Update 67 Patch Notes

By rebekah 4 June 2024

Into the Mirror Universe, Part 1

The balance of power in the Mirror Universe has been shattered.

Driven into hiding by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance for her failures, Kira Nerys has emerged from the shadows, turning the tides of conflict in the process. Armed with classified Alliance intel and an irresistible allure, the once reviled Intendant of Terok Nor has now claimed the mantle of Terran Empress – a figurehead who is feared and beloved in equal measure by her new Terran subjects.

However, a select few have proven to be resilient to the charms of the new Terran Empress. In defiance of a Bajoran ruler, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the ISS Enterprise-D have chosen the path of resistance. This lone spark of rebellion will ignite the fires of war – a war that will decide the future of the Terran Empire.

This conflict will cause ripples across galaxies and through dimensions. All that remains is to cast the first stone. Terra Firma!

Update 67 Includes:

  • New Galaxy Expansion: The Mirror Universe
  • New Apex Barrier Modifier
  • New Mirror Tree Research
  • New Terran Empire Hostiles
  • New Mirror Universe Refinery
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • New Primes, Buffs, and Refits
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Battle Pass
  • And more

Quality of Life Improvements

Coming this update: improved Officer Filters! The officer filter screen has been extended with more options to narrow down the officers you need quicker.

Watch the video demonstration here.

Players can now filter officers by: Isolytic Damage, Warp Range, Warp Speed, Impulse Speed, Cargo Capacity, Protected Cargo, Mining speed, Crit Damage, Crit Chance, Hostile Loot, XP Reward, or Effects(Burning, Morale, Assimilated, and Hull Breach). In addition, players can filter not docked, not deployed or not away on an assignment.

Into the Mirror Universe

The Mirror Universe is available to players Operations 40 and above and includes 49 new themed systems, each containing a number of systems designated for Mirror Universe hostiles and mines. 

Players can only travel to, through, and out of the Mirror Universe systems by using Interphasic Rifts, and active ship abilities such as the Disco Jump, Gorn Eviscerator Spatial Rip or the Borg Cube Transwarp will not work. Players will also note that there is NO protected cargo, whether earned from mining or defeating hostiles.

Here’s how to access and navigate the Mirror Universe: 

  • For all level-eligible players, the Mirror Universe begins in the first system with an Entry Rift (Systems are Mirror Alpha Centauri, Mirror Wolf, Mirror Sirius)
  • Spend 300 Mirror Universe Entry Vouchers to use the Entry Rift and warp into Mirror Universe space
  • In order to traverse deeper into the Mirror Universe, warp to and park in a Rift of your choosing and pay with the right rarity-specific Mirror Rift Keys to move to another system in that path
  • There are three rarities of Mirror Rift Keys reflecting the rarity of the system it leads to; Common, Uncommon and Premium. Premium keys let you skip deeper into the MU, bypassing other systems.
  • Fight new Terran hostiles for loot and mine Trellium Mines for raw trellium-a and d
  • Get out of the Mirror Universe by using an Extract Rifts, found in some Mirror Universe systems. An extract or recall is only available when a ship is parked in an Extract Rift, and this is the only way to leave the Mirror Universe other than your ship being destroyed or letting the vouchers expire.
  • There is no protected cargo. If your ship is destroyed in the Mirror Universe by ANY foe, cargo is lost. This includes PvE as well as PvP.

Eligible players will receive 900 free entry vouchers every 3 days with more available in the store, as well as a Day 1 gift in game to help them get started in the Mirror Universe.

Apex Barrier Modifier

An extraordinarily powerful new survivability modifier, Apex Barrier provides true damage mitigation from all damage sources after all other bonuses. Every 10,000 Apex Barrier increases the damage you can take by 100%. It is the most direct, impactful way to increase your survivability in STFC. This modifier can be increased and improved through the Mirror Research Tree and Mirror Universe officers.

While Apex Barrier is both PvP and PvE, players will notice the following that will drastically change the world of PvP as we know of is thus far in Star Trek Fleet Command:

  • 11 PvP only Apex Barrier nodes in the Mirror Tree
  • PvP Apex Barrier officers that significantly increase survivability
  • 1 Mirror Universe hostiles Apex Barrier node in the Mirror tree
  • 3 new hostiles-focused Apex Barrier refits
  • 1 hostiles + PvP Apex Barrier Prime

Note: Apex Barrier will not work with armadas. Read more in-depth about Apex Barrier in this blog here.

Mirror Research 

Update 67 introduces a new Research tree with unparalleled power and survivability bonuses.

Some of the new research nodes include:

  • Apex Barrier in both PvE and PvP
  • Ship Efficiencies for G4-G6
  • Sigma G6 Cost Efficiencies
  • Isolytic Defense and Damage
  • +Iso damage (+50%, “Premium Isolytic Damage”)
  • Syndicate XP Daily Free Claim
  • PvE Hostiles Combat HHP Repair

Resources can be sourced in the following ways:

  • Common is sourced via Mirror Universe
  • Uncommon is sourced over time via Mirror Universe
  • Rare is sourced from special targets in Mirror Universe
  • Epic is sourced over time from special targets in Mirror Universe
  • Premium is currently exclusive to events in-game and the store

Mirror Research is exclusive to players who participate in Mirror Universe activities, includes 75 new research nodes, and is the primary source for the new Apex Barrier modifier. 

Terran Empire Hostiles

Terran Empire Hostiles are single-target hostiles per grade and investing in the new Apex Barrier Modifier will vastly improve the chances of defeating them. These hostiles can drop two types of loot: common + uncommon. The Terran Empire Hostiles that drop uncommon not only provide greater rewards, but they WILL require Apex Barrier to defeat.

Note: Once you travel to the system “Mirror Hoeven,” players will be able to obtain both loot types.

Here’s a brief look at how these new hostiles perform during combat:

  1. Dismantlement: At the start of the round, if the enemy player is hull breached, this ship increases its standard damage by X% for 1 round
  2. Deadlock: At combat start, Hull breach enemy player for duration of combat
  3. Photophobia: At the start of the round, if the enemy player is hull breached, this ship increases its Isolytic damage by X% for 1 round

Mirror Universe Refinery and Liquid Trellium

After you’ve traversed through the Mirror Universe, defeated Terran Empire hostiles, and collected loot, you’ll want to use an Extract Rift to leave and make use of your haul. Players will be able to exchange raw loot for Liquid Trellium-D. Liquid Trellium-D can be used in the refinery to exchange for the following:

  • Mirror Universe Vouchers: for entry to the Mirror Universe
  • Mirror Dust: for the new Mirror Research Tree
  • Rift Keys: for traveling deeper through Rifts into the Mirror Universe
  • NX-01 Officers
  • Holodeck Building materials
  • Forbidden Tech
  • Tokened Resources

New Officers

All of the officers coming out during the Mirror Universe arc will be in the same synergy group, and when used together, can maximize survivability with a huge boost to Apex Barrier in PvP.

Epic Mirror Picard

Epic Mirror Picard is a force to be reckoned with in PvP. As the counter to Freeman, Mirror Picard shows that he is not only a useful addition to the Mirror Universe officers, but can stand alone.

  • Captain’s Maneuver: Take the Shot
    • On round start against players, Mirror Picard increases your Isolytic Cascade damage by x for x rounds.
      • Base: 50
        Big Synergy: 50
        Small Synergy: 25
  • Officer Ability: Anticollective
    • On round start against players with Assimilate, Mirror Picard increases your Apex Barrier by X for 1 round.
      • 10000 / 13000 / 17000 / 22000 / 30000

Bonus – Free Epic Mirror Picard Shards

Earn 5 free Epic Mirror Picard officer shards by using the code: themirror in the webstore. This code is only available starting 30min after event reset, and will run for 10 days. All players Operations 10+ are eligible to use this code.

Rare Mirror Data

Mirror Data builds on the Assimilated state in PvP, and is part of the Apex Barrier PvP crew which increases Apex Barrier depending on the ship type the player is in.

  • Captain’s Maneuver: Self-Improvement
    •  On combat start while against an Interceptor player: Mirror Data increases your Apex Barrier by X for the duration of combat.
      • Base: 7500
        Big Synergy: 7500
        Small Synergy: 3500
  • Officer Ability: Reflections
    • On round start against players, Mirror Data has X% chance to apply Assimilate to it for 2 rounds.
      • 45% / 55% / 65% / 80% / 100%

Players will have the ability to start sourcing these officers in events starting Weekend One.


21 new missions are coming with this update to frame the story around Mirror Universe:

  • 10x Core Missions 
  • 10x Side Missions
  • 1x Mirror Universe Intro Mission

Core: Terra Rising (10 Missions | Level 34)

  • Kira Nerys, the once-reviled Intendant of Terok Nor has now claimed the mantle of Terran Empress. In defiance of a Bajoran ruler, the crew of the ISS Enterprise-D have chosen the path of resistance.

Side: Holoinsight (5 Missions | Level 25) 

  • A Mirror counterpart of Reginald Barclay has dedicated his life to finding alternate universes through the holodeck. When an unidentified program is uploaded, his theory suddenly becomes a reality.

Side: Slaves of Terra (5 Missions | Level 40)

  • When Quark purchases cargo full of Mirror Universe loot, instead of treasure he gets a group of former Terran slaves eager to get home.

M.U. Warp Unlock Mission: Into the Mirror (1 Mission | Level 40)

  • In order to travel further into the Mirror Universe, players must find and complete a “hidden” planetary mission.

Primes, Buffs, and Refits


Three new primes will be available in the Mirror Research tree:

Prime Mirror Research Efficiency

Prime Apex Barrier

Prime Isolytic Damage

Mirror Universe Refits

3 Epic themed refits are coming this update, and will provide 500 Apex Barrier in PvE.

Apex Pilum

Apex USS Newton

Apex Korinar

Oblique Eviscerator

Following its debut last month, the new Gorn Eviscerator has a refit being launched in month one of this Mirror Universe Arc: Oblique Eviscerator. Oblique Eviscerator increases the base max cargo size for the Gorn ship as well as increases Apex Ship Parts by 50% and Gorn Eviscerator Parts by 30% in the Eviscerator Refinery.

Battle Pass and Cosmetics

Update 67 brings with it 5 new avatars, 3 new frames, and 1 new hailing frequency.

Into the Mirror Universe Downloadable Wallpaper

Bug Fixes

  • Ex-Borg Emblems can now be used in the Ex Borg Faction to redeem a new avatar, “Xindi Hunter”
  • Kir’shara artifact: Fixed an issue where one of the queued hostile was dropped from the queue
  • Officer placeholders are no longer displayed when unlocking Fleet Commanders through a chest
  • Fixed an issue with a missing arrow on the T1>T2 Tritanium bundle inside the refinery
  • Fixed an issue with the “INCOMING” toast in Wave Defense failing to appear
  • Mission hostiles no longer display “missing content” in the tooltip when going in full scan mode
  • Fixed an issue with SNW Sam Kirk’s Captain Maneuver description using a redundant + in “reduces by +X%”
  • Fixed scoring metrics for “Romulan Champion” daily goal for OPS 69 to match their FED and KLG counterparts
  • FIxed an issue wherein the game sometimes picks the longer warp path to Endron Delta to determine the required warp range
  • Fixed a graphic glitch with Xindi Armada destroyed animations not appearing properly inside the battle report
  • Fixed an issue with Multiple levels of Military Power for Pure Research Reinforcement having the same power level values
  • Fixed an issue with the redirect link to the store when attempting to repair a 2nd ship
  • Fixed an issue with the missing Claim button for the last 5 objectives after completing “Main progression (builder) – G2” Field Training
  • Fixed an issue with some of the Field Training’s achievements’ tooltips not triggering when tapping on them
  • Fixed a consistency issue between Pelia’s and SNW Kirk’s icon colors and their respective abilities
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from activating the Spatial Rip ability on systems with uncovered paths
  • Fixed a graphic glitch with the object viewer layers
  • Fixed an issue with the officer ability and below deck ability descriptions showing blank spaces for Officer SNW Pelia in the scan screen


-The Star Trek Team