ship Repair screen a higher Latinum cost is deducted than what is displayed for an Instant Repair of the ship
  • Fixed an issue where in Fleet Commanders the “Insufficient Resources” popup that displays regarding Quantum Communicators to build the Command Center doesn’t reference the free mission which provides enough to initially build the building.
  • Fixed an issue where Fleet Commander Kirk “Second Star to the Right” buff value appears in numbers instead of “%”
  • Fixed an issue where in when scoring in events, the rank change indicator can show a negative progress upon climbing
  • Fixed an issue where on the Mission “Collective of One” (Part 4) the locate button is missing from the mission panel for the last objective “Return to your station for Repairs”
  • Fixed an issue on the Fleet Commanders Skill Tree where information details overlap with requirement info when requirements are not met for unlocking skill node
  • Fixed an issue where on the Buff “Foreknowledge” the art is missing from the reward screen of Borg Solo Armadas
  • Fixed an issue in Fleet Commanders where the Always On skills were represented with hexagons in the COMMANDERS window
  • Fixed an issue in where “Resistance is Futile” Hailing Frequency has the wrong description text
  • Fixed an issue where some Daily faction hostile killing goals can be progressed when defeating hostiles of lower level than indicated


  • Made an improvement to use the player’s username in the in-game news instead of “Commander”
  • Made an improvement where Weyoun (with full synergy) has a 100% chance of giving morale every round for 3 rounds when fighting players while on an explorer.
  • Made an improvement where Gul Dukat now gives (with full synergy) 100% chance of causing hull breach every round for 3 rounds.
  • Made an improvement where Autofills Default Password for accounts don’t require manual password input on some builds
  • Made an improvement to remove Hull Condition from Fleet Commander Locutus inert nano skill
  • Made an improvement to increase the per-round Officer Abilities of Borg Queen from 200% to 500% and Borg Gossa from 120% to 300%

Localization Fixes

  • Made an improvement to certain widgets on Fleet Commander-related screens for the text boxes to fit properly.
  • Made an improvement to the Mission “History Class” (Part 1) to correct character’s name on 5th objective