Update 62 Subspace Transmission – Ex-Borg Faction Expansion

By gabriel 9 January 2024

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Update 62 starts the first-ever Enterprise arc and brings a new expansion to the ex-Borg Faction! The Xindi continue to threaten the galaxy, and it’s up to you, Commander, to stop them.

The Ex-Borg faction brings with it:

  • 5 new reputation levels
  • 25 new Ex-Borg Favors
  • New Delphic Expanse systems
  • And more

Check out the full breakdown of the brand-new Ex-Borg faction expansion below

Xindi and the Delphic Expanse

In order to continue working alongside the Ex-Borg faction and take on the Xindi, Commanders must be at operations level 40 and have 22,500 Ex-Borg faction reputation (now called Distinguished) with the Ex-Borg. The Xindi are formidable, with the ability to completely bypass the shields, dealing damage directly to your hull, and have a powerful weapon that charges quickly. In order to take on these hostiles, Commanders will first need to get the new Favor “Particle Beam Delay,” which can be obtained using Ex-Borg Credits.

After obtaining Particle Beam Delay, Commanders can head to the new Delphic Expanse systems and begin taking on two types of hostiles: Xindi-Reptilian Warships and Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships.

Both hostile types drop Xindi Scraps, which can be used in a brand new reputation and Ex-Borg credit bundle. The Wanted Xindi-Reptilian Warships, however, also drop Xindi Bounties, which can be turned in for greater rewards.

New Ex-Borg Reputation Ranks

  • Distinguished: 22,500
  • Celebrated: 63,000
  • Esteemed: 105,000
  • Venerated: 154,000
  • Exalted: 205,000
  • Liberator: 260,000

New Ex-Borg Bundles:

Loot Exchange

Xindi Scrap and Bounties can be exchanged for reputation and new Ex-Borg Credits. Credits come in three rarities: Uncommon, Rare, and Epic.

  • Xindi Scrap Exchange 
  • Xindi Bounty Exchange

Uncommon Credit Exchanges

Uncommon credits can be used to upgrade the new Ex-Borg favors or traded in for materials, ship parts, or the materials needed to power a variety of active ship abilities.

  • Material Exchange
  • Ship Parts Exchange
  • Ship Ability Fuel

Rare Credit Exchanges

Rare credits can be used to upgrade the new Ex-Borg favors or traded in for artifact shards, FKR faction reputation and credits, or shards of the Voyager officers

  • Artifact Haul
  • Faction Exchange
  • Officer Exchange

Epic Credit Exchanges

Epic credits can be used to upgrade the new Ex-Borg favors or items needed to level and tier up Forbidden Tech, exclusive cosmetics, or ops-specific bundles that provide a variety of materials needed for progression

  • Forbidden Tech Exchange
  • Style Exchange
  • G4 Mega Chest
  • G5 Mega Chest
  • G6 Mega Chest

Exchange Bundles

Also, there are three bundles available to take high-rarity credits and exchange them for a lower rarity if, for example, you have epic credits but need rares to progress in leveling up one of the new favors.

  • Uncommon Tradedown
  • Rare Tradedown
  • Epic Tradedown

Ex-Borg Favors

There are 25 brand new Ex-Borg favors that will provide a variety of benefits. These include extremely advantageous efficiencies, such as increasing the number of broken ship parts received or optimizing Voyager progression, to enhancing your combat capabilities against specific hostiles, like the new Xindi-Reptillian hostiles. There are also brand new buffs that are being seen for the very first time in Star Trek Fleet Comand

One of these, the brand-new Critical Floor favor, will ensure that even if your critical damage is reduced by a hostile, it never drops below the specified percentage. This could be crucial in coming out on top in battles, specifically against the Xindi.

Also, some favors, such as the Offensive Repair Stance, will allow for a portion of the damage received to be repaired in combat. These powerful favors could be game changers when taking on the many threats of the galaxy. 

Ex-Borg Favor Favors:

  • Xindi Escalation 
  • Particle Beam Delay
  • Critical Floor
  • Borg Armada Spoils
  • Explorer Parts Plunder
  • Battleship Parts Plunder
  • Interceptor Parts Plunder
  • Galaxy Plundering
  • Monaveen Barrage Amplifier
  • Defensive Repair Stance
  • Explorer Emergency Protocol
  • Battleship Emergency Protocol
  • Interceptor Emergency Protocol
  • Explorer PvP Mending
  • Battleship PvP Mending
  • Interceptor PvP Mending
  • Offensive Repair Stance
  • Combat Stratagem
  • Choice Material Construction
  • Choice Resource Construction
  • Pure Axionic Servos
  • Survey Assembly Line
  • Explorer Assembly Line
  • Battleship Assembly Line
  • Interceptor Assembly Line

There are new threats looming in the ever-expanding galaxy Commanders. Help the Ex-Borg take on the Xindi and harness these powerful favors to further your acclaim to those around you. Good luck out there, Commanders, and as always, live long and prosper.