Academy – Officer Guide

By wes 2 May 2023

Officer Overview

Officers form a crucial part of your ship and impact the performance of that ship. Ships require at least one Officer in order to function. You can obtain new Officers by using recruit tokens.

The Officers screen can be accessed via the menu in the upper left corner of your screen by tapping the Officers button.

Officers can be leveled up and improved over time which will add powerful bonuses to the ships that you assign them to.

Common Officer Terms 

  • ATTACK – Provides a bonus to your ship’s Attack capabilities
  • DEFENSE – Provides a bonus to your ship’s Defense capabilities
  • HEALTH – Provides a bonus to your ship’s SHP and HHP
  • OFFICER ABILITY – Ability that activates when officer  is seated on the bridge of a ship

  • CAPTAIN’S MANEUVER – Unique ability that activates when officer is seated in the Captain Seat of a ship

Assigning Officers

You can assign an Officer to your ships by tapping on a ship, tapping MANAGE on the panel that appears, then tapping ASSIGN OFFICERS. You must recall your ship home before you can assign officers to it.

The next screen will show you how many slots are available for the selected ship. Pressing on an empty slot will allow you to choose an Officer to be assigned. Pressing on an occupied slot will allow you to select a new officer.

Assign Officers to the bridge of a ship to activate their abilities. One of the bridge Officers will be the Captain of your ship, this Officer will also activate their Captain’s ability.

Some Officers have synergy with others. This will appear as a yellow lightning bolt. Assign Officers with the same Synergy group to the bridge of a ship to boost the Captain’s ability.

Upgrading Officers

Level up and promote your roster of Officers to increase their stats and strengthen your ship. View an Officer’s detail page by accessing the Officers screen and tapping on an Officer portrait.

Level Up

When viewing an Officer, you can increase their level by spending Officer XP.


Promote your Officer by tapping on the PROMOTE tab on an Officer detail page. You may promote your Officer once you have enough shards of that Officer and enough resources to pay the promotion cost.