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By gabriel 2 May 2023

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Station Guide 

Station Interior

A powerful station is the key to success in Star Trek: Fleet Command. You’ll be able to manage your fleet, research weaponry, recruit officers, and much much more all from your starbase. 

Each building serves a unique purpose.  Build and upgrade the buildings around your station to strengthen your ships, unlock new abilities and much more. 

Notable Station Buildings

Operations – Operations is the command center of your station. Upgrade this building to increase your player level, unlock additional buildings, and increase your weapon damage bonus.

Academy –  The Academy houses your officers when they’re not assigned to ships. Upgrade this building to recruit more officers and increase your officer stats.

R&D Department

Construct the Research and Development building to gain the ability to research new technology. With new technology comes new bonuses both offensive and defensive. Some technology may also be a prerequisite for constructing ships or buildings. 

Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium Warehouses

Your warehouses determine how much of each resource you can hold at your station. Once your warehouses are full, you will no longer be able to collect that resource from your resource generator buildings. 

Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium Generators

Generators create resources over time. Tap on the buildings to collect the generated resources to add them to your resource stockpile. If the warehouse for a particular resource is at capacity, you will not be able to collect that resource from your generators.

Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium Vaults

Vaults protect a set amount of  specific resources from enemy players that attack your base.

Station Exterior

Build and upgrade the buildings in your station exterior to strengthen your ships and station defenses. 

Defense Platform

Defense Platforms serve as your first line of defense for your station against enemy attacks. Defense Platforms are located on the exterior of your station. Your Defense platforms can be upgraded using resources. Any damage that your Defense Platforms sustain during combat is slowly repaired over time.  


Each drydock  can have at most 1 ship assigned to it. Your assigned ship can be deployed into space. The assigned ship can be found at its drydock when returned to your station. Build more dry docks to increase the number of ships you can use to explore space. Upgrade your drydock to increase your ship repair speed and decrease the repair cost of the ship assigned to that dry dock.

Station Combat

Once you reach Operations level 15, you can engage in Station Combat. You can attack other players’ stations and this means others can attack you as well.

When another player attacks your station, they will be fighting against your Defense Platforms, as well as any of your combat ready ships that are currently docked. Ships that are being repaired, upgraded, or are not in your station during an attack can not help to defend your base. 

If an attacking ship successfully destroys a station, the winning attacking ship will fill its cargo with as many resources from the station as it can carry. Resources within your resource vault will be protected,

If an attacking ship fails to destroy a Station, that ship is destroyed and automatically returned to its own Station Drydock, where it will have to be repaired before it can be used again


Peace shields prevent enemy ships from attacking your Station.  Peace shields run on a timer. If you have a peace shield active, you will see a timer next to a peace shield icon on the right side of your screen indicating how much time you have before your shield deactivates.

A free 10-minute peace shield is automatically activated after the first attack on your Station. Note that this will only activate once every 2 hours. If you get attacked by more than one player within the same two hours, the 10-minute peace shield will only be activated for the very first attack within that period. The free peace shield will prevent any further attacks from happening in the following 10 minutes, giving you enough time to apply a longer shield and protect your Station. If no further shield is applied, your Station will once again be vulnerable to attacks after the free 10-minute peace shield expires.

Activating a Peace Shield

You can manually activate a peace shield by tapping on the same Shield icon on the right. Alternatively, you can go to your items, tap on the other tab and select the peace shield you wish to activate. 

There are peace shields of various lengths in the game, make sure you pick the right one before leaving the game. Note –  Attacking another player’s ship or station will automatically disable your peace shield regardless of how much time remains until it naturally deactivates.

Keep in mind that Peace Shields don’t stack, if you have an active shield and you activate one that would last longer than the current one, the second shield will overwrite the existing one instead of adding time.  It is also not possible to activate a shield that lasts less than an existing shield.