Update 64.1 Patch Notes

By rebekah 19 March 2024


Update 64’s mid-month patch will not only include bug fixes and improvements, but will bring with it new content as well. 

Update 64.1 Includes:

  • New Xindi Armadas
  • New Viewscreen Video Hub
  • New G6 Cloaks
  • G6 Conversion Rate Change
  • New Primes
  • New Refit
  • And more

Xindi Armadas

Xindi Armadas are a new challenge for players 51+, with the purpose of consolidating older armadas. These armadas encourage players to find new strategies, and aim to save time by providing rewards from old armadas as well as new rewards. In addition, there will also be G6-related rewards following the recent G6 expansion. 

Key notes surrounding these Armadas:

  • These armadas are meant to truly challenge the player to think creatively, as they are not easy adversaries. Be sure to assist your fellow commander as you develop your own strategies.
  • At the start of the round, if the Xindi Final Weapon is not Burning, its weapon damage is increased by X% (This ability stacks infinitely, with chance to increase by X)
  • Every 8th round, the Xindi Final Weapon fires its super weapon, dealing lethal damage for one ship. This weapon can be disabled if the Xindi final weapon is assimilated at the start of the round the weapon would fire. 

The Xindi Armadas will live in G5 space, and there 2 rarities:



There will be a weekly claim, and the rewards will be segmented by ops level range, and some of the rewards from these will include: 

  • G6 materials, resources and speedups.
  • Artifacts and Temporal Artifacts
  • Ship Blueprints
  • And more


Viewscreen is an in-game video hub with the sole purpose of providing easily-accessible educational content to users and to drive awareness and engagement of new features and content. The initial launch will target Ops 2-10, but will be routinely updated with content such as patch notes and feature spotlights (like special announcements, ships, event types, etc), as well as higher level content.

Viewscreen will be segmented out by Ops level range, so that players will only see content that is relevant to them. This hub will have a direct connection with our Youtube, so if you find yourself moving up in a level segment but want to refer back to content in a previous section, that content will still be available via our YouTube channel. Be sure to keep an eye on this feature as we continue to add to it. 

New G6 Cloaks

  • USS Akira
  • Negh’Var

  • Minerva

  • USS Titan
  • Kos’Karii
  • Velox

  • USS Enterprise-E
  • Krencha

  • Scimitar

2 Prime Nodes

Prime Armada Command: Enables players to lead multiple armadas of all types simultaneously.

*Does not include leading multiple nodes of the same Formation Armada.

OPS 34 > Level 1 = +1 Armada Start

OPS 44 > Level 2 = +1 Armada Start

OPS 54 > Level 3 = +2 Armada Starts

OPS 64 > Level 4 = +3 Armada Starts

Prime Xindi Scrap Trade: Increases loot of Xindi scrap output

  • +1 refine when refining Xindi Scraps in the Enterprise NX-01 refinery, doubling the output

NEW Percentage Leaderboards

New event leaderboard standings with percentage based ranges

  • Players are awarded the same defined rewards for their range
  • During the event, players can see their current position within the standings

New Refit: Columbia NX-02 (40+)

Doubles the output of the Officer Exchange containing Rare and Epic Voyager officer shards in the Ex-Borg faction store.

Update 64.1 also brings the following improvements:

  • Reduced respawn times for all FKR + Eclipse Armadas
  • Existing, but currently unsourced, G4 and G5 cloaking refits to the Faction Store
  • G6 Conversion Rate Change
Be on the lookout for an updated event schedule that will have armada events, cloaking events, and more to help support this release. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue with the Ex-Borg Faction Store – Some of the Favors’ information was cut off after tapping the “i” button
  • Fixed an issue with the Enterprise NX-01 Ship Ability – Continuously tapping on the ship ability icon located on the ship action panel would cause sporadic activation of the ability pop-up
  • Fixed an issue with the Borg cube – Shape Memory Alloy tooltip didn’t specify where to get it from
  • Fixed an issue with the Faction store – Favors were appearing grayed out even after claiming the bundle inside the Bajoran and Ex-Borg faction store
  • Fixed an issue with mining G4-G6 nodes – Timer would get stuck at 00s after the node was depleted
  • Fixed an issue with mining Crystal/Gas/Ore nodes – After depletion of the node negative value was shown as being mined when having any of the “Lucky miner” (Crystal/Gas/Ore) favors unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where Trip Tucker BDA ability failed to work in “Delta Quadrant” systems
  • Fixed an issue in the Faction Store – Favors information stayed open while switching between the “Bajoran” and “Ex-Borg” tabs
  • Fixed an issue in the Combat Research Tree – Huge gap in between the research nodes at the end of the Combat research tree at level 5

-The Star Trek Team