Update 65.2 Patch Notes

By rebekah 29 April 2024


The following list of bug fixes and improvements have been released in the latest 65.2 patch.

  • We reverted the Faction bundles to their previous functionality, where their respective Cost was being displayed, and not “View” (no more extra clicks)
  • Colored triangles on armada targets are back! 
  • Fixed an issue with visible cloaked ships seen when zooming out 
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect results showing up in Away Teams Assignment when filtering for “Officers not on a ship”
  • Fixed an issue with low level ships on level ~8 systems showing the wrong icon for the hostiles
  • Fixed an issue with the ship XP bar being empty in the ship management screen when the ship reaches max tier and level
  • Fixed an issue with Q’s Trials becoming unresponsive when trying to unlock the second tier without having enough currency
  • fixed an issue with missing translations for planets in Gawen system
  • Fixed a series of UI glitches:
    • Forbidden Tech missing transparency
    • Command Center Commander slot
    • War room uncentered text on certain iPad devices
    • Volatile Isomatter Exchange – Officer Shards/Volatile Isomatter Exchange – Artifact Pieces Bundle art not loading properly in the Isomatter refinery tab
    • Cut-off art on Isolytic refinery bundles
    • Corrupted ship art on the fleet bar on iOS
    • Ex-Borg Faction Store cut-off Temporal Disruptors subtitle in red “max Silent Tokens”

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