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Patch 30 – Release notes

By Star Trek 11 May 2021



Today, there’s nowhere in the Alpha Quadrant where you can find more excitement. Star Trek: The Next Generation is here. We now begin an extended arc that embraces the iconic timeline of the Star Trek franchise. Join this long-term mission through undiscovered systems, with new content: officers, refits, events and much more.

This month, along with The Next Generation, we’re also launching a brand new feature previously mentioned in our Roadmap Update: Away Teams!

Introducing Star Trek: The Next Generation!

“I know that I am Lieutenant Commander Data of the Federation starship Enterprise. But I do not know how I ended up here, or what happened to the ship.

A strange encounter leads you to a discovery: the crash site of a Starfleet ship from a parallel universe: the USS Enterprise-D. Something terrible has happened, leaving its crew scattered across the galaxy, with no method of communication, and no way to return. The only one left on board is the android known as Data.

It quickly becomes apparent that something terrible has occurred. While Data doesn’t recall what happened upon the ship’s arrival, the damage and ruin left in its wake points to a calculated and malicious attack. Something or someone did not want the Enterprise crew in this galaxy.

And with the crew stuck on unfamiliar planets, and possibly in danger, it’s up to you to find them. Reunite the crew of the Enterprise. Can you solve the mystery of their arrival, and the events leading up to the crash?

The first part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in May includes: 

  • Away Teams feature
  • New Officers Epic Data, Rare Beverly, Epic Geordi.
  • New cadets Officers Data, Beverly, La Forge, Troi, Riker.
  • Twenty TNG missions
  • New Battle Pass
  • New Events
  • Ten new Avatars
  • Eleven new Frames

New Feature: Away Teams

The Away Teams feature allows you to dispatch officers who are not assigned to ships to assignments across the Galaxy! Make sure that you have the right officers for the assignment at hand. When an Away Team is successful, they bring back unique rewards!

  • The Shuttle Bay is the new building that unlocks access to the Away Teams feature:
    • The building has two buffs that will upgrade as you level it up:
      • A weapon damage buff to all starships
      • A cost efficiency buff for the Away Teams research tree
    • On launch day, the Station research required to build the building and also the building itself will require a Shuttle Bay Particle to unlock. These two required particles will be freely distributed in Gift chests to all players level 8+.
  • Away Team assignments can be Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic, with higher rarities giving greater rewards.  Common and Uncommon are free to start, while Rare and Epic require ‘Star Chart’ tokens that are earned by completing less challenging Away Team assignments.
  • Away Team assignments can take up to a couple of hours or even several days to complete. However, assignments can be sped up using a new ‘Away Team Assignment Speed Ups’ resource
  • Assignments that you do not undertake (in other words, those that are not currently in-progress) will be automatically refreshed every 12 hours. You can also manually refresh them at any time using a new resource ‘Assignment Refresh Tokens.’
  • Away Teams brings with it a new research tree containing 71 nodes to unlock using ‘Service Awards’ and ‘Merits of Honor’ that you will earn by completing assignments successfully. 

You can read more about Away Teams on this dedicated page on our site!

New Officers

  • [Epic]  Data
    • Increase Crit Chance against hostiles/armadas by X%
    • Against non-player targets, increase Penetration by X%
  • [Rare]  Beverly Crusher
    • When fighting armadas/hostiles, heal SHP every round by X% of crew Health
    • When fighting armadas/hostiles, increase Mitigation by X% of crew Defense
  • [Epic] Geordi
    • Increase rewards dropped from defeated Armadas
    • Increase Damage vs. Klingon hostiles/armadas by X%
  • [Common] Next Gen Data
    • Increase all Bridge Officer stats by +X%
    • Increase Weapon Damage by +X%
  • [Common] Next Gen Beverly Crusher
    • Increase Bridge Officer Health by +X%
    • Increase CM Effectiveness by +10%
  • [Common] Next Gen La Forge
    • Reduce opponent Weapon Damage by -X%
    • Increase SHP by +X%
  • [Common] Next Gen Troi
    • Increase Weapon Damage by +X%
    • Increase all Mitigation stats by +X%
  • [Common] Next Gen Riker
    • Increase damage of first round shots by +X%
    • Increase Bridge Officer Attack by +X%

New Missions

The Next Generation landed in our universe and brought twenty new bespoke missions for you to progress through, assisting the new faces coming into our galaxy. Go and help the Enterprise’s crew!

Battle Pass

We have a new Battle Pass to begin The Next Generation arc. Claim officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, Away Teams resources, and more by taking part in events throughout the month, and earn your rewards!


  • 1 Uncommon Spot Avatar
  • 1 Epic Data Avatar
  • 1 Epic Geordi Avatar
  • 1 Rare Beverly Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon Next Gen Troi Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon Poker Chip Avatar
  • 1 Rare Shuttle Bay Avatar
  • 1 Rare Shuttlecraft Avatar
  • 1 Epic Cardassian Insignia
  • 1 Epic Away Teams Avatar


  • 1 Epic Geordi Visor Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Poker Chips Frame
  • 1 Uncommon LCARS Frame
  • 1 Epic Cardassian Ridges
  • 1 Rare Transporter Frame
  • 1 Epic Holodeck Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Shuttlecraft Mk. I Frame
  • 1 Uncommon Shuttlecraft Mk. II Frame
  • 1 Rare Shuttlecraft Mk. III Frame
  • 1 Rare Shuttlecraft Mk. IV Frame
  • 1 Epic Shuttlecraft Mk. V Frame

Improvement – NPC Portraits

Our hard working Rigellian is finally getting some well deserved time off. We’ve improved on our NPC portraits for mission objectives, and now you will be able to see the correct opponent for the enemy you are targeting.

Additional Improvements

  • Archived missions are now accessed through the mission panel through a dedicated button at the bottom of your missions list. The old ‘Archived’ tab has been replaced with the new Away Teams tab.
  • Added support for links inside event objective tooltips. Stay tuned for this in future events, where for example you can just tap a link inside the event description or objective and directly go to an event system.
  • Officers can now be sorted in Alphabetical order.

Bugs fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the battle log where all the officers’ skills were shown instead of only the ones that were effectively activated. 
  • Fixed an issue with the resource icon that was missing on the “Cargo Lost” panel after viewing a battle report with no cargo lost/won.
  • Fixed an issue with the XP shown above the ship that was different from the one inside the battle report.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Convert Latinum” popup was showing up instead of the “Insufficient Resource” when attempting to summon a ship while having insufficient Cultivated Mycelium.
  • Fixed an issue with long Alliance announcements that were not scrollable.
  • Fixed a visual issue caused when trying to repair a ship destroyed during an Armada “federation outpost” in the ship management screen.
  • Fixed an issue with Leviathan Part 10 mission where the Panel image wasn’t showing up. 
  • Fixed an issue with the Scrapyard that was causing multiple options to get selected.
  • Fixed an issue where commas didn’t separate the numbers appearing in local notifications for event updates.
  • Fixed an issue where Leaderboards data were empty when reinstalling or updating the game until the player made progress.
  • Fixed an issue with Doomsday Armada that appears to be in another system while locating another ship.
  • Fixed an issue that was showing Module level as 0/0 while upgrading.
  • Fixed an issue with Dilithium & Tritanium that counted as “0” after converting the resources using latinum.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing an “exception_error_200” when claiming a deactivated/expired bundle. 
  • Fixed an issue with long event descriptions that were not scrollable after viewing a short event description.  
  • Fixed an issue where the player inventory wasn’t scrolled all the way to the top when entering any tab.
  • Fixed an issue with USS Franklin-A thumbnail that didn’t display correctly on some Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue that was showing up an incorrect string of Armada Name and Description when tapping “i” in the full scan screen view.
  • Fixed an issue with the target reticle being visible in the officer reveal screen while opening any bundle containing officer shards during a combat. 
  • Fixed an issue with the slider in the Inventory screen not showing up for players to select how many tokens to unpack.
  • Fixed an issue with second Research and Builder queues that were missing for some players.
  • Fixed an issue with Second Research Queue and main Research that were upgrading the same research simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue with Second Builder and main Builder that were upgrading the same building simultaneously.
  • Fixed an issue causing the game to be stuck on the Officer upgrade screen after fully leveling up an officer.
  • Fixed an issue with Swarm Armadas that are not shown as Rare armadas despite requiring Rare directives.
  • Fixed an issue with Galaxy chats that were appearing on the alliance chat or private chat.
  • Fixed an issue with Warp display icons that were placed in the wrong systems.
  • Fixed roughly six localization issues.