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Territory Capture – Owning a Territory

By Star Trek 10 November 2020

Territory Capture


Congratulations! You succeeded in your Takeover and your Alliance now owns a Territory Capture Zone. Now we’ll share with you information on the resources, inventory, and benefits you have unlocked with your victory. 

Once you control a zone, you can start mining a new resource called Raw Isogen.  Additional resources in Territory Capture will be used for new research nodes and Territory Capture services.

You can relocate your base to your Territoryas soon as your alliance takes control. While other ships can attack your base (if you don’t apply a peace shield), they won’t be able to move their station to your Territory. 

  • If your alliance loses control of the Territory in the future, your base won’t be kicked out of the system. Your station remains there, but you won’t be able to activate peace shields.

Alliance leaders can activate Services for Alliance members.

  • Services are buffs granted to all members of the Alliance.
  • Services are available in each zone and can only be activated by the Alliance that owns the zone. Higher Tier zones have more valuable services compared to Low Tier zones. Each zone has its own set of Services that can be viewed from an Embassy, so you can plan in advance what to capture with your Alliance.
  • All Services obtained from capturing Zones stack together, whether they be from the same zone, a different zone or from the same Service type
  • Activated Services will last until the end of the next Takeover.

Let’s talk about mining. It’s a crucial point for starting a takeover. If you are interested in joining a Takeover of T1 zone, you need to have 450k Refined Isogen T1. Refined Isogen T1 is obtained by refining T1 Raw Isogen.


Raw Isogen mines can be found throughout the Origin Sector Systems and T1 Raw Isogen can be found in systems outside of the Origin Sector.

At launch, you will be able to find Raw T1 Isogen mines in the following systems outside of the Origin Sector.

There are three systems very close to Territory Capture space near the tutorial zone (75 total nodes – 25 per system):

  • Klosi
  • Vemmi
  • Marzer

And the following systems in Rogue Space each have nodes as well (48 total nodes – 6 per system):

  • Valance
  • D0D-G
  • Kuzukoh
  • Tombstone
  • Leone
  • Wallach
  • Peckinpah
  • Yuma

Once your Alliance owns a territory, you can mine the Raw Isogen mines inside the systems of that zone.

Defeating Scavenger Lair Armadas

You can also acquire Raw Isogen by defeating a new type of Armadas

Resource Name Location
Raw T1 Isogen Mined from Systems outside of Origin Sector, Mined in T1 Zones, Scavenger Lair Armadas
Raw T2 Isogen Mined in T1 Zones, Scavenger Lair Armadas
Raw T3 Isogen Mined in T2 Zones, Scavenger Lair Armadas

You’ll receive the following items when you refine Raw Isogen:

  • Refined Isogen (Alliance Resource)
  • Progenitor Alloy (Individual Resource that can be further refined) 
  • Iso-Emulsion (Individual Resource)

Territory Capture introduces a new type of resource: Alliance Resource. These resources belong to the Alliance as soon as they’re acquired. Alliance Resources are used to join takeovers and to activate services. You’ll need the combined help of all Alliance members to earn enough Alliance Resources to make your mark in the galaxy.

Every time you refine Raw Isogen or Progenitor Alloy,  you’ll receive a combination of personal resources, as well as Alliance resources. The personal resources can be used for your personal progression (in the Territory Capture research tree and store). Alliance resources can be used by your Alliance leaders to strengthen your Alliance’s hold in the Origin Sector.

Questions you may have regarding the new Territory Capture items:

What happens to the Alliance Resources that I acquired if I leave the Alliance?

  • Alliance Resources don’t come with you. They’ll remain with the Alliance that you were a part of when you acquired them.

What happens if I acquire Alliance Resources when I’m not in an Alliance?

  • If you’re not in an Alliance when you acquire Alliance Resources, those resources will disappear and cannot be reclaimed later.
    • For example, if you’re not in an Alliance when you acquire 100 Refined T1 Isogen, if you join an Alliance 3 minutes later, your new Alliance will not be able to reclaim the Alliance resources you had previously acquired.

What do I do with the personal resources from refining Raw Isogen?

  • Progenitor Alloy can be refined further into another set of Alliance resources (Progenitor Components)  and personal resources.
  • Iso-Emulsion can be used to upgrade your Territory Capture research tree and to purchase items from the Territory Capture store.

How do I see my Alliance resources

  • You’ll be able to see your Alliance’s resources from the Alliance Territory UI which will be a new screen added to your main Alliance HUB.

How do I refine Isogen?

  • You can refine Isogen in your Refinery. You may have to scroll  to the right most tab to find the Territory Capture refine options.
  • The refinery may not be available until a couple of days after the feature launch to ensure a fair starting point for all players.

Territory Capture Research

The new “Territory” research tree will allow you to Research new technologies that will help you and your Alliances’ members make your mark in the galaxy.

One of the first things you could research in the new tree will be the Prime Protected Cargo, you don’t want to lose those precious resources! You will be able to research it using the Iso-Emulsion, obtained from the refined Raw Isogen.

While capturing Territory with your alliance, you would benefit from having the Prime Capture Node Damage, which will increase your damage done while occupying a Capture Node. 

To research those new nodes, you will need to use resources or tokens gained from mining, owning a territory, or battle. We look forward to hearing from you about how you will spend them and which research you will unlock first!