Update 59.1 Patch Notes

By gabriel 13 October 2023

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We have a couple of updates that came live this morning, one being a fix for a bug introduced last month, and an unannounced Prime Node you may want to get your hands on. Check out the full patch notes below.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where battle reports when attacking or being attacked by a station would sometimes not be generated.

New Release

Prime Discovery Warp Range

  • Two level Prime, Ops levels 35 and 50
  • Increase the warp range of the USS Discovery

Developer Note: Star Trek Fleet Command has expanded since the USS Discovery first launched. With the addition of new systems, the Delta Quadrant, and more, we wanted to give the Disco a way to reach some of these higher warp range systems.

Prime Crit Hit Reduction

  • Two level Prime, Ops levels 35 and 40
  • Reduce the Critical Hit Chance of enemy players at the start of combat for 2 rounds. (Does not trigger in station combat)

Developer Note: There are many ways to increase critical chance and damage in Star Trek Fleet Command which can add quite a bit of power to a Commander’s arsenal. We wanted to give some more ways to reduce how often your opponent is applying Critical Damage so you can come out victorious.

Prime Station Attack Delay

  • Two level Prime, Ops levels 40 and 50
  • When attacking a Station, delay opponent ship and defense platform weapon fire for a number of rounds

Developer Note: Station Defense has been at an advantage for quite some time with the power of Pon. We wanted to give some more ways for attackers to gain an edge when raiding another Commander’s station.