Update 65: Gorn Invasion, Pt 1

By rebekah 9 April 2024

For the first time since it’s initial appearance in 2022, Strange New Worlds is making a comeback in Star Trek Fleet Command. This month’s content focuses on the benefits of PvP engagement, alliance cooperation, and new PvE challenges.

Update 65 Includes:

  • New Building: The War Room
  • New Gorn Hunter Hostiles
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • New Refits, Forbidden Tech, and Artifacts
  • New Primes
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Battle Pass
  • And more

The War Room

Following the Mission chain: Show Us Your Mettle, this Klingon themed “War Room” aims to reward players for Alliance PvP engagement. By unlocking Milestones, players will receive keys to unlock “Warchests” and earn great rewards. The rewards increase permanently by upgrading the building Level!

PvP Points are rewarded for battles (won or lost) and materials stolen. A 2 time multiplier will be added for actions in Territory Systems, and 3 times as many for Infinite Incursions. As you progress through the milestones, you’ll claim keys to unlock Warchests, and within them you’ll find the upgrade tokens (Emblems of Honor) needed to continue upgrading.

Rewards can include:

  • Basic and Σ Resources
  • Materials
  • Ship Parts
  • Emblems of Honor
  • Seals of Ko’tal (unlocks the exclusive Tactical Warmonger Research Node)

In addition, the building provides the following Buffs:

  • War Room Shield Health: 20% -> 3200%
  • War Room Officer Stats: 10% -> 2250%
  • War Room Isolytic Damage: 0.50% -> 50%

The War Room is meant to help players receive additional resources in game, and it will continue to be updated over time to keep rewards relevant.

Check out this video about the War Room from Logan Starks, Product Manager, as well as this blog for more information.

Gorn Hunter Hostiles

In the vast expanse of the Star Trek universe, the Gorn have shown time and time again that they are beings not easily trifled with.

In “Strange New Worlds,” the crew of the USS Enterprise have found themselves face-to-face with these creatures on more than one account, proving that they are not merely adversaries to be overcome, but also provide a glimpse into the complexities of interspecies relations.

These Gorn Hunter Hostiles deal Isolytic damage and are immune to all non-Isolytic sources of damage, resulting in great rewards. We know PvP is not for everyone, so the team has approached these hostiles a bit differently. These hostiles provide players with a new way to use Isolytic damage and gain Artifacts, Officers, faction credits, and more. This includes the new artifacts launched last month in Update 64 and officers from both Voyager and Ent E. 

To read more about these hostiles and where to find them, check out this separate article here.

In addition, the payout for six of the exBorg bundles increased significantly. Check out the new values below.

D’Vor Feesha:
T0: no change
T4: X2 raw lat
X5 conc lat T7: X2 raw lat
X10 conc lat T12: X3 raw lat
X10 conc lat

T0: no change
T4: X5 Neural Net X10 Active Net T7: X6 Neural Net X15 Active Net T12: X7 Neural Net
X20 Active Net

no changes to codes and particles
T0: no change
T4: X3 reputation
T7: X5 reputation
T9: X10 reputation

T0: no change
T4: X5 Venom
T7: X8 Venom
T12: X10 Venom

T0: no change
T4: X5 Antimatter
T7: X5 Antimatter
T12: X5 Antimatter

T0: no change
T4: no change
T7: X2 Inert Nanos
T12: X3 Inert Nanos


Three new officers will be joining the ranks and filling out more of our SNW crews in Star Trek Fleet Command. 

Epic SNW M’Benga

Captain’s Maneuver: Butcher of J’Gal

  • Increases a percentage of Officer Health as Mitigation vs Hostiles
  • 1500/2500/1500%

Officer Ability: Fight for Peace

  • Adds an increase of X% to SHP every round vs Hostiles.
  • 2/4/6/8/15%
Use code: JGAL for 5 free M’Benga shards will be available for Ops 20+ players, 30min after event reset. This offer is available until April 19, 2024.

Epic SNW Sam Kirk

Captain’s Maneuver: Applied Xenoanthropology

  • Decreases a percentage of enemy SHP vs Hostiles every round.
  • -10/8/5%

Officer Ability: Phaser-Based Study

  • Increases Critical Damage by X% vs non-armada hostiles
  • 40/90/150/230/350%

Rare SNW Nurse Chapel

 Officer Ability: Archaeological Medicine

  • Increases loot gained from Gorn Hunter Hostiles
  • 25/50/90/140/200%

Below Deck Ability: Protocol 12

  • Increases Isolytic Damage vs Hostiles
  • 5/10/15/25/40%

Note: Following player feedback, we are adding officers to the Ultra Recruit this month:

  • SNW Una
  • SNW Pike
  • SNW Hemmer
  • Beckett Mariner
  • D’Vana Tendi
  • SNW LAan
  • SNW Spock
  • SNW Nyota Uhura
  • SNW Ortegas
  • Sam Rutherford

Galactic Recruit Assimilation Arc officers (Hugh, Ghalenar, Borg Queen, Dezoc, Gossa) are now replaced by Lower Decks 2 officers.


Following the structure of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the missions will be “episodic,” each having their own self-contained story. Our narrative team is looking forward to sharing these stories with you in 25 new missions, including 4 sets of Core Missions released weekly, encompassing 5 episodic stories, and 5 missions to introduce the War Room.

Core SNW: The Meaning in the Message

5 Missions | Level 34+

The Fay (Q’nuz) – an alien race resembling elves – live to sow confusion between races, seeding space with beacons that flood planetary media systems with incendiary propaganda. 

Core SNW: More Than Flying

5 Missions | Level 34+

An Andorian ambassador on route to rendezvous with the Enterprise has been kidnapped by a group of Klingons in an effort to destabilize the Federation. 

Core SNW: Slay It Again, Sam

5 Missions | Level 34+

When the Gorn have a scent, they do not let it go. That’s bad enough if just one of them has it, but if you’ve caught the attention of an entire nest, you can pretty much kiss your existence goodbye. So when Sam Kirk finds himself cut off from the Enterprise and hunted by a group of five Gorn, he’s as sure as anyone can be that he’s a dead man. Fortunately for him, the Independent Commander is in the area and ready to lend a hand. They offer to return Sam to the Enterprise, but Sam doesn’t want to endanger the rest of his crew. Maia works out that if they can deal with each Gorn one by one, Sam Kirk might live to see another day.

Core SNW: Red Tape

5 Missions | Level 34+

The Enterprise crew’s diplomacy skills are requested in a system where bureaucracy is valued above all else. What begins as a simple mission snowballs into a series of comical hoops that the crew must jump through. The mission is put in jeopardy when La’an inadvertently insults the culture’s bureaucratic process, and the crew must de-escalate the situation before it turns into an all-out conflict.

Warchest Introduction: Show Us Your Mettle

5 Missions

The Commander hears about an exclusive Klingon society that runs tournaments and provides hefty rewards for the most honorable – and fearsome – of warriors. Unlock the War Room by completing these missions!

Refits, Forbidden Tech, and Artifacts

Borg Cube Transwarp Drive

Adds Transwarp to the Borg Cube, allowing for INSTANT travel across the galaxy, as well as increasing Borg Cube HHP by 350%.

Additionally, we are pleased to update you with a Quality of Life adjustment that we have made to the Borg Cube’s Warp Core, effectively increasing the base warp range for G5 and G6 players. In addition, adjustments have been made to some of the research requirements.

Voyager Astrometric Sensor Unlock

Adds peace shield expiration time information to the existing Astrometric Scan Ability, as well as increases the Voyager’s max cargo by 300%.

New Forbidden Tech: Tarka’s Isolytic Weapon:

  • Increased base Isolytic Damage vs Gorn Hunters
  • Increased base Hull Health for all ships
  • Increased Isolytic Defense vs all hostiles
  • Increased Damage vs all hostiles

In addition to these buffs, it’ll also provide a daily source of Isolytic Artifact Tokens that increase with each tier.

New Artifact: Kir’Shara:

Kir’Shara is a new artifact that increases the number of sequential commands a Commander is able to issue to a ship. Acquiring it allows a Commander to select one hostile to attack, followed by another, and have the responding captain execute the attacks one after the other.


Four new primes are being introduced in this update: Prime Hull Breach Resilience,  Prime Mining Rate,  Prime Borg Cube Isolytic Damage, and  Prime PvP Damage Resilience.

Prime Hull Breach Resilience

  • Decreases enemy players’ Critical Hit Damage by 150% for 3 rounds up to 450% when your ship is Hull Breached at the beginning of any combat round


Prime Mining rate

  • Increases base Mining Rate by 500% for all mineable resources.


Prime Borg Cube Isolytic Damage

  • Increases the Borg Cube’s Isolytic Damage by 15%.


Prime PvP Damage Resistance

  • Decreases enemy player’s base Weapon Damage up to 450% (does not apply during Station defense).

Battle Pass and Cosmetics

A brand new Territory Capture Season Pass with 30 free and 30 elite milestones will be available towards the end of the month.

Throughout the month, you also can earn five new avatars and three new frames.

Additionally, Deep Space Nine Part 4, and Assimilation Part 1 and 2 Missions are returning to the Holodeck.

Territory Capture Season 3

A few improvements are being made to TC season 3! Players may notice the following adjustments:

Improved Nodes and Services

  • Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium have been changed to Materials (G3 in T1, G4 in T2)
  • Monaveen BP and Chronometric Particles can now be found in All T3 Territories

Boosted Particle Output

– Boost to All Particle Generators (2x)

Increase the Subspace Relay buffs by ~500%

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with Battle Reports and Officer Abilities – If two ships triggered their captain ability/officer ability at the same time, only one of them was visible in the battlelog
  • Fixed an issue with store Exocomps: Pips for the Exocomp store would still remain visible even after purchasing or claiming all available Exocomp options
  • Fixed an issue with Mantis’ ability not work against T14 Borg Cube
  • Fixed an issue with Armada Directives: The tooltip description of the Uncommon armada directives was inconsistent with that of the Rare and Epic ones
  • Fixed an issue with the stars achievements not working properly in the Battle Simulator
  • Fixed an issue with mining nodes failing to reset after depleting on getting hit by a Borg Cutting Beam
  • Fixed an issue with the “Paid Debts” mission: Officer “Spock” art appeared instead of the character “Warlord Prohk” in 2nd objective
  • Fixed an issue with Battle Reports and Forbidden Tech – Forbidden Tech ability would fail to display correctly inside the battle logs
  • Fixed an issue with the “House of Martok”, “Avenge Them” and “Broccoli” missions – the level indicator was missing from the Holodeck screen; instead, it showed the quantity
  • Fixed an issue with unlocking Ex-Borg “Lucky Miner” favors that would causes minus & inconsistent resource values on nodes
  • Fixed an issue with prime nodes packs where players were not redirected back to the node after a successful purchase
  • Fixed an issue with Formation Armadas where a “Victory” battle report would appear instead of the “Partial” battle report after defeating a formation armada
  • Fixed an issue with the corrupted fleetbar art on iOS devices when the NX-01 was swapped with any other ship on Drydock A
  • Fixed an issue with the activate ability icon and tooltip that were missing in the object viewer
  • Fixed an issue with the alliance leaderboard failing to update when players would change alliances
  • Fixed an issue with the system Toll: The route button would fail to respond when the player changed ships
  • Fixed an issue with the “Connivance Part 2” mission, where the “officer Passerby1” mission character’s name appeared as “The Broadcaster”
  • Fixed an issue with Silent Hostiles appearing in Q’s Trials
  • Fixed an issue with the Faction store where chests with multiple items were showing placeholder art instead of the usual chest icon
  • Fixed an issue with the Formation Armada button being active on the second formation armada when it shouldn’t
  • Fixed an issue with the “The Recesses of the Mind” mission failing to complete even after upgrading or completing the “Survival Cell Containment” research
  • Fixed an issue with the  Prime Fleet Commander Gift research node having placeholder art
  • Fixed an issue with Uncommon Xindi Final Weapon, Rare Xindi Final Weapon & Rare Xindi Supreme Weapon power value overlapping with the text
  • Fixed an issue with Uncommon Xindi Final Weapon, Rare Xindi Final Weapon & Rare Xindi Supreme Weapon directive icon overlapping with the “ARMADA” text
  • Fixed an issue with the mission “They Have Adapted” not surfacing in the Holodeck
  • Updated Phlox’s officer ability short description for consistency reasons
  • Fixed an issue with the alliance stats button missing from the events’ screen

Full Patch Notes Video here.


The Star Trek Team