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Introducing the Armory

By Star Trek 15 November 2022


With the threat of the Dominion ever present, there has never been a more urgent time to enhance our combat capabilities. With the introduction of the Defiant, we’ve been able to hold back this threat, but research and development teams have not stopped in their quest for advancement. With that we’d like to introduce to everyone the newest station structure, the Armory.

Introducing the Armory

The Armory is available for all Commanders with an operations level of 25 or higher. Once built, the Armory will give powerful buffs to all of the ships under your command.

Armory Buffs

  • Increase to Ship Hull Health
  • Increase to Ship Shield Health
  • Increase all Mitigation Stats

These buffs will increase as you level up the Armory

  • Armory Level 1 – 5% increase
  • Armory Level 60 – 480% increase

The Armory will also provide new technology for a wide variety of combat ships

Active Ship Abilities

The Armory will provide new refits for all of the faction combat ships. Each refit will come with an active ability that can be activated on cooldown with no cost to activate.

Abilities G3 Value G4 Value G5 Value
Relentless Assault – PvE Damage (Hostiles and Armadas) 175% 250% 275%
Direct Hit – PvP Penetration stats 300%
Lethal Force –PvP Crit Damage 125% 175%
Weapon Barrage – PvP Bonus Shots 20% 30%

Upon reaching Armory level 26, 28, 42, and 53, all refits for the Uncommon faction combat ships will be available for free.

With this new technology, Commanders will have another powerful resource at their disposal. It’s time to show the enemies of the system just who they’re dealing with.