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Update 62 – Patch Notes Enterprise pt.1

By rebekah 18 January 2024

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Greetings, Commanders!

The latest update for Star Trek Fleet Command has arrived, and it’s bringing some exciting new adventures into the galaxy. In this update, we’re introducing our first-ever Enterprise series arc. This update brings an extension to the Ex-Borg faction and a brand new hostile, the Xindi. We’ve also added new missions, challenges, and enhancements that will test your skills and take your gameplay to the next level. So prepare to boldly go where no captain has gone before, and check out the full patch notes down below.

Ex-Borg Faction Extension

Available for Commanders ops level 40+, the Ex-Borg faction is receiving an update. Five new reputation titles are yours for the taking, along with 25 powerful favors. These favors range from extremely advantageous efficiencies, such as increasing the number of broken ship parts received or optimizing Voyager progression, to enhancing your combat capabilities against specific hostiles, like the new Xindis. For a full breakdown of all this expansion will offer, take a look at our feature spotlight here.

New Buffs

Through the Ex-Borg faction, a variety of buffs will be available, never before seen in Star Trek Fleet Command. Since these will provide brand-new gameplay experiences, we wanted to take a moment to shout them out and have you decide whether they are something you feel is important to prioritize.

  • Defensive Repair Stance, Emergency Protocol, and PvP Mending: All three of these buffs will repair a percentage of hull damage taken in combat in specific situations. These can be crucial for maximizing efficiency when taking on the many adversaries in the galaxy
  • Critical Damage Floor
    • This buff will make it so no matter how much your crit damage is reduced, it never drops below the floor. When maxed, this Ex-Borg favor will raise your Crit Floor to 100%, meaning that critical damage will never be less than 100% of normal damage
  • Sheild Bypass
    • While not a buff for you, Commander, this new ability is on the formidable Xindi hostiles. Ships with this enhancement will bypass all shields and do damage directly to hull. When taking on these new adversaries, be sure to take this into account and crew accordingly

New Officers

There are two new officers this month, the Epic Trip Tucker and the Rare T’Pol

Epic Trip Tucker

Officer Ability: Things Blow Up

  • When you take damage from a hostile or another player, Trip Tucker decreases your opponent’s critical damage by X% for 2 rounds.
    • (This ability can stack) (Does not trigger at Armadas or Assaults) (Weapons with multiple shots will only trigger this ability once per attack.)
    • 50% / 80% / 120% / 180% / 250%

Below Deck Ability: Hand in the Cookie Jar

  • Increases the amount of resources you get from destroying Hirogen and Species 8472 hostiles by X%
    • 30% / 60% / 80% / 100% / 150%

Rare T’Pol

Officer Ability: Threats Are Illogical

  • T’Pol increases Protected Cargo by X%
    • 70% / 130% / 200% / 250% / 350%

Below Deck Ability: Vulcan Hydraulics

  • T’Pol increases Ore mining speed by X%
    • 50% / 80% / 110% / 150% / 200%

New Missions

Worlds collide when the Temporal Cold War of the Prime Timeline Spills over into our own.

The Missions for the Enterprise Arc pick up 200 years after the Temporal Cold War plotline from Season 3 of Star Trek: Enterprise. In present day, the Xindi have just become members of the Federation, but unbeknownst to the Federation, they are being manipulated by the Sphere-Builders just as they were 200 years before…

Is history doomed to repeat itself?!

  • 10x Core Missions (Enterprise Storyline)
  • 10x Side Missions

New Prime Node 

  • Critical Damage Floor
    • Your critical hits cannot do less than 100% of normal damage.
      • This will stack with the favor in the Ex-Borg tree, meaning that your crit floor can be raised so that critical damage never falls below 200% of normal damage

New Refit

Borg Cube Refit: Binary Cutter

  • Doubles the maximum charge of the Borg Cutting Beam, allowing it to be used twice before needing to be charged again.

Galactic Recruit

This new recruit will be available this month and will provide more recent officers than those found in the Ultra Recruit! You’ll be able to earn these tokens in various ways throughout this month’s events.

Territory Capture Season 2, Battlepasses and Cosmetics

A brand new battlepass is now available, featuring a variety of rewards from officer shards for Trip Tucker and T’pol, Ex-Borg currencies, and much more.

Season two of Territory Capture starts later this month; a new season pass will also begin! Based on your feedback, there will be some changes to Territory Capture this season, and we’ll be rotating some of the services to keep territory more dynamic. As we approach the start of the new season, we’ll put out additional information so you can plan with your Alliance accordingly.

Also, a brand new Wave Defense battle pass will also be behind this month! We’ve heard your feedback and will be making some changes to the missions and milestones for this pass, so be on the lookout for when that starts. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where in-game news was not displaying properly for players
  • Fixed an issue with the “Hot Rod” mission caused by Eurydice’s Intel Bundle not being available in the Faction Store
  • Fixed an issue with equipping and unequipping Forbidden Tech that would stay colored-out until the player tapped somewhere on the interface
  • Fixed an issue with a ship’s first course within the system not being processed correctly after joining the Wave Defense
  • Fixed an issue with players’ ships spawning in the same location within the Wave Defense system when joining
  • Fixed an issue with PIPs appearing in Q’s Trials on the trial cards, even though there was nothing to claim
  • Fixed an issue with the object viewer messages changing from “SHIP IS ON ITS WAY TO JOIN ARMADA” to “Attack will be over by the time your ship arrives” after tapping the ship multiple times on the drydock
  • Fixed an issue with a wrong icon being displayed in the Faction unlock popup after having visited the Factions submenu
  • Fixed an issue with the officers’ icons being grayed out while completing an Away Team assignment
  • Fixed an issue with the “Arrows buttons” position changing from right to left or left to right when the player repeatedly taps from the Assembly Chambers to Command Control
  • Fixed an issue with the missions “Imbalance” (Part 4) & “The Defiant” (Part 1) where the hostile level was appearing as “01” in the battle report for objectives 2, 4, and 5


  • Added more information regarding the Ascend Keys “Insufficient Resources” pop-up when attempting to upgrade the Operations building: Earned from an Ascension Event which occurs every Friday once Ascension is active on your server

Localization Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for certain languages where USS Defiant’s Reinforce ship ability was overlapping strings in the HUD