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The USS Discovery

By Star Trek 8 September 2020


The new and exciting USS Discovery is here! Here’s a brief explanation of the ins and outs of this beautiful ship.

The USS Discovery stands out from other ships because of its jump drive that allows it to use the mycelial network. With the USS Discovery, long warp times are a thing of the past. To travel using the jump drive, it utilizes a special resource called Cultivated Mycelium.

Mycelium Spores can be mined from the following 15 systems, and are dropped by hostiles from those systems. Mycelium Spores can then be cultivated from the new refinery that creates Cultivated Mycelium. Collect Spore Drive Components from the new events store to upgrade the USS Discovery and improve its instant warp ability.

Anomaly Systems:

Level 23 Systems (level 21, 23, 25 hostiles):

  • Amagi
  • Arcadion
  • Babishta
  • Esteria
  • Izanami
  • Jizo
  • Netron Alpha
  • Netron Omega
  • Salara
  • Tenzen-1029

Level 28 Systems (level 27, 29 hostiles):

  • Cada-X
  • Dis
  • Nalomas
  • Risette
  • Sae

You can acquire the necessary blueprints of this beautiful ship from the Battle Pass. Commanders have the chance to acquire this ship through the Battle Pass, but if you’re in a hurry, look for packs from the store to speed-up your progress.

The USS Discovery provides a significant Mycelium Spore mining bonus of 2100% and gives commanders a significant advantage when participating in the new Anomaly Events.

During the new Discovery Arc, you can participate in a new type of event called Anomaly Events. Use the USS Discovery (or any other ship yet the USS Discovery will be more efficient at these events) to jump to systems that will be randomly announced in the game and kill the hostiles that will be pouring into those systems. These systems will be available for a short period of time so make haste with the USS Discovery’s jump technology to catch them in time.

Taking part in these events will unlock many amazing resources to choose from. Compete in solo milestone events called Anomalous Phenomena / Chaotic Space and you’ll have a chance to win Discovery Refinery tokens. These tokens can unlock an array of awesome things

  • Minor Commendations: These are shards that can be redeemed from any of the Faction stores (Klingon, Romulan or Federation) for officer badges
  • Speedups
  • Discovery Recruit Token: Use these to unlock all the Discovery officers
  • Spore Drive component: Use these to upgrade the Warp drive component of your USS Discovery. This will decrease the cost of Mycellian needed when instantly warping whilst also increasing the USS Discovery’s warp range!

To note: The USS Discovery can only warp to G3 systems FOR NOW!