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Patch 31 – Release notes

By Star Trek 8 June 2021


Today, we are delighted to bring you the second arc of The Next Generation. Many of you expressed your appreciation and gratitude when we launched TNG a month ago, but you all noted that something fundamental was missing. Yes, this month Picard will be coming during a special event!

Make It So!

Introducing the second part of Star Trek: The Next Generation arc!

“Should we investigate Cardassian space and Worf’s escape pod, or try to find Captain Picard’s whereabouts?”

Having returned Data, Geordi La Forge, and Dr. Beverly Crusher to the Enterprise-D, you find yourself with a difficult decision to make. You have leads on the whereabouts of both Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Worf’s pod. However, both seem to be located in dangerous areas, and you must decide who to pursue first.

With the lead to Captain Picard, it seems he has survived by making a living in an Arkonian Mercenary system. However, with a slew of suspicious eyes watching him every day, how will you be able to evacuate him from such a difficult situation?

Meanwhile, the signal from Worf’s escape pod seems to lead into Cardassian territory. Notorious for their ruthless, violent ways, you shudder to think what may happen if they find the Klingon crew member, if they haven’t already.

Who will you try to find first? Time is ticking away, and you have to make the call.

“Captain Picard is surrounded by criminals and weapons smugglers. I know he can fend for himself, but only for so long.”

The second part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in June includes: 

  • New Officers: Epic Picard and Rare Wesley Crusher.
  • New Armadas within deep space.
  • New Battle Pass.
  • New Ship Projectiles!
  • Fifteen new Missions.
  • Five new Avatars.
  • Four new Frames.
  • Eleven new Alliance Emblems!

New Officers

  • [Epic]  Picard
    • Increase effectiveness of combat-related officer abilities by 2*X%.
    • When fighting hostiles or Armadas, increase Crit Damage by X%.
  • [Rare]  Wesley Crusher
    • When fighting Armadas/Hostiles, increases weapon damage by X% of Crew Attack.
    • Increase own stats by X%.

New Missions

Help Picard in a new set of ten new missions! Since The Next Generation landed in our universe, we introduced a brand new storyline. In addition to Ten new missions related to TNG, we will be having also 5 exclusive Missions focused on Picard! Those missions are targeted for players 30+.

New Ship Projectiles

In April we introduced the Ship Projectiles in-game. Today we’re launching three new Ship Projectiles, two of which come with exclusive buffs when unlocked!

  • Refractive Beam, a new Epic projectile:
    • Increase accuracy, shield penetration, and armor penetration by 20%.
  • Positron Phaser, a new Rare projectile:
    • Increase damage by 10%.
  • Plasma Beam, a new Uncommon projectile.

New Alliances Emblems

We are delighted to add 11 new Alliance Emblems based on the The Next Generation series that you will be able to use to represent your alliance in your server!

New Armadas

New powerful Armadas have been discovered around the galaxy, more powerful than G3 Armadas. Find & defeat those powerful enemies and obtain your high reward!

  • G4 Uncommon Armadas will be level 41, 43, 46, and 49.
  • G4 Rare Armadas will be level 41, 44. 47, and 50.
  • G4 Epic Armads will be level 42, 45, 48, and 51.

Battle Pass

We have a new Battle Pass to continue The Next Generation arc. Claim officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, Away Teams resources, and more by taking part in events throughout the month, and earn your rewards!


  • 1 Epic Picard Avatar
  • 1 Epic Picard Facepalm Avatar
  • 1 Rare Wesley Avatar
  • 1 Uncommon TNG Badge Avatar
  • 1 Rare Strategema Avatar


  • 1 Rare Motile Vine Plant Frame
  • 1 Uncommon TNG Mission Frame
  • 1 Uncommon TNG Uniform Frame
  • 1 Rare Ship Projectile Frame

Improvements – Fog of War

Based on the feedback given from you, the players, we’re happy to announce that we’ve improved the Fog of War. From now on, if you’re part of an alliance that owns territories in TC, you will be able to see those territories without having a ship or station located inside.

Other improvements

  • Improved spawn rate of rare and epic G3 armadas. Epics now respawn 100% faster. Rares now respawn 50% faster on average, particularly in lower-level systems.
  • Officers are now sorted by name in the carousel.
  • Added an animation to the Daily collection button to make it more visible when a Daily Goals chest is ready to collect!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Pike’s ability text that wasn’t described as it’s currently working. 
  • Fixed an issue with Federation Faction Points overlapping the Romulan Faction icon in Object Viewer’s Rewards Widget.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Station to be visible in the Galaxy view
  • Fixed an issue with the Alliance screen that was remaining stuck when entering the screen for the first time
  • Fixed a visual bug that was causing the officer on assignment to change when tapping on the blank area during the assignment in progress screen.
  • Fixed an issue with officers that were appearing in 2D models in missions’ dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue with event rewards that were not being displayed correctly. 
  • Fixed an issue with the scanner in Faction system that was showing Rewards pop overlapped
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Ghost Hostiles to spawn once defeated one 
  • Fixed portraits used for Swarm Clusters.
  • Fixed an issue causing a pink patch to appear on the empty module and officers’ screen.
  • Fixed roughly six localization issues.