Update 54 – Voyager pt.1 Patch Notes

By gabriel 9 May 2023

According to markings on the probe’s outer casing, it appears to originate from a Starfleet vessel bearing the registry NCC-74656…”

The discovery of a lost Federation probe marks the beginning of a journey almost 70,000 lightyears in the making. Adrift in the farthest reaches of the Delta Quadrant, the crew of the USS Voyager have spent the last several years on a steady course for home, all the while searching for a means to expedite their perilous journey. When a chance encounter with Progenitor technology creates a gateway back to the Alpha Quadrant, a potential way back home makes itself known. However, this discovery will pull Voyager and her crew into the midst of a conflict stoked by foes old and new…

Although fraught with countless unfathomable dangers, the uncharted regions of the Delta Quadrant also present boundless opportunities for exploration. Aspiring pathfinders and collectors daring enough to venture into this strange, new place will find the rarest treasures and artifacts. Nonetheless, for those foolish enough to venture where they do not belong, this place may be their tomb.

“Captain… How interesting that our paths should cross again. I never would have anticipated that such an imperfect being would give rise to such a perfect opportunity.”

We are excited to introduce Voyager Part 1 to Star Trek Fleet Command. Voyager Part 1 brings with it a variety of new features, including:

  • A new region of space, the Delta Quadrant
  • The Artifact Gallery
  • Formation Armadas
  • Two new officers
  • New missions
  • And much more

Artifact Gallery

This update brings with it a new building: The Artifact Gallery. The Artifact Gallery provides a new type of power buff progression via new items: Artifacts and is available for Operations Level 26 and above. Artifact unlocks, and upgrades are dependent on the Artifact Gallery Building Level, so players will want to get them working in both directions!

Upgrade your artifacts to unlock powerful effects that will give your fleet an edge. Unlock and unleash the power behind artifacts, and see how they combine together to create your ultimate fleet!

Formation Armadas

A new type of armada challenge is here and ready for players to conquer! Gather your strongest allies to fight Species 8472 and earn artifacts. Working together, three groups must coordinate to take on formation armadas, defeat all three targets simultaneously to get maximum loot and earn artifact pieces.

Formation Armadas will have you and other Commanders, operations level 26 and higher, from all over the system working together to defeat three nodes simultaneously. These nodes can be targeted not only by your own Alliance members but also alongside any other Alliance in the system. These Species 8472 targets will require you and other Commanders to work together, communicate, and strategize as a team to come out victorious.

Using the new Formation Armada Directives, you can start an attack on one of the three Armada targets surrounding the core of the Armada. Up to three additional members from your alliance can join you in the attack to defeat that node.

Here’s how it works:

By defeating a singular node, the Commander that started the attack will receive a Leader’s Chest, and everyone that took part in destroying the node will receive rewards.

If an alliance, or multiple alliances, wants to destroy all three nodes, then there will need to be three Commanders starting an attack at each of the three nodes.

If a Commander begins the attack on one node, and the rest of the fleet arrives a few minutes later to begin their attacks, the attack timers for the nodes will automatically sync to the time the first attack was initiated.

By defeating all three nodes and destroying the core, you will not only receive the rewards from defeating the Armada, but you will also receive “Artifact Shards”, which can be used to acquire and upgrade new artifacts.

Delta Quadrant

The Delta quadrant is a massive, sprawling unknown space for you to make your own, filled with new systems to explore, new missions to go on, with both new and old enemies to destroy, along with entirely new Formation Armadas for you to team up with your alliance and take down Species 8472.

But that’s just the beginning! Join us over the course of this Voyager Arc as we dive deep into the Delta Quadrant and face all the perils it holds–and who knows, we may even meet some familiar friendly faces out there.

There are two entry points to start your exploration this month:

Border of the Alpha Quadrant (Entry Level: 26+): Here, the Commanders and forces of the Alpha Quadrant have begun to delve further into Deep Space and have discovered the Delta Quadrant. In this space you’ll find:

  • Planetary Missions
  • New Species 8472 Formation Armada targets
  • Lost Hostiles (grabbed by the Caretaker from the Alpha Quadrant)

Make sure you play the mission Commiseration found in the Eviloy system to unlock the pathway for further exploration during the Voyager Arc

Depths of the Delta Quadrant (Entry Level: 34+): Here, the players rendezvous with USS Voyager as it continues its journey home to the Alpha Quadrant. This part of the Delta Quadrant hosts:

  • Core Missions
  • New Hirogen Hostiles
  • Lost Hostiles(grabbed by the Caretaker from the Alpha Quadrant)

The Doctor now available as an Epic Officer

Officer Ability: Over My Dead Program

  • Increases your Armor, Shield Deflection, and Dodge by X% of Health for 2 rounds when you take hull damage
  • 300% / 500% / 750% / 1250% / 2000%

The Doctor is a great bridge crew officer for engaging Marauder ships but also can be used against armadas.

Below Deck Ability: Renaissance Man

  • Increases all loot by X%
  • 15% / 20% / 30% / 35% / 50%

The Doctors BDA is great for getting more loot from the crews you already have for hostile farming and armadas

B’Elanna Torres, now available as a Rare Officer

Officer Ability: Me Against The Galaxy

  • When you take damage from a non-player hostile, increase Armor Piercing, Shield Piercing, and Accuracy
  • 250% / 400% / 600% / 900% / 1500%

B’Elanna is a great bridge crew officer for engaging Marauder ships but also can be used against armadas

Below Deck Ability: Knock it Down

  • X% chance to apply hull breach to a non-Player hostile and Armada
  • 10% / 15% / 30% / 60% / 100%

B’Elanna BDA is a great way of providing Hull Breach against Non-Player hostiles without having to sacrifice a bridge slot

New Missions

10 new missions introducing the Voyager Arc: Answer the call from the missing Federation starship Voyager!

– Learn about the new Artifact Gallery in 3 new missions. Start your own artifact collection!

Explore the Delta Quadrant Space in 10 new planetary missions. Beware, Species 8472 are near!

– Be on the lookout for some additional missions in the Holodeck!

New Research

Voyager Part 1 will launch 3 new Prime Nodes available for Commanders Ops 35+.

Combat Tree:

Prime: Interceptor Wrecking

Increases Weapon Damage by 300% when fighting against a player Explorer

Level: 35+

Be on the lookout for Battleship Wrecking in upcoming releases

Ex-Borg Tree:

Prime: Ex-Borg Cost Efficiency

Increases the cost efficiency of ex-borg credits in research

Level: 38+

Ship Upgrades Tree:

Prime: Defiant Ability Cost Efficiency

Increases the base cost efficiency of the Defiant’s active ability

Level: 35+

New Projectile

Energy Focused Beam: Projectile

+ 20% Piercing to all armadas

Works for all armadas, including Formation Armadas

Level: 25+

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

Avatars and Frames

Avatars (5):

  • Uncommon Delta Flyer 
  • Rare B’Elanna Torres
  • Rare Hirogen Hunter
  • Rare Species 8472
  • Epic The Doctor
  • Frames (3):
  • Rare Voyager Warp Core
  • Rare Species 8472
  • Epic Artifact Gallery

Hailing Frequencies (1):

  • Epic Doctor Choosing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where ships were shown as destroyed when supported by ship abilities
  • Fixed an issue under Battle Report where the player name is not being displayed properly if the player sets their name starting with a special character or “[“-
  • Fixed an issue with Gorn Marauder where the string displayed instead of tooltip
  • Fixed an issue on the Fleet Commanders Commander Details Screen where talents appeared unlocked when viewed for the first time
  • Fixed an issue with Hailing Frequencies where the inventory button appears on the ship assign screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Hailing Frequencies where a dark background appears & HF does not cover the whole screen
  • Fixed an issue on the Ship Construction Screen where ships disappeared  from the “Ship Construction” screen when selecting “<” (Back) instantly upon entering
  • Fixed an issue where the “Send Chat” button was enabled when switching from Private/Galaxy/Alliance Chat even when there is no text entered
  • Fixed an issue where a broken variable appeared in string after tapping on the ship’s name or tier from the unlock ship’s screen
  • Fixed an issue under Officer Presets where an error pop up “officer_preset_error_title” appears when user tries to save an officer to the slot
  • Fixed an issue on MAC where the “Go to Shop” shortcut key appears as string {0} when the user clicks on the modify shortcut button from settings
  • Fixed an issue under Officers where the upgrade indicators (green arrows) appear on non-upgradable officers after scrolling the officers roster
  • Fixed an issue with the Alliance Starbase where the assault icon is missing on the toast when an Assault is initiated
  • Fixed an issue in the Mission chain  “Rivalry” (Part 2) – The recommended level indicator is missing inside the mission panel
  • Fixed an issue on PC where pressing & holding ‘SHIFT’ key will open the Alliance tab
  • Fixed an issue on the Command Building where the incorrect Floatie icon is being displayed
  • Fixed an issue on the Mission Chain “Seven” (Part 2) – Art is missing for the character “Dessneran Bandit Chief” during dialogues of Objective-3 and Objective-5
  • Fixed an issue where ability icons enter cooldown state with cooldown tooltip while in combat for multiple ships
  • Fixed an issue where a  blank tooltip is displayed when clicking a users profile thumbnail from the pinned chat, after pressing the cooldown icon for any ability from the HUD
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles do not use the word “Base” in their descriptions
  • Fixed an issue under the Ex-Borg Research Tree where “Mining Boost” research only works for Survey ships
  • Fixed an issue where buffs from the Titan-A get applied to ships that are warping to the system where the Titan-A is located
  • Fixed an issue on the Cardassian Disruptor where the description appears as “Increase all Critical Damage by 25%” instead of “Increases Critical Hit Damage by 25% of base”
  • Fixed an issue under Faction Bundles where G5 Survey Blueprint bundles do not have the correct amount for the option that costs 15K credits
  • Fixed an issue where a player name does not display if it starts with a Japanese character


  • Made an improvement to include the game client version number in in-game settings
  • Made an improvement to add pips to building floaties in station interior (Refinery, Shipyard, Refits, Ship Abilities)

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed a localization issue where under Fleet Commanders – Seven of Nine there were multiple unlocalized string issues.
  • Fixed a localization issue where on the Mission “The Vacation” (Part 1) there was an unsupported character for 珊瑚 is displayed as a square
  • Fixed a localization issue where on the Mission  “Comeuppance” there was an unsupported character for 贄 is displayed as a square
  • Fixed a localization issue where the Mission – “Rivalry” (Part 3) had incorrect system name displayed in a dialogueFixed a localization issue where under Items – Other there was an unlocalized string issue with ‘ENERGY – FOCUSED BEAM PROJECTILE SHARD’
  • Fixed a localization issue where the Energy Focused Beam projectile description is inconsistent with other similar ones