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Introducing a new feature! [April Fools]

By Star Trek 1 April 2021


As you know, we are always looking for ways of improving your Star Trek Fleet Command experience. We always wanted to give you the feeling you are commanding your own fleet and venturing your ships and officers where no one has gone before. The commanding cockpit is a quintessential element in the Star Trek universe and we just want to bring it closer to you.

And so we are delighted to give you the lowdown on an exciting new feature coming soon to the game: a first-person view!

Screenshots are taken from a fools environment.

Until now, all navigation through the galaxy was done following a traditional point-and-click system. In the future, everything will get a tad more immersive, as we are giving you commanders the possibility to control all your ships directly from the captain’s chair! 

Yes, you read it right: you’ll be able to explore the galaxy at your own pace from the inside of your favorite ship. In this new mode view, you’ll have to proceed as if you’re really the captain of the ship! 

You’ll have to turn left and speak with your engineer in order to warp out, and if they agree with you, the ship will start moving. Before engaging in battle, you’ll need to speak with your second officer to rig your phasers – and much more! We believe this is an extraordinary way to feel the real Star Trek experience on your mobile devices, and we cannot wait for you Commanders to try this out.

Scotty, I need warp speed in three minutes or we’re all dead.

But that’s not all! We’re working to integrate Virtual Reality (VR) so you can go to the next level of immersion by playing Star Trek Fleet Command with your VR devices. It will require proper training, as you’ll start feeling all the G-force related to warping out and battling in space.  

Get ready to explore the universe like you’ve seen before. 

The Star Trek April Fools Team