Update 59: Lower Decks II Part 2

By gabriel 3 October 2023

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Commander, Incensed by the Romulan Star Empire’s puppeteering, both the Suliban and the Corvallen have conspired in secret to form an alliance of their own. Together, they seek to destabilize the existing alliances in the Origin Sector, claiming territories as their own in the process. In their search for power, a newly uncovered Progenitor ruin has been found – one that could spell disaster not just for the Origin Sector but also for the space-time continuum itself. Welcome to Lower Decks Part two Update two.

Introducing G5 Armadas

New level 52+ Federation, Klingon, and Romulan armadas have been introduced to G5 space. These armadas utilize the same directives as their lower-level counterparts to initiate. By defeating these targets, you will  loot in the form of:

  • G5 ship blueprints 
  • Ship parts
  • Faction credits
  • Armada credits
  • Officer shards
  • And more!

The respawn timers for G4 armadas have been lowered to go along with these new Armada targets.

Seasonal Territory Capture

Chroniton Radiation has flooded the Alpha Quadrant. Temporal anomalies have been spotted at a high frequency inside all Territory Capture systems, and Starfleet is ordering immediate evacuation from the sector. This phenomenon has forever changed the galaxy, and all previously occupied systems are now up for grabs. Welcome to Season 1 of Territory Capture.

Season 1 of Territory Capture includes:

  • A reset of all Territory space
  • New services
  • An expansion to the Territory Capture research tree
  • And a brand new Territory Capture season pass

Territory Capture Season Pass

Located in the “Battlepass” tab, the season pass will provide a variety of challenges and rewards while participating in Territory space. With both a free and premium pass, you’ll find exclusive rewards not able to be earned anywhere else. These rewards include:

  • Two new pieces of Forbidden Tech
  • Research materials: Chronometric Particles
  • Cosmetics
  • And more

To check out additional information on what to expect, you can check out our Territory Capture Season 1 highlight here

New Forbidden Tech

Five pieces of Forbidden Tech are being added to Star Trek Fleet Command this month.

Ferengi Energy Whip (Rare)

  • Enhances mining rate of Concentrated Latinum on D’Vor Feesha and various general mining augments!
  • Grants access to Forbidden Tech fragments to unlock more forbidden tech in the refinery

Breen Energy Dampener (Rare)

  • Enhances hostile combat effectiveness and Mantis effectiveness
  • Grants access to Mantis resources in the refinery

Corrupted Cybernetic Implant (Rare)

  • Provides enhancements when attempting to “crack” another Commander’s station

Orion Cargo Transporter (Rare)

  • Provide enhancements to your ship when raiding another Commander’s station

Agimus (Epic available through Syndicate)

  • Provides enhancements when taking on non-player/non-armada hostiles in both combat strength and loot bonuses

Forbidden Tech Update – Cap Removal and Q’s Benevolence

Starting this month, we’re making some changes to Forbidden Tech, which will impact when Commanders try to level and tier up their Forbidden Tech. 

  • Forbidden Tech no longer has a “cap” on the chance for success for both leveling and tiering up.
  • This means, if you have a high enough Ascension Rank and Court of Q, you can enter into the attempt with a 100% chance of success
  • However if you you’re willing go to the mysterious Q before hand, he’s also decided to be a bit kinder to all of us mere mortals.
  • The first time you fail in leveling up a Forbidden Tech, Q’s Benevolence will increase your percent chance of upgrading by 10%
  • Each failure after this will increase your chance of success by an additional 5% up to 100%.

New Fleet Commander Slots

Expand your command with two new Fleet Commander slots!

  • One available exclusively through the new Syndicate Expansion
  • One is available from the Offers tab

Syndicate Expansion

This update will add ten more levels to the Syndicate organization. Rewards for these levels include:

  • An exclusive Fleet Commander Slot
  • The Agimus Forbidden Tech
  • Significant increases to Faction Reputation gains
  • Powerful combat, economic, and utility buffs
  • Improved Loyalty Chest rewards
  • Two Exclusive Frames
  • Two Exclusive Avatars
  • And more!

New Prime Nodes

Three new Prime Research Nodes will become available this month.

Prime Structure (Ops 35+)

  • One additional level to the existing Hull Health Point prime in the Galaxy Tree
  • +400% Hull Health Points to all Ships

Dominion Solo Armada Loot (Ops 40+)

  • Located in the Galaxy Tree
  • +100% Dominion Credits from defeating Dominion Solo Armadas

G4/G5 AC Extra Roll (Ops 40+)

  • Located in the Galaxy Tree
  • Provides Extra rolls for G4 and G5 AC bundles

New Officers

This month, we will add three new officers from the Lower Decks series: Epic Dr. T’Ana, Epic Shaxx, and the Rare Admiral Freeman.

Epic Dr. T’Ana

  • Officer Ability: Make a Mess
    • On round start, 40%/45%/55%/75%/100% chance to apply a random state to the enemy players ship for 3 rounds
  • BDA: Bedside Manne
    • On round start against a player, increase Iso Defense by 50%/80%/120%/180%/250% for 1 round

Epic Shaxs

  • Officer Ability: Special Delivery
    • On round start, if on a Battleship and enemy player is Burning, increase your iso damage by 60%/75%/90%/110%/130% for 1 round
  • BDA: Your Pagh is Weak
    • On round start, if on an Explorer and your ship has Morale, increase your Iso Defense by 40%/50%/65%/85%/100% for 1 round

Rare Admiral Freeman

  • Officer Ability: Cargo Bay Converter
    • Increase cargo size by 20%/35%/40%/45%/55%
  • BDA: War Stories
    • Increase all positive rep by 10%/20%/30%/40%/50%

New Missions

  • 10x Core Lower Decks Missions
  • 5x Seasonal Territory Capture Intro Missions

New Events

  • New Seasonal Territory Capture Events
  • New Seasonal Territory Capture Progression
  • End of Arc Event Store

New Cosmetics

  • 8 New Frames
  • 5 New Avatars

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where emptying a mining node would create an overlap on the dock slot
  • Fixed an issue related to players receiving too many push notifications during takeovers
  • Fixed an issue with Yifarux being mislabeled as an armada system
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading ship components would result in an error message: “You don’t have enough resources to complete this action” in some cases, despite having enough resources
  • Fixed an issue where “Normal” Dog and All hail Ransom! hailing frequencies icons were missing in chest summaries
  • Fixed an issue where a part of the dialogue in Here Be Dragons Part 2 was duplicated


  • Reactivated the STFC.Space Events Tab