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Borg FAQ

By Star Trek 19 February 2020

Q. How can I travel to the new Borg space?

A. You can now travel to the new Borg space by using the new item called Transwarp Cells. Once Warp has initiated a Transwarp Cell will be used from your inventory. Please note – if you cancel warp the Transwarp Cell will still be consumed, so be mindful when warping to the new Borg systems.

Q. What are the names of the Borg systems?


  • Metra Alpha (25)
  • Metra Beta (25)
  • Metra Gamma (25)
  • Benes Alpha (26)
  • Benes Beta (26)
  • Benes Gamma (27)
  • Benes Delta (27)
  • Roda Alpha (28)
  • Roda Beta (28)
  • Roda Gamma (29)
  • Roda Delta (30)
  • Corta Alpha (31)
  • Corta Beta (32)
  • Corta Gamma (33)

Q. How can I obtain the transwarp cells?

A. Transwarp cells can be obtained only if you have built the Vi’dar

Q. Where can I obtain the Transwarp Cells from?

A. Transwarp cells can be obtained through a chest in the gifts section that can be claimed every 22 hours.

Q. How many times can I use the Transwarp Cells to travel to the Borg systems?

A. You cannot go from Borg system to system, as they are not connected. You can only use a Transwarp Cell once to travel to one system. If you want to leave a Borg system and enter a new one, you will need to use a Transwarp Cell again. 

Q. How many Transwarp Cells can one have in their inventory?

A. You can only have up to 8 transwarp cells in your inventory. If you have more than 8, you won’t be able to claim them from that chest until you’ve spent some and have less than 8 again.

Q. What should I expect to find in the new Borg systems?

A. Within the Borg systems will be Borg Hostiles known as Probes. These Borg Probes will drop a unique resource.

Q. What do the Borg Tactical Probes drop?

A. The Borg Tactical Probes drop Inert NanoProbes

Q. What can I do with the Inert NanoProbes?

A. Inert NanoProbes can be refined. Once in the refinery tab, you can choose between 2 types of refined NanoProbes, “Active Nanoprobes” which are used to promote Borg officers or “Charged NanoProbes” which are used for upgrading tiering up the Vi’dar or Faction / Reputation credits.

Q. What’s the Vi’dar?

A. The Vi’dar is a new ship that is predominantly used to fight off the Borg Tactical Probes.

Q. How can I obtain the Vi’dar

A. The Vi’dar can be obtained by

  1. From milestones 7 – 9 (50%) and from the final milestone of the Borg event in phase 2 (50% blueprints)
  2. Players will also have the chance to A – Buy a pack and redeem 50% of the blueprints or B – buy a pack to redeem 100% of the blueprints

Players level 16+ can obtain the Vi’dar

Q. At what level can I build the Vi’dar

A. The Vi’dar can be built with a minimum level of 25 on your shipyard

Q. Why am I not seeing the event rewarding Vi’Dar blueprints? (this is for players below level 16 – if necessary)

A. Please consider levelling up in order to see this event!

Q. How can I obtain the new Borg Avatar?

A. You will be able to become the owner of the new Borg avatar through the premium events store

Q. How to obtain the Vi’dar Missions?

A. The missions can be unlocked once you’ve gathered enough Borg Mission Keys (80).

Q. Where do I get the Borg Mission Keys from?

A. You can acquire the necessary amount of keys by completing different milestones in the Borg Invasion event or through the Vi’Dar Unlock Pack, which includes the mission keys.

Q. Why am I not seeing the premium mission bundle?

A. You will not see this bundle unless you have  T1+ Vidar.

Q. How many mission chains are there?

A. There are 3 mission chains: 

  • And You Will Know Us… Part 2, which costs 20 Borg mission keys to unlock and can be found in the first milestone.
  • Those Left Behind, which costs 40 Borg mission keys to unlock and can be found in the third milestone.
  • Ripples in a Pond, which costs 80 Borg mission keys to unlock and can be found in the sixth milestone. This mission can only be unlocked if you already built the Vi’dar.

Q. How does the premium reward unlock pack work?

  • The premium rewards unlock pack will last for 24 days
  • Premium missions will be included in regular rewards
  • By buying the Borg Prem Rewards Unlock Pack you can unlock the premium reward event store
  • The Premium rewards unlock pack unlocks the Premium rewards “event store”
  • Players level 16+ can get all 100 Vi’dar blueprints in the regular rewards (not premium)