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Introducing: Battle View

By Star Trek 18 May 2021

Battle View


You’ve often given feedback around having a cleaner interface in hectic situations, missions, events, or just while out exploring the galaxy.

We’ve listened – and based on an idea from you, the players – we are proud to announce the Battle View mode. This feature allows you to hide much of the game interface, and will be released on Thursday, May 20th (no maintenance is required).

You’ll be able to enable/disable this new feature by clicking the button on the right bottom of your display. While in Battle View, only the following UI elements will be visible:

  • Ship bar & ship info
  • Inbox and Alliance buttons
  • Navigation buttons (bottom right buttons)
  • Peace Shield status/button
  • Home button (If the system I’m looking at is not my home system)
  • Combat Victory/Defeat banners (not event scores)
  • Takeover scoring info (if in a takeover)
  • Ship status (in armada, takeover state, etc.)
  • In-coming station attack notification

To enjoy this new feature, don’t forget to update the game through your store on Thursday 20th May.