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A New Way to Recruit

By Star Trek 8 February 2023


We are excited to introduce a new and free way to recruit officers to your crew: the Mission Key Recruit.

Here’s how it works: Commanders will receive Mission Key drops. These Mission Keys can then be taken to the “Recruit” tab and used to claim Officer Shards in the brand new Mission Key Recruit, which will provide an exciting rotation of officers including  SNW Una, Khan, Five of Eleven, Charvanek, Ten of Eleven, Mudd, Sela, Reginald, Tendi and Quark.

To get started, simply claim your free Mission Keys in the Gift tabs on the web and in the Recruit tab in-game. To access the daily mission key drop on the web, sign up for a Scopely Account and log in to the Star Trek Fleet Command web portal. Then, head to the Recruit tab in-game to use your Mission Keys to start collecting officer shards!

How to Create Your Scopely Account

First head in-game, click on your account Avatar in the top left corner, and select ‘Settings

Select “General Setting” and then press “Sign In”

Add your email address and password, then hit “Register”

Once confirmed, you’ll be able to see that your account has been linked correctly!

And then you’re finished!

We understand how important it is for each Commander to have a wide range of officers at their disposal and are excited to provide this to everyone.


The STFC Team