Update 61 Subspace Transmission – Wave Defense

By gabriel 5 December 2023

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Section 31, the intelligence organization sanctioned by Starfleet but also allowed to work in total anonymity, has stepped out of the shadows and is asking for your help. This mysterious group has designated critical locations of interest to them and asks for your help defending them. We’d like to introduce Wave Defense.

Wave Defense is a new activity in Star Trek Fleet Command that will have you defending a key location against waves of enemy hostiles. There are two different structures that Section 31 is asking for your assistance with defending:

  • S31 Covert Base (Ops 40 – 60)

This covert base functions as a safe house for agents who need to go underground. Its location should only be shared with those Section 31 trusts implicitly.

  • Borg Research Lab (Ops 30 – 50)

A “secret” lab dedicated to studying safe applications for Borg technology. Section 31 has funded this lab and is invested in keeping its research out of the hands of those who do not have the Federation’s best interests at heart.

Wave defense allows any 5 Commanders, regardless of their Alliance, to team up to defend these points of interest. Each Commander can bring with them any two ships and will not be able to switch out or repair in-between waves. Selecting the right ships and coordinating with your fellow Commanders will be vital for success. The enemy hostiles you can expect to encounter are:

  • Federation Explorers
  • Klingon Destroyers
  • Romulan Battleships
  • Actian Explorers
  • Swarm Destroyers
  • Borg Battleships
  • Texas Class Invaders
  • Delta Quadrant Bioships

In each wave, hostiles will spawn in key locations, and defeating them before they reach either the S31 Covert Base or Borg Research Lab is your key to success. If the hostiles get close enough to these locations, they will attack and slowly begin to destroy it. You aim to keep these structures alive for Section 31 while defeating all ten rounds of hostiles coming to destroy it.

Starting a Wave Defense

To begin the Wave Defense activity, Commanders need to make sure both ships they plan to use are docked. Select one of twenty-five brand-new wave defense systems to teleport your first ships, and once you’re moved to the location, make sure to bring your second ship. There are no warp paths to these systems. The leader will be the first Commander in the system to start the Wave Defense 10-minute countdown. Once all group members get to the system with their two ships, the group leader can start the Wave Defense activity (You don’t have to wait for the 10-minute timer to finish). Once the activity begins, each Commander will have their Section 31 Ciphers removed from their inventory. You do not have to use these ahead of time to start the countdown. 

Once the Wave Defense has begun, the system will become locked, and there will be no way to warp to the system you’re in, nor warp ships out. You will not be able to call other Commanders for assistance, and you will not be able to send your ships back to base for repair. 

Each wave you defeat will result in Section 31 rewarding each group member with S31 credits, which can then be used in the brand-new Section 31 Faction Store.

Borg Research Lab (Ops 30-50) 

  • Wave 1: 40 Credits
  • Wave 2: 120 Credits
  • Wave 3: 390 Credits
  • Wave 4: 155 Credits
  • Wave 5: 195 Credits
  • Wave 6: 590 Credits
  • Wave 7: 315 Credits
  • Wave 8: 355 Credits
  • Wave 9: 665 Credits
  • Wave 10: 1,100 Credits

S31 Covert Base (Ops 40 – 60)

  • Wave 1: 65 Credits
  • Wave 2: 200 Credits
  • Wave 3: 670 Credits
  • Wave 4: 270 Credits
  • Wave 5: 335 Credits
  • Wave 6: 1,010 Credits
  • Wave 7: 540 Credits
  • Wave 8: 605 Credits
  • Wave 9:  1,140 Credits
  • Wave 10: 1,880 Credits

New Icons for Wave Defense

Wave Defense is ready to start.

Wave Defense has a leader and is waiting for more Commanders

A party is looking for additional Commanders

Wave Defense has started, and the system can’t be accessed

A Wave Defense is ongoing, and as a party member, you can continue to view

Section 31 Faction Store

The Section 31 faction store will have six different reputation ranks and provide exclusive rewards for your service. These rewards include:

  • The Brand new Fleet Commander, Luther Sloan
    • shards and skill points
  • Armada Quick Start Functionality: Reduce Armada Timer to 30 seconds – Through the new Section 31 Favors
  • New Refits
    • Talios – Enigma
      • Buff: Grants a 50% increase to Inert Nanoprobes gained with the Vi’Dar Talios and adds a third refinery option to the Charged Nanoprobes refinery.
    • USS Defiant – Clandestine
      • Buff: Increases the contents of the Defiant Amplified Claim bundle by 50%.
  • PvP Officer Crews
    • Strike Team La’an, Una, Ortegas 
    • Gul Dukat, Garak, Damar 
    • Weyoun, Ikat’ika, Pon
    • Carol Freeman
  • Seven Section 31 Favors
    • Operation Hephaistos:  Increases Hull Health while in Wave Defense. 
    • Operation Yoyodyne: Increases Impulse Speed while in Wave Defense..
    • Operation Athena: Increases Defense All while in Wave Defense. 
    • Operation Zenith: Increases Critical Hit Damage while in Wave Defense. 
    • Operation Ephemeris: Increases Critical Hit Chance while in a Wave Defense. 
    • Operation Solstice: Increases Isolytic Damage while in a Wave Defense.
    • Operation Hermes: Unlocks the ability to Quick Start Armadas
  • Federation, Klingon, and Romulan Reputation bundles
  • S31 Reputation bundle
  • The Facade building materials 
  • S31 Ciphers
  • Armada Countdown Speed-Ups
  • Syndicate XP bundle
  • Prime Dolamide Particles bundle
  • Sigma Resources bundle (Ops 61+)

Section 31 is counting on you, Commander and your cooperation will result in highly lucrative rewards. After all, it pays to work with Starfleet’s most notorious intelligence organization. Good luck out there, Commanders, and as always, live long and prosper.