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Update 55 – Voyager Part 2

By Star Trek 6 June 2023

Greetings, Commanders, and welcome to Star Trek Fleet Command Update 55, Voyager Part 2.

In this update, we will be highlighting the following new release:

– New ship, the Intrepid Class USS Voyager
– A new damage type: Isolytic Damage
– New regions of the uncovered Delta Quadrant Space
– New officers
– And more

New Ship: Voyager

The USS Voyager is an iconic ship that is thrust into an unknown section of space known as the Delta Quadrant, embarking on a journey with one goal, to get home.

In Star Trek Fleet Command, the USS Voyager comes equipped with an impulse speed rivaling the Vi’Dar and the fastest warp speed in the game. Its passive ship ability, “Feels Like Home,” deals extra damage to hostiles marked with the “DQ” tag in Delta Quadrant space.

The Voyager also comes equipped with 2 brand new active abilities, “Advanced Sensors” and “Astrometrics Scan”.

The first active ability, “Advanced Sensors,” allows the USS Voyager to reveal ships that evade regular sensors, such as the new Species 8472 hostiles.

The second active ability, “Astrometrics Scan” can be used on another player’s ship to reveal the coordinates of their station. This ability can come in handy when you’re on the hunt for more resources or to get revenge against a hostile Commander that raided you.

To use the USS Voyager to its full potential, you will want to travel to the new systems that have been revealed with the release of Update 55. There, you can combat the “Hirogen Hunter Elites” in order to collect the Hirogen Relics. These relics can then be exchanged for Deuterium Canisters, which fuel both of the Voyager’s active abilities.

Once you have your Deuterium Canisters, you can use the Voyager’s “Advanced Sensors” ability to reveal Species 8472. These hostiles start at the “Velixys” system and reward Exotic Biotoxins, which can then be refined into rewards and a travel token for specific Delta Quadrant systems. These unique systems will have “Anomaly Samples”, which can be exchanged for “Voyager ship parts”, “circuitry fragments”, and the new, extremely powerful, Isolytic Artifacts.

The USS Voyager also comes with its own research tree providing 21 new nodes, accenting both your in-loop and out of loop gameplay. These nodes include damage against hostiles, impulse and warp speed, and increased payouts from artifact exchange chests. Additionally, many of these nodes affect your entire fleet.

For more information, click here.

New Artifacts: Isolytic Damage and Mitigation

Isolytic is a brand-new damage type that will work alongside standard damage types, kinetic and energy, and a percentage of that damage will be transformed into Isolytic. While you have many ways to mitigate standard damage in Star Trek Fleet Command, Isolytic damage is unique in the fact that it will bypass all traditional means of mitigation and can only be stopped by Isolytic mitigation.

For example, think of standard damage as an arrow and isolytic damage as radiation. Your standard mitigation stats are like a shield that blocks the arrow, but that same shield can’t block the radiation all around you. To protect yourself against that, you need a radiation suit. In the same way, you need Isolytic Mitigation.

You’ll be able to unlock this new force multiplier in a variety of ways, such as the new Isolytic artifacts available this month, and this will be a permanent new addition to the core strategy of Star Trek Fleet Command, starting with our Captain Janeway, being released this month.

The team has been working on this feature for some time, and we’re super excited with the creative possibilities this stat will bring to future releases. Additionally, in Update 55, this damage type will add a new layer of strategy into your galactic exploration, and a new way to interact with Star Trek Fleet Command.

To learn more, click here.

Delta Quadrant

Commander, get ready to embark on another thrilling journey through space! This month, we’re diving even deeper into the Delta Quadrant, where new dangers and mysteries await. Explore new systems, take on challenging missions, and face off against formidable enemies – including the fearsome Borg – in your quest to uncover the secrets of this vast and mysterious region.

New Systems in the Border of the Alpha Quadrant :

Planetary Missions are here
Make sure you play the mission Waste Management found in the Think Tank system to unlock the pathway for further exploration during the Voyager Arc

New Systems in the Depths of the Delta Quadrant:

Core Missions take place here
Voyager Ship Loop is here
New Hirogen Elite Hostiles and Assimilated Scouts are here!
Species 8472 Bio-ships are here and Assimilator Data Cubes are here – Voyager’s Active Ability Advanced Sensors must be used in order to reveal them.

Continue your exploration, Commander!

New Officers

Katheryn Janeway, now available as an Epic Officer

Captain Maneuver: Red Alert! Raise Shields!

  • When you take hull damage from an non-player hostile or armada, Increase shield mitigation by X% for one round
    • 6% base value/ +7% per officer synergy

Officer Ability: Bend the Rules

  • Increases Isolytic damage by X% against PvE

Tom Paris, now available as a Rare Officer

Officer Ability: Too Stubborn to Die

  • When you take damage from an non-player hostile or armada, increase Crit Damage by X% for one round
    • 5% / 7% / 10% / 15% / 25%

      Below Deck Ability: War’s Almost Over
  • At the start of combat against non-player hostile or armadas, Tom Paris increases your Armor, Shield Deflection, and Dodge by X% of Defense.
    • 200% / 250% / 300% / 400% / 500%
  • Tom BDA is a great way of providing mitigation against hostiles and armadas from below decks.

Harry Kim, now available as a Rare Officer

Officer Ability: Are We Friends?

  • Increase all positive FKR rep gain by X%
    • 5% / 7% / 10% / 15% / 25%

Below Deck Ability: To The Journey!

  • Each round, X% chance to generate Morale for 1 round against PvE targets
    • 10% / 15% / 30% / 60% / 100%
  • Harry BDA is a great way of providing Morale against non-player hostiles without having to sacrifice a bridge slot

New Missions

10 new missions continuing the Voyager Arc:

As the crew of the Intrepid-class starship Voyager continue their journey through the Delta Quadrant, Captain Janeway returns to the bridge in order to resume command and find a way home for her crew. However, clandestine forces conspire in the shadows. Arcaelans, descendants of the Progenitor lineage, seek to claim the mantle of galactic caretakers; an esteemed role once held by their predecessors. In order to see their plan through, the Arcaelans have enlisted the aid of both the Borg and the Hirogen. Instructing them to target Species 8472, the Arcaelans seek to destroy fluidic space and correct what they deem to be an interstellar anomaly. Nevertheless, unlikely to accept her role as a pawn in another’s plans, the Borg Queen formulates intentions of her own…

Explore the Delta Quadrant Space further in 10 new planetary missions:

Meanwhile, closer to home, incursions into the Delta Quadrant have acquired the attention and interest of several native species. The resourceful Vaadwaur, the formidable Devore, and even the scholarly conglomerate known as the Think Tank have all expressed interest in working with Independent operators hailing from the Alpha Quadrant. But of course, how they hope to benefit from these alliances remains to be determined. As the journey through the Delta Quadrant continues, all aspiring explorers are advised to exercise caution. For as many new allies await to make first contact, there are just as many potential new foes waiting to strike…

Learn about Isolytic Damage in 2 new missions. Unleash your true potential and dominate the battlefield with our new combat stat – step into the power like never before!

Be on the lookout for some additional missions in the Holodeck!

Below Deck Slots for Officer Presets

Voyager Part 2 will launch new Below Deck slots for Officer Presets.

To unlock the slots research Below Deck Assembly in the Voyager Research Tree!

New Research

Voyager Part 2 will launch 1 new Prime Node available for Commanders Ops 35+.

Combat Tree:

Prime: Battleship Wrecking
Increases Weapon Damage by 300% when fighting against a player Battleship
Level: 35+

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

New Frames and Avatars

Avatars (7):

  • Epic Kathryn Janeway
  • Epic Voyager Ship
  • Epic Harry Kim Clarinet
  • Rare Tom Paris
  • Rare Harry Kim
  • Rare Kadis Kot Board
  • Uncommon Spatial Trajector Matrix
  • Common Infinite Diversity
  • Common Infinite Combinations

Frames (4):

  • Epic Silver Blood Animated
  • Rare Captain Proton
  • Rare Quantum Slipstream Drive
  • Rare Think Tank Puzzle Box

Hailing Frequencies (1):

  • Epic Janeway Drinking Coffee

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the hostiles’ level appears as {0} on the battle report of the mission “The Enemy Within Part(1-10).
  • Fixed an issue where on the Station tab the upgrading effect boundaries are misplaced
  • Fixed an issue where Player A’s Armada timer freezes in Player B’s view when Player B starts its own armada in the same system
  • Fixed an issue where the avatar of current player get displayed in other players profile when we scan their ship/station
  • Fixed an issue where in System View for Remme revenge hostiles are not appearing
  • Fixed an issue on the Mantis where two debuffed icons appear on the scan view when a ship is debuffed by the Mantis
  • Fixed an issue where the Cloaking icon disappears from the Fleet Bar of a cloaked ship after restarting the client
  • Fixed an issue where the ship at Dock B disappears when the user changes Hailing Frequencies of Dock A’s ship while it is in warp
  • Fixed an issue where on the Starships Tree the PRIME “Synthetic Nitrium Refining” – Description does not indicate the amount by which this research boosts the rewards
  • Fixed an issue under the Armada Control Center – Main stats, the solo armada size description display as placeholder
  • Fixed an issue where killing level 33 borg nanoprobes gives more experience than killing level 36+ borg nanoprobes
  • Fixed an issue where all pips within a section of the Faction store disappear when opening any bundle from within
  • Fixed an issue where Formation Armada power number overlaps with the background of the defeated node
  • Fixed an issue where there was a scoring metrics inconsistency for multitarget armadas
  • Fixed an issue where some users don’t get their pieces showing in the Artifact Gallery Main view until after Client restart
  • Fixed an issue under Fleet Commanders where skill bonus can show as “0%” instead of the upgraded skill level bonus
  • Fixed an issue where translations are missing for “Armada Cancelled”
  • Fixed an issue where for the USS Defiant the player receives “Activated Ability Error – Client Resources de-synchronized” error pop-up and unable to use “Armada Reinforce” ability
  • Fixed an issue where there was a double Icon for cloaking
  • Fixed an issue where under Solo Armada the officer’s ability is displayed in the string “officer_ability-name_{0}” on the full scan info screen.


  • Made an improvement to provide a tooltip wherever buffs and debuffs are displayed
  • Made an improvement to make targeted changes to 4 FTUE Critical Path missions based on analytics recommendations
  • Made an improvement to Officer Presets to include Below Decks Officers
  • Made an improvement to display available ship inventory slots in the ship construction menu

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed a localization issue where there was a cut-off issue with the string “armadas::object_viewer_mta_node_description”
  • Fixed a localization issue where on the Mission “Lightyears & Echoes” (Part 10) the incorrect character displayed as a speaker
  • Fixed a localization issue where the”Prime Explorer Wrecking” node description had inconsistencies
  • Fixed a localization issue where Dixon Hill displays “+” and “-” symbols on its OA and BDA descriptions