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Update 54.1 Patch Notes

By gabriel 23 May 2023

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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue of inconsistent battle reports on Formation Armadas
  • Fixed an issue on the Fleet Commander skill tree where the “X button” to close the info popup fails to work when user unlocks all the researches from the group research
  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene video was not triggered when language has been changed
  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene video can trigger twice, once if the user experiences delay and opens a building upgrade view before initial play, then again upon closing the building upgrade view
  • Fixed an issue with Hailing Frequencies where the pre-scan screen of the enemy ship does not get hidden, when the user scans any enemy ship and taps on the Hailing Frequencies button
  • Fixed an issue where Below Deck Ability effects appear more effective with “Cloaking Beacons” researched


  • Made an improvement for unlocking artifacts based on Ops instead of Artifact Gallery level.
  • Made an improvement to add scrolling to tool tips