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Update 42.1 – Release Notes

By Star Trek 17 May 2022



Update 42 brought with it multiple new mission story lines, events based on Star Trek The Next Generation, Discovery, The Original Series and much more. With this 42.1 patch, we’re aiming to make some improvements and bug fixes to enhance everyone’s experience. Check out the full details below

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Commanders were unable to select hostiles in tlhuHwl’
  • Fixed an issue where the Discovery Refit Recruit bundle was labeled incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance user interface and options would be shown while not in an Alliance
  • Fixed an issue where blank emoji panel would sometimes be shown when in Alliance or Global chat


  • Added an emoji selection window, recently used, and search option for the PC client
  • Added the ability for emojis to be typed with commands for the PC client


  • Adjusted Armada banner visibility when two Alliances start the same Armada
  • Adjusted the optimization of transitioning from system to galaxy view
  • Adjusted iOS display to better compensate for switching between landscape and portrait mode
  • Adjusted the timing between recalling a ship and engaging with an enemy
  • Adjusted exporting battle Reports
  • Adjusted the size of the tapping area for the bookmark UI icon
  • Adjusted Daily Loyalty chest claim reminder