Update 63 Patch Notes

By rebekah 6 February 2024

The Second Temporal Cold War rages on as Xindi forces turn their backs on those who would have called them allies. Betraying a trust built over centuries, the Xindi have launched a ferocious campaign against the Federation and all who would dare oppose them.

However, the Sphere-Builders are not the only ones capable of meddling with timelines in order to achieve their goals. Utilizing their Temporal Cartographic abilities, Maia and the Commander have enlisted the aid of Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of the Enterprise NX-01 in the fight against the Xindi and their Sphere-Builder masters.

We are excited to continue this story and bring to you Update 63, Enterprise – Part 2.

Update 63 Includes:

  • New Ship: Enterprise NX-01
  • New Ex-Borg Faction Favors
  • New Holodeck Building Expansion
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Battle Pass
  • And more

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NX-01 and Ex-Borg Favors

The Enterprise NX-01 is available to players Ops 40 and above, and brings with it an improved efficiency for the Ex-Borg Faction Extension. Upgrading the NX-01 will unlock unique rewards, such as new officer Picard Hugh and new Ex-Borg Favors! The NX-01 will also significantly improve the sourcing of Ex-Borg credits used in the existing Ex-Borg faction bundles and Favors. 

The NX-01 Refinery sources several valuable rewards including guaranteed Ex-Borg Credits of all rarities, exclusive shards for officer Picard Hugh, and the NX-01 refit.

The NX-01 has an Active Ship Ability to Reveal Deep Space Systems for a period of time, as long as the player has visited the system at least once before. Players may find this particularly useful in Territory Capture to peek into other systems and see which have been left undefended, save time starting a Deep Space armadas before their ship is in the system, or even scout token mining spaces to make sure there’s a free spot for your miner. Here’s how it works: Players can open the Galaxy Map and select their NX-01 ship. While the ship is selected, you can select a deep space system, which will showcase a new button for Deep Space Reveal. After tapping on the button, a player will have to confirm the use of NX-Isolinear Arrays, and then the system will display an icon and timer while the system is revealed.

A more in-depth look at the NX-01 can be found in this YouTube video, or by checking out this article here. You may also see more ways to interact with the NX-01 in the future, so keep your eyes open for future events. In addition, players 35+ will be able to claim 10 blueprints utilizing the promo code: NX01 via the webstore.

New Ex-Borg Favors are being introduced in this update! There are 15 new Favors, including some that are exclusive to the NX-01 and others that offer brand new functionality such as the Lucky Gas, Crystal and Ore Favors that gives a bonus amount of raw mined materials when undocking from a mining node. 

Ex-Borg Favors

  • Combat Accuracy
  • Combat Ferocity
  • Fleet Commander Materials
  • Raw Ore Mining Bonus
  • Raw Crystal Mining Bonus
  • Raw Gas Mining Bonus
  • NX-01 Warp
  • NX-01 Loot
  • NX-01 Repairs
  • Ex-Borg Credit Boost
  • Warp Speed
  • Ship Scrapping speed
  • Voyager Samples
  • Hostile FKR Rep
  • Kinetic Damage
  • Energy Damage

Holodeck Building Expansion

Starting from Operations level 32, players can upgrade the Holodeck to level 30. Here’s what is coming with the Holodeck Expansion: New free daily claim of the upgrade resource HoloField Amplifiers–used to upgrade the Holodeck, new buffs, 6 new exclusive missions, and more. The buffs coming with the upgraded Holodeck are:

  • FKR Rep
  • Pierce All (PvE)
  • Ship Parts Efficiency

Not only will these buffs provide players with the ability to impress their faction of choice and be a greater threat to hostiles, but players can also get officer shards (Ent-E Data/Ent-E Troi/Ent-E Picard) every five levels from the new ‘Holodeck’ section in the Recruit store. Players will have the ability to snag these massive buffs and get 2 full rare officer unlocks + 1 half epic officer unlock, all from the new holodeck expansion.

This update brings with it a new way to interact with the Holodeck and offers its own exclusive rewards, all while bringing in new stories and missions to interact with. 

New Officers

Three officers are included in this update: Epic Captain Archer, Rare Shran, and Epic PIC Hugh. 

Epic Jonathan Archer

Archer’s CM maximizes your time on the NX-01, especially when he’s joined on board by Trip Tucker and Janeway. He gives a massive boost to Xindi loot drops, as well as a powerful increase in crit damage.

  • Captain’s Maneuver: Delphic Salvor
    • Increases the amount of resources you get from destroying Xindi hostiles by X%.
    • 300% (base) / 50% (synergy) / 100% (synergy)
  • Officer Ability: Faith of the Heart
    • When you take damage from a hostile or another player, Archer increases your Critical Hit damage by X% for 2 rounds.
    • 5% / 10% / 20% / 30% / 50%
    • Note: This ability can stack, and it does not trigger at Armadas or Assaults. Weapons with multiple shots will only trigger this ability once per attack.

Rare Shran

Shran is the second of three Mining Economy/Efficiency Officers in the Enterprise Arc.

  • Officer Ability: Run From No One
    • Shran increases base Warp Speed by X%.
    • 60% / 90% / 120% / 160% / 200%
  • Below Deck Ability: Andorian Mining Consortium
    • Shran increases Crystal mining speed by X%.
    • 50% / 100% / 200% / 300% / 500%

Epic PIC Hugh

PIC Hugh’s BDA ability allows him to be highly versatile across all warships, repairing a percentage of hull health damage taken each round. Mining ability is completely new and unique – loot boost your mining! Just make sure you still have some room in your cargo for his extra materials…

PIC Hugh is exclusively sourced via the Enterprise NX-01 Refinery. The greater the tier of your NX-01 the more shards you’ll get.

  • Officer Ability: Plan For The Future
    • Increase the amount of raw Ore, Crystal and Gas collected while mining with any ship by an extra X%, without draining the mining node faster.
    • 5% / 7% / 10% / 15% / 25%
  • Below Deck Ability: Reclaiming Lives
    • At the end of each round of combat, repair X% of hull damage taken during that round of combat.
    • 5% / 10% / 15% / 20% / 35%

Primes and Buffs

  • Prime Ex-Borg Rep Claim: Free Daily Claim of Ex-Borg Rep and Ex-Borg Faction Credits
    • Ops 40+
  • G3-G4-G5 Prime Station Efficiency: Reduce cost of Ore/Crystal/Gas when upgrading station modules
    • Ops 29+, 39+, 49+
    • 1 Node per grade (G3/G4/G5)
    • 3 levels per Node
  • Prime Station Resources Efficiency: Reduce cost of Basic Materials (non G6 ones) when upgrading station modules
    • Ops 40+
    • 1 Node
    • 1 Level

A few things to note: The Ex-Borg Prime Rep will be available only week 1 on PC. There will also be a web-event that scores based off of unlocking this prime, that players will only be able to see on the webstore itself, and not the store on their mobile devices. This is your reminder to sign up for a Scopely account if you don’t have one, and you can do that on


26 new missions are coming with this update, which include exclusive missions for both the NX-01 and the Holodeck. Update 63 brings with it:

  • 10x Core Missions to continue the Enterprise storyline
  • 5x Side Missions
  • 5x Enterprise NX-01 Intro Missions
  • 6x Holodeck missions

Battle Pass and Cosmetics

A brand new BattlePass is available this month, and players will have the ability to earn several new cosmetics. Update 63 brings with it 6 new avatars, 2 new frames, and 1 new hailing frequency, among which include Porthos, Captain Archer’s very cute beagle, special Valentines Day cosmetics, and a hailing frequency that adds a little flavor to the game.

Wave Defense Improvements

The team has been actively working to improve Wave Defense based on your feedback, and has a few improvements coming this update, such as the ability to kick players, distinct visuals for leaders in a Wave Defense system, and several others. Check out the section below for a full list of the improvements to Wave Defense, as well as a list to all other updates and improvements coming out in this update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Wave Defense – The defense button is showing grayed out and the texts are appearing in string on the WD system object viewer for all the Wave Defense systems
  • Fixed an issue with Wave Defense – System status fails to update when user tries to join same WD system again
  • Fixed an issue where stuck ships in Hazard system and continuous error messages
  • Fixed an issue with B’etor – Officer ability short description updated to match functionality
  • Fixed an issue with Mission – “United Again” (Part 3) – Art missing for mission panel
  • Fixed an issue with Mission – It Is Only Logical Part 5 – Source Text – Incorrect character displayed as a speaker
  • Fixed an issue with Mission – It Is Only Logical Part 3 – Source Text – Inconsistency with the donation amount in dialogue and objective
  • Fixed an issue with the Borg Cube – Text – “Borg Cutting Beam” ability description updated to match functionality
  • Fixed an issue with the Facade building – Buff text colour updated for consistency and clarity
  • Fixed an issue with Section 31 – Loading screen with the planet becomes pixelated when pressing the “SECTION 31 STORE” button inside the “Facade” building’s screen to access the faction store
  • Fixed an issue with Chest Reveal – Different token art is appearing for the Queue unlock token in the Chest Reveal
  • Fixed an issue where in the Faction store – CTA buttons are not aligned properly in S31 & Borg faction stores beneath store vendor
  • Fixed an issue where System arts updated on ‘Selethal’, ‘Kertoria’ & ‘Rotanara’
  • Fixed an issue where System Status can fail to update when users exit the Wave Defense at the same time that the Wave Defense begins
  • Fixed an issue with Ship Stats – Ship stats are currently showing a constant value of 20k and are not updating
  • Fixed an issue with the Borg Cube – Battle Report – Explosion VFX cannot be seen when Borg Cube is defeated
  • Fixed an issue with the Borg Cube – Improved Ship centering in warp view, docked view and the ship management screen
  • Fixed an issue with System View – Bajor – Labels for “Deep Space Nine” and the “Bajor” planet overlap
  • Fixed an issue with Tower of Ascension – Infinite Incursions – Challenge hostile – Multiple hostiles are showing up in the target system after starting a Challenge
  • Fixed an issue with Formation Armadas – A destroyed ship from one MTA node is capable of starting another MTA node
  • Fixed an issue with Tower of Ascension – The “Station under attack” pop-up overlaps with the Challenge timer on the top of the screen
  • Fixed an issue with Trial of Q – Assessment Rank – Incorrect/duplicate string issue on leaderboard information pop-up
  • Fixed an issue with Forbidden Tech – The “UNEQUIP” & the “SWAP” button text does not fit in the box and overlaps
  • Fixed an issue with Fleet Commanders – Level up button is not tappable if player doesn’t have enough Commander XP


  • Made an improvement to Forbidden Tech – Color update on Forbidden Tech UI for better readability 
  • Made an improvement to Wave Defense – Ability to kick players
  • Made an improvement to Wave Defense – New Icon and Timer above the Central Entity
  • Made an improvement to Wave Defense – Buff color displayed as red
  • Made an improvement to Wave Defense – fixed an issue where warning messages were not spawning
  • Made an improvement to Wave Defense – Leader is visually distinct in WD system

Happy Release Day, Commanders! LLAP

-Star Trek Team