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Update M55.1 Patch Notes

By gabriel 13 June 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Tritanium Generator D appears when it is buildable, even though the commander hasn’t built it yet
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat Preview HUD disappears after closing the side chat then returning to main view
  • Fixed an issue where in the “Ship Management” screen, the insufficient resource amount is not displayed in red color
  • Fixed an issue where Pips disappear when the commander opens the Store
  • Fixed an issue where the timer on the SPECIAL HUD becomes stuck at 00s after PLC bundle is not available anymore
  • Fixed an issue where the Events button becomes transparent when the commander levels up their Ops building
  • Fixed an issue where on the USS Voyager the “Astrometrics Scan” ability is not working on active miners
  • Fixed an issue where commanders were shown they need to use artifact dust after level 16


  • Made an improvement to align the UI elements under Player Profile
  • Made an improvement to the CSV battle report in regards to Formation Armadas