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Patch 29 – Release notes

By Star Trek 6 April 2021


Introducing Patch 29! Prepare your Vi’Dar, the Stella and the Franklin; the Borg and the Rogue faction are warping into the galaxy faster than ever in this new Interlude Arc!

Introducing: Absolution

The mighty Doomsday Machine no longer poses an imminent threat, thanks to the combined effort of Commanders throughout the galaxy. However, recent events have left the state of the known galaxy in turmoil. Upgrade your fleet with Second Research Queue, the all-new Franklin-A ship, the arrival of Jaylah, and new Refits, and prepare to take on new and returning threats!

During this month’s Arc, the following will be included:

  • Second Research Queue
  • New officers: Jaylah & Two of Ten
  • New ship: Franklin-A
  • New refits for the Vi’Dar, Stella and Franklin-A
  • A new Battle Pass, Avatars and Frames
  • New missions

Second Research Queue

A permanent Second Research Queue has arrived! Unlock to enable the ability to have two simultaneous research projects underway at once.

New Officers

  • [Epic]  Jaylah
    • Increases Swarm hostile drops when using the Franklin or Franklin-A
    • Increases Franklin and Franklin-A damage
  • [Rare]  Two of Ten
    • Increases ship Cargo size
    • Increases G3 and G4 mining rates

New Ship: Franklin-A

The Franklin-A is a new ship now available to players level 35+. An upgraded model of the original Franklin, the Franklin-A is even more proficient at eliminating Swarm enemies and new Swarm Armadas up to level 50. The Franklin-A comes with new Swarm systems and updated Swarm Daily goals.

New Refits

3 new Ship Refits:

  • Infinitus Vi’Dar Refit (Uncommon): increases inert nanoprobe drops when using the Vi’Dar
  • Opus Grande Stella Refit (Uncommon): increases drops from Eclipse hostiles and Armada targets
  • USS Terror Franklin-A Refit (Rare): significantly increases damage against Swarm Armada targets

1 new Ship Projectile:

  • Plasma Blasts (Rare): increases ship critical damage

New Missions

Play through 15 new missions exploring the aftermath of the Doomsday Machine, Jaylah’s liberation from the Borg Collective, and a strange pattern in space-time causing the events of the past to echo through to today.


  • 1 Uncommon Franklin-A Avatar
  • 1 Rare Two of Ten Avatar
  • 1 Epic Jaylah Avatar


  • 1 Common Swarm Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Vi’Dar Frame

Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month, with the option to earn extra rewards by purchasing the Premium Pass.


  • Change Resource Token Conversion sliders to max out at the amount needed for the current building.
  • UTC Time on the player profile.
  • Camera transitions smoothly when selecting different items in the refit management window instead of a hard cut.
  • Locked Second builder and research at the end of the list.
  • Remember Carousel Scroll Position in the Bookmarks section
  • Viewing ship cosmetics in AR.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to gain unlimited help requests by leaving and joining different alliances. For example, if you’re in an alliance that has a cap of 14 helps, you can get only 14 helps in total.
  • Fixed an issue with a visual glitch when relocating in New Calgary
  • Fixed an issue with the HUD disappearing when returning from the player profile to the full scan screen for a station that relocated to another system
  • Fixed the USS Franklin Impulse Speed research buff to reflect for all the docked ships.
  • Fixed an issue with the TOS USS Enterprise and USS Constellation having a hole in their model
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Ship Error’, unable to swap ships or assign a ship to a dock
  • Fixed an issue with the Light & Engine VFX not appearing in Ship Cosmetic Scenes
  • Fixed the Tier up animation randomly appearing after restarting the client
  • Fixed an issue when researching VFX is cut off on the left-hand side
  • Fixed an issue with Low-level player needing high warp range to reach the system required for lvl 3 mission completion
  • Fixed an issue with the “default_error_title” appearing instead of the “Connection Error” popup after turning off the internet connection from the store.
  • Fixed an issue with the projectiles default icon appears when hull tab is selected
  • Fixed an issue with the background app while on the Ship cosmetics Research screen shows the primary resource icons under the progress bar
  • Fixed an issue with the error popup displayed when quickly pressing “Done” after making an IAP leads the user to a blank screen
  • Fixed an issue with percentages over 99999% not being supported by the client
  • Fixed an issue within the “Skarrl” system, the sun has a disc that is vertical rather than horizontal.
  • Fixed an issue with the federation PG 23 daily quest starting 1hr late
  • Reverted Severus’ Maneuver and Tal’s Ability to work as intended
  • Fixed an issue with preventing negative damage and inflated Hull HP
  • Fixed an issue with the camera not being able to go under the floor in ship refit scenes
  • Fixed an issue with Alliance help counter displays incorrectly under building and research queue
  • Fixed an issue with the research Tree station button having no functionally after completing the job in the queue
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamic Event and Armada Callouts overlapping sometimes
  • Fixed an issue with mission Rewards getting collected from behind the Job queues
  • Various localization issues have been fixed


Q: How does the Second Research work?


  • Available through special offers in the Store (one per player).
  • Once unlocked, it allows you to conduct two researches at once.
  • Functions the same way as your primary research queue.
  • Works only for researches.
  • To unlock the second Research queue you need to be above level 15
  • Once purchased, it is automatically unlocked to use – you just need to start a second research
  • It needs its own set of speed-ups and help requests to reduce the timer
  • Note that some researches have a specific order of prerequisites, these still apply as usual

Q: When can I get it? (Second Research pack)

A: The Second Research queue packs will be available in the upcoming hours, so stay tuned!

Q: How to obtain the Franklin-A?

A: You’ll be able to unlock the Franklin-A by scrapping your Franklin and earning bonus materials. These materials vary and depend on the ship’s level. The Franklin-A’s function will remain the same, dealing vastly increased damage to Swarm targets! It will be also available through partial and full unlock in the Store.

Q: How many Advanced Data Cores will I gain after scrapping the Franklin? (The Franklin Advanced Data Cores can be converted to blueprints in the Resource Refinery, through the Franklin 2.0 Blueprints bundle)v


  • Franklin Level 41-45: 200 Franklin Advanced Data Cores
  • Franklin Level 36-40: 150 Franklin Advanced Data Cores
  • Franklin Level 31-35: 50 Franklin Advanced Data Cores
  • Franklin Level 26-30: 25 Franklin Advanced Data Cores
  • Franklin Level 25 and below: N/A

Q: Franklin is not build yet?

A: No worries! You can build it by simply unlocking all the milestones in the Free Battle Pass track!

Q: How to upgrade the Franklin-A?

A: Similar to the Franklin, the Franklin-A’s required upgrade materials can be obtained via Missions. In order to receive the first Franklin-A Mission that will be distributed in the Gift tab, you’ll need to be above level 35.

Important: Remember to update your app in order to take advantage of the Second Research queue!