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An Update From Q: Forbidden Tech Buffs

By gabriel 14 July 2023


It’s been a bit over a week, and Q remains in the Alpha Quadrant, ever testing your worth. However, as we all know, the ways of Q are mysterious, and with each trial you complete, Q’s understanding of us all becomes just a bit deeper. With your many successes, Q has decided to shine their favor on all of us, enhancing the Forbidden Tech they have granted us.

Forbidden Tech

  • With this latest update, Rare and Epic Forbidden Tech unlocks have become even more impactful with significant buffs for  the early tiers/levels! 
  • Additionally, the highest tiers/levels have been boosted on some of the epics to provide additional effectiveness at max rank.
  • The tiers/levels that have been increased saw an adjustment ranging from an additional 5% to 550% .

For the many mathematicians out there, we’ve also gone ahead and updated the numbers in the blog we put out last week, and bolded the levels/tiers that have changed.

Remember Commanders, the trial never ends. Good luck out there.


The STFC Team