Update 64 Patch Notes

By rebekah 5 March 2024

“I’ve got a legacy to uphold.”

As the Xindi Civil War erupts, the crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves questioning the path they walk. Did they simply do what they had to do? Or have they inadvertently sent the galaxy hurtling toward a cataclysm?

They won’t have long to ponder their actions, however, as a new danger has arisen. The Sphere-Builders will not allow their grand designs to be interfered with and so they have chosen to unveil their most diabolical creations… The Superweapons. Adapted from the same destructive engines used by the Xindi in the Temporal Cold War, these immense weapons carry enough power to destroy the Federation several times over.

While these Superweapons loom over the galaxy, an even more pervasive threat prowls behind our lines… Wearing the face of a hero most beloved.

“The Federation will welcome its new leader… The Emperor Beyond the Looking Glass!”

We are excited to continue this story and bring to you Update 64, Enterprise – Part 3.

Update 64 Includes:

  • New Temporal Artifacts
  • New Silent Enemy Hostiles
  • New True Critical Chance and Damage Modifiers
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Battle Pass
  • And more

Temporal Artifacts

In this update, players Ops 38+ will be introduced to Temporal Artifacts.

Players will be able to claim a daily bundle of Temporal Disruptors and Silent Nebula Tokens in the Ex-Borg Faction store. From here, players can exchange Temporal Disruptors for specific Temporal Artifact shards in the Artifact section of the store directly, and they can defeat the new Silent Enemy hostiles to accelerate their progress. Players must first use Silent Nebula Tokens to travel to Silent Nebula Systems and defeat Silent Enemy Hostiles, which will drop Temporal Disruptor Parts. Exchange these Temporal Disruptor Parts for reward chests containing Temporal Disruptors, Ship Parts, and Orbit Medallions. From here, players are able to exchange Temporal Disruptors for specific Temporal Artifact shards in the Artifact section of the store, and can then unlock and upgrade Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery. 

We previously released a video and blog that dives more into these new artifacts, their effects, and how players may want to use them, so be sure to check out these resources linked down in the description below. 

Silent Enemies 

Silent Enemies are new enemies being introduced in this update. These hostiles are not only incredibly challenging, but very rewarding as well. These new hostiles feature several buffs:

  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Critical Floor
  • Burning

Defeating these Silent Enemies will progress a player’s journey in upgrading Temporal Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery due to the amount of rewards they drop when defeated in combat. 

Silent Enemies can be found in the following:

  • Aethera Nova (Level 41)
  • Orinthus Prime (Level 46)
  • Valtara Minor (Level 51)
  • Lyrae Nebula (Level 55)
  • Sylphira Delta (Level 57)
  • Aquinelan Star (Level 61)
  • Korolios Void (Level 63)
  • Zephyrion Axis (Level 65)

The loot types are (per hostiles level):

  • 40-45: G4 uncommon
  • 46-50: G4 rare
  • 51-54: G5 uncommon
  • 55-60: G5 rare
  • 61-62: G6 uncommon
  • 63+: G6 rare

Potential Crewing Suggestions

Pike / Moreau / Tucker – Weakens the Silent Enemies’ critical damage significantly.

Ent-E Picard / Ent-E Data / Tucker – Tucker will blunt the enemy’s damage, while Ent-E Picard and Ent-E Data will boost your offense. You will likely sustain more damage, but will be rewarded with better loot.

Severus / Decius / Charvanek – With fully synergized Severus, the enemy ship will fall in 5 rounds. Works best when used against battleships. If you cannot survive the 5 rounds, we recommend fighting a lower level enemy.

Promo Code

Promo codes are a newer thing our team is trying, so be sure to let us know on our official channels if you are enjoying the free claims on Day 1.

Players can receive an amount of shards to source Temporal Artifacts as well as Silent Nebula tokens by using the Promo code “ENT3.” You’ll need a Scopely Account in order to claim this bundle. This is available for all Commanders Ops 38+

New Officers

In this final Enterprise arc, we will see 2 new officers join the ranks in Star Trek Fleet Command: Epic Phlox and Rare Hoshi Sato.

Epic Officer: Phlox

Phlox reduces player opponent’s Critical Chance, which can be a valuable counter to PvP crews that feature Honorguard Worf, and improves Borg Cube grinding efficiency when slotted below deck.

  • Officer Ability: Denobulan Threat Response
    • Reduces opponent player’s Critical Chance by X% at the start of each round, for 8 rounds
      • 45% / 50% / 60% / 75% / 100%
  • Below Deck Ability: Specimen Cataloging
    • Increases Technological Distinctiveness by X% when destroying Hostiles with the Borg Cube’s Cutting Beam
      • 20% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100%

For examples and recommendations on different crews utilizing Phlox, be sure to check out our Update 64 Patch Notes video in the officer section.

Rare Officer: Hoshi Sato

Hoshi Sato completes the Enterprise Arc mining efficiency officer trio.

  • Officer Ability: Outside the Box
    • Increases the Cargo size of the ship by X%
      • 20% / 30% / 35% / 45% / 55%
  • Below Deck Ability: Strange Ideas
    • Increases gas mining speed by X%
      • 50% / 100% / 200% / 300% / 500%

Primes and Buffs

Update 64 introduces 6 new primes, including:

  • Prime Crit Evasion: Reduces opponent’s total Critical Chance (including all research and bonuses) by 20%
  • Prime Borg Cutting Beam Damage: A multilevel prime that increases the Borg Cube’s Cutting beam damage
  • Prime G5 Survey Manufacturing: +1 Refine when refining 5* Survey Parts
  • Prime G5 Battleship Manufacturing: +1 Refine when refining 5* Battleship Parts
  • Prime G5 Explorer Manufacturing: +1 Refine when refining 5* Explorer Parts
  • Prime G5 Interceptor Manufacturing: +1 Refine when refining 5* Interceptor Parts

The Prime Crit Evasion will be available as a web-first exclusive! If you haven’t already, sign up for a Scopely Account.

True Critical Chance and Damage Modifiers

A new bonus type is also available this month. These new bonus types apply a true reduction to your  opponent’s total Critical Chance and Critical Damage, after all other research and bonuses. Critical Evasion reduces your opponent’s total Critical Chance after all other research and bonuses. Critical Resistance reduces your opponent’s total Critical Damage after all other research and bonuses. These bonuses provide persistent, scaling benefits. Regardless of how much Critical Chance or Critical Damage your opponent has, that amount will always be effectively reduced by your value of Critical Evasion and Critical Resistance.


20 new missions are coming with this update, which will follow our continued story as the Xindi Civil War comes to a head. Players can expect:

  • 10x Core Missions concluding the Enterprise Arc.
    • As the Xindi Civil War erupts, the crew of the USS Enterprise find themselves questioning the path they walk. Did they simply do what they had to do? Or have they inadvertently sent the galaxy hurtling toward a cataclysm? 
  • 5x Legacies Side Missions.
    • T’Pol will confront the fate of the Vulcan people. She will be forced to choose between her loyalty to Vulcan and her crew.
  • 5x Rule of Acquisition NX-01 Side Missions.
    • A black market dealer specializing in historical curiosities has set his eyes on a valuable prize… The Enterprise and her crew!

Battle Pass and Cosmetics

A brand new BattlePass is available this month, and players will have the ability to earn several new cosmetics. Update 64 brings with it 6 new avatars, 4 new frames, and 1 new hailing frequency. In addition, the elite path on the BattlePass will contain enough Temporal Disruptors to unlock an uncommon Temporal Artifact of your choice! There will also be a full event store this month! Be sure to check our official channels for this month’s event schedule and to stay up-do-date.

In addition, we encourage you to stay tuned in to our official channels as we will be releasing more content mid-month.

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when the player activated the Cerritos ability “Cerritos Support”: the toast did not display properly
  • Fixed an issue with the Enterprise NX-01 Picard Refit – description said ‘Delta expanse token’ instead of ‘Delphic expanse token’
  • Fixed an issue with the Holodeck – the animation displaying Holodeck creation/ upgrade, displayed text string instead of Holodeck Level
  • Fixed an issue with the ship ability “Relentless Assault” – When activated, the title for the ability was displayed as a text string
  • Fixed an issue with the Mission “Critters Galore” – The recommended level appeared as “15” instead of “12” in the mission Panel
  • Fixed an issue with the Enterprise NX-01 – Tooltip had missing strings with already activate NX-01 ship ability in WD systems
  • Fixed an issue with ship abilities – Wrong tooltip & description when the user activated any ship ability and then tapped on the Enterprise NX-01 ability icon
  • Fixed an issue with Wave Defense – Waves wouldn’t progress and Player ship got stuck on Wave Defense screen.
  • Fixed an issue in the Ex-Borg Faction Store – Updated NX-01 ship blueprint bundle art (actual ship instead of common chest)
  • Fixed an issue with Archer – Level up and promote screen did not appear for “Jonathan Archer” officer properly
  • Fixed an issue with Forbidden Tech – Forbidden Tech tooltip displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with Yoton – Missing planet name
  • Fixed an issue in the Holodeck – “Pierce All Against Hostiles” buff name updated for consistency
  • Fixed an issue with Officers – Tooltip for the locked icon in the Below Deck officer preset did not show the exact information on how to unlock it
  • Fixed an issue with Ships – ship ability tooltip title changed when the user switched the ships and tapped on the ship ability icon
  • Fixed an issue with Fleet Commander Luther Sloan – Quickdraw Raiding skill wording was ambiguous on whether it works when defending or not.
  • Fixed an issue where G5 ships were unable to attack G6 Ships on sigma mining nodes
  • Fixed an issue with the Alliance Starbase – Several strings and placeholder text appeared in ASB object viewer & battle report
  • Fixed an issue with G6 Rare/Epic ships’ ability – Placeholder was displayed on the ship action panel
  • Fixed an issue with Wave Defense – The rewards popup showed 9/10 instead of 10/10 after the Wave Defense is completed
  • Fixed an issue G6 Ships ability – Incorrect title and description appeared in the ship ability tooltip for all the G6 ships
  • Fixed an issue where modifiers that affected G4 and G5 broken Ship parts did not affect G6 parts
  • Fixed an issue with the Borg Cube – When selecting a ship for your active Fleet, the Borg Cube was zoomed in too much
  • Fixed an issue with Field Training Rewards – Claim button did not appear after claiming the previous achievement


  • Made an improvement to Field Training to prevent progress reset after normal server transfer

Localization Fixes

  • Improved an issue where bundle titles are cut-off when exceeding a certain length
  • Improved an Enterprise NX-01 Display issue that caused an overlap with text and frame in the bottom line


-The Star Trek Team