Update 61 – Patch Notes

By gabriel 5 December 2023

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The crew of the Enterprise is still reeling from the death of Lieutenant Commander Data. As Captain Picard and his bridge officers mourn the loss of their friend, a small band of lone Remans are mourning the loss of everything: their leader, their hopes for freedom, their chance to be in command of their own destiny.

But while the Enterprise tries to find a positive path to cope with the aftermath, the Remans – born of pain, repression, and cruelty – deal with what has happened the only way they know how: with rage and violence. 

And all that rage and violence, they have decided, is to be directed at the Romulans… and at Captain Picard.

Star Trek Fleet Command update 61 continues the “Make it So” arc and brings with it:

  • The Section 31 Faction Store
  • New Activity – Wave Defense
  • New Building – The Facade
  • New Battle Simulator Mini-Game
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • And more

Check out the full patch notes below for all the details.

Section 31 Faction – Wave Defense and the Facade

The ever-mysterious Section 31 is reaching out for your help, Commander. This brand-new faction brings a new activity in Wave Defense that will have you defending critical locations for the Starfleet intelligence group. You’ll receive various rewards for cooperating with Section 31, such as the new Armada Quick-Start functionality, exclusive refits, and much more.  Along with Wave Defense comes a brand new faction store and a new building, the Facade.

Available at Operations Level 30, the Facade allows access to the new Wave Defense activity and Section 31 faction store. The building includes buffs to:

  • Increases base Weapon Damage against Wave Defense Hostiles up to 2000%
  • Increases base Hull Health up to 2250%
  • Increases base Officer Stats up to 500%
  • And will provide additional resources to the new Armada Quick Start Functionality, available in the Section 31 faction store

There also will be a brand new Wave Defense pass that will provide unique rewards to help with your Section 31 standing and defending those key locations.

There is a lot to cover with this brand-new activity, so for all the details, check out our feature spotlight on Wave Defense and the Section 31 faction store here.

New Fleet Commander: Luther Sloan

Known to many as the “Man of Secrets,” Luther Sloan will be available this month as a Fleet Commander in Star Trek Fleet Command. Sloan’s three skill trees are:

  • Tactician
    • Combat-related buffs that focus on Max Cargo, Hostile Loot, and Iso Defense
  • Mechanic
    • Ship Power focuses with buffs such as resources to level and tier up Forbidden Tech, shield HP, and hull HP
  • Escapist
    • Utility buffs that will provide increases to protected cargo, massive warp speed bonuses, FKR reputation gains, and more

Luther Sloan is unique from other fleet commanders in that they do not use rare skill points; instead, they use skill points that can be obtained from the S31 faction store. In return for working with the intelligence group in the Wave Defense activity, shards for Luther Sloan can also be obtained from the S31 faction store.

New Officers: Enterprise-E Riker and Troi

There are two new officers available for Commanders to recruit this month with the epic Ent-E Riker and the rare Ent-E Troi

Enterprise-E Riker

  • Captains Maneuver: Eternity Awaits
    • Increases your Ships’ base Impulse Speed by 50%+5%/+10%
  • Officer Ability:  Fear Is the True Enemy
    • Each time your ship hits with a weapon, increase Critical Hit Chance by 2/4/6/8/10% for 4 rounds (Cumulative)

Enterprise-E Troi

  • OA:  Psychoanalysis
    • At the beginning of each round, reduces opponent’s Shield Health by 400%/ 600% 800%/ 1200%/ 1600% of total Officer attack against Hostiles
  • BDA: Three Shots of Something…
    • Increases Critical Hit Damage by 20/30/45/65/90% against Armadas and Hostiles

New Missions
There are 20 new missions available this month that continue the “Make it So” arc storyline and also introduce Commanders to S31 and the Wave Defense activity.

  • 15x Core Make it So Missions
    • 10x Operations 34+ 
    • 5x Operations 25+
  • 5x Wave Defense missions introducing the feature, faction, and gameplay (Operations 30+)

New Refits

Two new refits are available this month, one for the Vi’Dar Talios and one for the USS Defiant. Both of these refits are available for unlock through the S31 Faction Store.

Clandestine Refit for Defiant

Increases the contents of the Defiant Amplified Claim bundle by 50%.

Enigma Refit for Talios

  •  Increase Inert Nanoprobes gained from killing Borg Probes with the Vidar Talios by 50%, and add a third refinery option for converting them to Charged Nanoprobes.

New Prime Nodes

This month’s two new prime nodes will focus on bolstering shield health for all ships and increasing rewards from the Voyager refinery. 

Shield Health Boost

  •  Increased SHP by 400%

Delta Spike  

  • Improved Voyager Refinery Payout
  • +3 Artifact rolls, both on the Common and Rare Anomalies refines

New Event Type – Buff Events

In update 61, we’re introducing a new style of event. These “Buff Events” will provide a significant buff to all Commanders, which will be claimable via the “Gifts” tab once the event starts. There are three events scheduled for this month:

  • Saturday, December 9th: Armada Hunt SLB / ALB – Up to +50% Damage Effective Increase against Armadas for 48 hours
  • Saturday, December 16th: Precious Prospecting SMS – Up to +50% Effective Material (G2 – G6) Mining Speed for 72 hours
  • Saturday, December 23rd: The Great Hunt SMS – Up to +50% Damage Effective Increase againstHostiles for 48 hours

Note: This buff will not be visible in any of the Exocomp slots for the first run of these events. Once you claim it from the gifts tab, it will automatically start and run for the above-dated duration. For future runs, we are looking to improve this and make it easier to spot.

Battle Simulator

Battle Simulator is Star Trek Fleet Command’s first mini-game, allowing Commanders to engage with iconic starships in real-time battle simulations. To access battle simulation, select the Satellite hovering over your station in the station view screen and fight through ten levels to reap the rewards, such as a full unlock of James T. Kirk, avatars, and much more!

Battlepass, Cosmetics, and Event Store

A brand new BattlePass with 30 free and 30 elite milestones will be available starting day 1 of the Make it So Arc. Throughout the month, you can also earn eleven (11) new Avatars, five (5) new frames, and one (1) new hailing frequency. There is an update long event store where Commanders can focus on getting rewards they’re working towards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the USS Discovery active ability cost was appearing in an incorrect spot of the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor on the Mac client was too large
  • Fixed an issue where the Mess Hall would not reflect the correct level when upgraded in the details screen
  • Fixed an issue where the icons for the “Chrysalis Silk” and “Diluted Nitrium” were missing
  • Fixed an issue where some of the new G6 mission hostiles were missing localization
  • Fixed an issue where some planets were missing names in the new G6 systems
  • Fixed an issue where “armada_caceled_toast_reason_13” would sometimes appear after defeating an armada target
  • Fixed an issue where the Forbidden Tech “equip” button would appear selectable after unlocking a second drydock
  • Fixed an issue where the Bookmark icon would sometimes disappear on the PC client
  • Fixed an issue where the Romulan and Federation superhighways for G6 would indicate one being unlocked when multiple were being unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where revenge hostiles in G6 systems were at the incorrect level
  • Fixed an issue where, in the mission “Frontier Outreach,” a “insufficient resource” popup would display
  • Fixed an issue where Sigma Resources display screens would not indicate they are only minable by G6 ships
  • Fixed an issue where the mission “Eyes of Destiny” had the incorrect text
  • Fixed an issue where the Hazards Destruction Reports tooltip did not update in the Destruction Report screen
  • Fixed an issue where revenge hostiles in G6 systems appeared as “Scouts”
  • Fixed an issue where the G6 Rare combat ships had the incorrect passive ability icon
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Court of Q buttons were the incorrect color
  • Fixed an issue where Romulan Explorer hostiles were not present in the systems Tir Morta, Ilargi, Pteria-212, and Morta-640
  • Fixed an issue where other tabs would sometimes overlap the events tab
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect image was appearing for the Vo’rcha blueprints
  • Fixed an issue where the Tritanium reward value would appear as “1” for the mission “home is Where the Logic is.”
  • Fixed an issue where the Borg Cube could not be tiered even if all pre-requisites were met
  • Fixed an issue where an “Attack Incoming” message would be give when mining some nodes
  • Fixed an issue where some of the new G6 daily missions would have a different reset time than the rest of the daily missions
  • Fixed an issue where the “Elite Recruit” bundles were not available for player 61+
  • Fixed an issue where where a Borg Cube notification would appear when being recalled even when the box was checked to no longer appear
  • Fixed an issue where the Hazard Prime Research was not applying right after acquisition
  • Fixed an issue where some Forbidden Tech bundles were missing when upgrading a piece of Forbidden Tech to tier 10
  • Fixed an issue where an “Incorrect Currency” text was displayed on the insufficient resource popup for Quantum Communicators
  • Fixed an issue where some UI buttons would overlap with one another

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Mess Hall would have incorrect formatting for some languages
  • Fixed an issue where the “Come Pick Us Up” mission had duplicated text
  • Fixed an issue where descriptions for some of the “Consumable Buffs” were not showing correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Territoy Capture buffs were not accurate for some ops levels