Update 66 Patch Notes

By rebekah 7 May 2024

Gorn Invasion, Pt 2

“My crew is a damn fine crew, just as capable, if not more so, than any other crew in the fleet.”

It’s a big galaxy. Maybe too big sometimes, especially when you are far away from your friends and family. For Captain Pike and the crew of the Enterprise, this seems truer than ever.

Nurse Chapel, on a mission to tend to a criminal Klingon’s wounds, finds herself stranded with her charge on a distant planet, pursued by his enemies, and unable to contact Pike. Doctor M’Benga must leave the Enterprise and fly with the Independent Commander, searching the galaxy for a rare herb that will save the life of a young girl. Spock is seconded to a Federation vessel crewed only by Vulcans and is taught an unexpectedly singular lesson about logic, pride, and emotion.

There are times, however, when distance is not so much physical as cultural. The Enterprise learns this firsthand when it encounters a world that is both reliant on fossil fuels and on the brink of catastrophic environmental collapse. But perhaps nothing speaks to the alien more than the Gorn, as the Independent Commander discovers when they confront the brutal reptilian race and its horrifying new technology.

“It is simply logical to prepare for the future.”

The month of May brings the second part and conclusion of this SNW arc.

Update 66 Includes:

  • New Ship: The Gorn Eviscerator
  • New Monaveen Refit
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • New Primes
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Battle Pass
  • And more

The Gorn Eviscerator

Update 66 will introduce a new ship to players Operations 40 and above: the Gorn Eviscerator. Expanding on the groundwork the Discovery ship laid, the Gorn Eviscerator is able to open “Spatial Rips” for quick movement between systems, enabling players to bring their Alliance members to the Spatial Rip location instantly. This is the first ship with passive Isolytic abilities, making it ideal when going up against Gorn Hunter Hostiles.

This Gorn-themed ship encompasses 15 tiers with level ranges 40-65. Its “Spatial Rip” allows the player to create a temporary 1-way portal to the system they are in. Once this portal is opened, a message in the alliance chat is sent. The portal will only appear in the player’s system – (no interactable system entities), and an ally will need to open the System Viewer of system A to be able to use the portal and insta-warp to it.

The Spatial Rip will only last for X duration, disappearing when closed, and will have a usage counter – tracking how many ships can use it. Players can travel to any system within their grade or below. Ships that travel through a wormhole get a free, one-time Insta-recall.

Tiering up the Ship will increase the number of ships that can pass through the Spatial Rip, as well as allow the Spatial Rip to stay open longer. 

Players Operations 10+ can use the promo code: EVISCERATOR to gain 24,000 Event Store currency, approximately 30min after event reset. This code will not work prior to this time. 

There will also be a weekly “Gorn Technology” Event that all players will be able to participate in that will reward players with blueprints – Date TBD.

Passive Abilities

This new ship also possesses a couple of passive abilities: Hunt the Hunters and Rigorous Extraction. Hunt the Hunters is a passive ability that increases Isolytic Damage against Gorn Hunters. Rigorous Extraction, the Gorn Eviscerator’s second battle ability, will amplify that Apex Isomatter when you defeat a Gorn Hunter while using the ship. Tiering up the ship will increase that isolytic damage, and these abilities become critical to the Gorn Eviscerator refinery bundles which have been added to the Isomatter tab located in the Eviscerator Refinery.

Effect on Gorn Hunter Hostiles: 

The Eviscerator Refinery will provide you with the Gorn Eviscerator Parts needed to upgrade the ship, as well as other rewards such as:

  • PvP Isolytic Defense artifact Shards
  • Update 65 and Update 66 Officer Shards
  • Ship Parts

Check out this video and blog article about the Gorn Eviscerator for more details.

Monaveen Refit

  • Sigma Resources added to Queen’s Favor claims
  • Burning to PVE Hostiles


Two new officers will be joining our SNW crews in Star Trek Fleet Command. 

Epic SNW James Kirk

In “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” James Kirk is portrayed as a charismatic and capable young officer, exhibiting many of the traits that define his iconic character in later years. Kirk is shown as courageous and often willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect others and fulfill his duties.  In the same way, SNW James Kirk shows us that when he assumes the position of the Captain’s chair, he will not back down from a fight. 

Captain’s Maneuver: Command Prodigy

  • Reduces enemy Shield Mitigation vs non-Armada Hostiles
    • -40/30/15% 

Officer Ability: Phaser-Bank Operator

  • Increases base Weapon Damage vs non-Armada Hostiles
    •  +200/600/1200/2000/3500% 

Rare Officer: Pelia

Pelia is characterized as a resourceful and enthusiastic officer, contributing her expertise and skills to the Enterprise’s various missions. Her role adds to the overall dynamic and synergy of the crew, much like her entrance into Star Trek Fleet Command.

Pelia will provide boosts focused on ISO Hostile combat, and when paired with Sam/SNW James Kirk, M’Benga, or Chapel, Pelia will round out the crew to provide maximal synergy for awesome power vs Iso Hostiles.  

Officer Ability: Brain-Melting Secrets

  • Reduces Isolytic Damage received from non-Armada hostiles
    • -2/5/10/15/20%

Below Deck Ability:  Perpetually Bored

  • Increases Isolytic Defense
    • +10/25/45/70/100%


25 missions are rolling out in this update, including 20 new Core missions and 5 new missions to introduce the new Gorn Eviscerator ship. 

Core SNW: All the Feels

5 Missions | Level 34+

Spock has been seconded to a Vulcan vessel when it suddenly comes under a strange neurological attack that leaves the entire Vulcan crew slaves to uncontrollable emotions. The only one unaffected is Spock, who finds himself in the unenviable position of having to babysit a bunch of emotional Vulcans. 

Core SNW: Bedside Manners

5 Missions | Level 34+

Nurse Chapel has to take care of a Klingon who doesn’t want but very much needs her help, as the two of them are trapped in a shuttlecraft. 

Core SNW: Healing

5 Missions | Level 34+

A dying girl needs treatment that can only be synthesized from a rare herb. The journey there and back will take too long, so M’Benga must take her with him as he searches for the herb. 

Core SNW: Connivance

5 Missions | Level 34+

The Enterprise crew is sent to investigate a potential first contact situation. They find a planet reliant on fossil fuels and on the brink of environmental collapse. The crew must investigate the death of a prominent politician and uncover a dark conspiracy to keep newly discovered warp power hidden from the public.

Intro Missions: New Ship Interaction (Eviscerator)

5 Missions | Level 40+

There have been reports of increased Gorn activity throughout the sector. The crew discovers that the Gorn are using one-way portals to attack colonies. They create a trap in order to obtain and study this new technology – the Axion Engine.


Two brand new primes are in this update, as well as extensions to 4 pre-existing ones: 

  • Research Cost Efficiency
  • Prime Wartime Morale
  • FKR Tribute Primes – level 6 & 7
  • Prime Temporal Disruption


Prime Wartime Morale – While you have Morale, +20% Isolytic Damage

Prime Temporal Disruption – Increases Temporal Disruptors Daily Claim by +300%


Prime Research Cost Efficiency now has a level 2 extension, up to +450%, G3-G5

FKR Tribute Primes – levels 6 & 7

  • 200/350% more reputation from killing hostiles, and the free claims contain 1000/2000 faction credits, and 12.5M/50M reputation

Battle Pass and Cosmetics

A new battlepass launches this month, and players will have the ability to earn 4 new avatars and 3 new frames this update, including:

  • 4x Avatars
    • Gorn Hatchling
    • Gorn Eviscerator
    • James Kirk
    • Pelia
  • 3x Frames
    • Spatial Rip
    • Majalan Machine
    • Gorn Devourer

Make sure you keep an eye open on our official channels for any updates related to this month’s event schedule. 


  • New in-game toggle in the General Settings of the user profile that allows opting out of displaying their username in the “Alliance Rewards” screen when making purchases
  • The text “Wave Defense formed! Join it here” appears when sharing coordinates in the GC or Alliance chats when doing wave defenses


  • Fixed an issue with the Kir’shara artifact where the attack button appeared for a fraction of a second instead of the queue attack button
  • Fixed an issue with the Kir’shara queue mechanic not completing the queue due to an invalid hostile
  • The “eye” button to inspect faction store bundles is back!
  • Fixed an issue where the Warchest points were using an exponential notation instead of a whole number
  • Fixed an issue with the Voyager Astrometric Sensor refit not being displayed in system view for the USS Voyager’s 3D model
  • Fixed an issue where the percentage in the tooltip was missing from Phlox’s ability “Denobulan Threat Response”
  • Fixed an issue where Nurse Chapel’s officer ability was not being consistent
  • Fixed a text consistency issue with the FC Captain Spock’s description for Alloy Metallurgies
  • Fixed an issue with the Voyager Astrometric Sensor refit not being displayed in system view for the USS Voyager’s 3D model
  • Fixed an issue with the “From Ashes” mission, where the donation objective of 25M Dilithium wasn’t consistent with the mission dialogue, which was asking for 200M Tritanium
  • Fixed a text consistency issue with the “Escalation” mission, where the description appeared as “Upgrade Operations to level 60” instead of “Upgrade Operations to level 61” which was inconsistent with the mission objective
  • Fixed an issue with the mission “The Meaning in the Message Part 4” wherein the character art for Phelps wouldn’t appear in the dialogues
  • Fixed a consistency issue with the mission “Cover-Up Part 2” where the description wasn’t matching the end objective
  • Fixed an issue where the systems Pteros and Rioha were displaying more planets than usual
  • Fixed an issue where a wrong planet name was appearing in the system Cirriped: “Broix” instead of “Borix”
  • Fixed a placeholder text for a planet in the system Gawen
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the icons overlapping the Ship ability text on the details panel when exiting the “Assign Officers” Screen
  • Fixed an issue where USS Voyager’s ship damage animation was misplaced
  • Fixed an issue with the “Select” buttons within the Fleet Bar remaining on screen when selecting a ship ability and staying idle for a period of time without actually selecting anything
  • Fixed an issue where the player was not being redirected to the research node when hitting the back button after deciding not to make a prime purchase