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Patch 32 – Release notes

By Star Trek 6 July 2021


The third part of The Next Generation arc has just landed into the galaxy. Fight together with Commander William Riker at the forefront of the Bajoran resistance against the Cardassian Empire. Join the action to experience a new officer, a new ship, and much more

Introducing the third part of Star Trek: The Next Generation arc!

“Good of you to join the fight, Captain.”

With the Enterprise-D mysteriously returned to its former glory, the time has come to find and rescue the rest of the crew and get them home to their own universe. But with dozens of crew members still out there, you’re facing a huge challenge.

You manage to track down Commander William Riker, who finds himself at the forefront of the Bajoran resistance against the rampant Cardassian Empire. And with the Cardassians holding many Enterprise-D crew members captive, the conflict is personal for Riker.

However, looming in the background is a threat that could be far more devastating than the war between the Bajorans and the Cardassians. Powers at play, much greater than yourself, are trying to stop the Enterprise crew from setting off a chain of events that could leave multiple universes in ruin…
Will you heed the chilling warning?
“I need to warn you about what’s happening. I’ve been shown something… Something terrible.”

The third part of Star Trek: The Next Generation in July includes: 

  • New Officer: Epic William Riker.
  • New Ship: The Meridian.
  • Four new Research Nodes.
  • Four new Ship Refits!
  • Fifteen new Missions.
  • Four new Avatars.
  • Three new Frames.
  • A new Battle Pass!

New Officer

  • [Epic]  William Riker
    • Vibrant Authority: Increase damage against Armada targets by X% per round (cumulative).
    • The Icarus Factor: Increase weapon damage against Federation Hostiles & Armada targets by X%.

New Ship: The Meridian

The Meridian has arrived in Star Trek Fleet Command and will surely be your fastest and most efficient Isogen mining vessel! Acquiring the ship unlocks a new Territory Capture refinery option which provides direct access to Territory Capture research particles and the new Iso-Resin material required for 4 new and powerful research nodes. Tiering up the Meridian will also increase the output of Territory Capture research particles and Iso-Resin.

The Meridian can be obtained by any players above lvl 25 through the Battle Pass during the July tentpole.

New Ship Refits

In March we introduced Ship Refits in-game, today we’re launching four new Ship Skin Refits, all of which give exclusive mining buffs!

  • [Uncommon] Meridian :
    • Unlocks a 3rd refinery batch (4 chests) for T1, T2, & T3 Isogen.
  • [Rare] USS Hydra :
    • +X% mining rate of Ore.
  • [Rare] B’Chor :
    • +X% mining rate of Gas.
  • [Rare] Vorta Vor:
    • +X% mining rate of Crystal.

New Daily Goal: Away Teams Assignment

Starting this month, you will have another way to complete your Daily Goals: Away Teams Assignments. Away Teams, introduced by Patch 30, gives you the possibility to send officers on Assignments and receive rewards! Now doing this will help you to gain more Daily Goal points and obtain more speed ups!

Research Nodes

This month we will also bring new research nodes in the Territory Capture tree, providing powerful buffs which reduce PvP damage taken, increase PvP damage when defending, increase max cargo for survey ships, and increase all damage when attacking or defending a Capture or Mining node.

New Armadas timings

After listening to your feedback, we decided to considerably increase the spawning time of the Armadas. You can find new Armada respawn times below – find & defeat those powerful enemies and obtain your high reward!

  • G3 Uncommon Armadas will have an avg. 15 minute timer (5 min variability)
  • G3 Rare Armadas will have an avg. 15 minute timer (5 min variability)
  • G3 Epic Armadas will have an avg. 60 minute timer (30 min variability)
  • G4 Armadas will remain the same for now.

Battle Pass

We have a new Battle Pass to continue The Next Generation arc. It offers full unlock of the new Meridian ship, Riker officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month, or purchasing the Premium Pass for additional rewards.

New Missions

Works alongside Riker to fight the Bajoran resistance in fifteen new missions to free this Enterprise-D crew held by the Cardassian Empire. Ten of those missions will be obtained through the BP.


  • 1 Uncommon Meridian Avatar
  • 1 Rare Riker Plays Trombone Avatar
  • 1 Epic Riker Avatar
  • 1 Epic Holodeck Games Avatar


  • 1 Uncommon Isogen Frame
  • 1 Epic Holodeck Games Frame
  • 1 Epic Riker’s Beard Frame


  • Player Preferences and “new” flags are now stored on the cloud.
  • Federation, Romulan and Klingon Survey Hostiles below level 40 are now properly classified as faction hostiles, so that faction related buffs work against them. 
  • A new star system has been implemented between Bajoran and Cardassian to reduce warping time.
  • Players will be able to jump from one round to another using new up/down buttons in the Battle Log view.
  • Completed daily goals will be sorted to the top of the list.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Territory Capture where the players were kicked from looking into owned territories if they viewed any menu while in the system view.
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the system Vemet to avoid overlapping paths with Kepler-018.
  • Fixed an occasional app freeze when looking into systems while playing on a phone in Swiss German locale.
  • Fixed an issue with Away Teams timer that was stuck at 00M 00S.
  • Fixed a graphic issue with the object viewer art for NPC in “Rewriting the Past Part 1”
  • Fixed a graphic issue where some Patch 31 missions were missing their art.
  • Fixed roughly 24 localization issues.