Update 68 Patch Notes

By rebekah 9 July 2024

Into the Mirror Universe Pt 2

“With the Terran Resistance Forces at our side, we will remove that Bajoran usurper from the throne and restore order to the Empire!”

At the heart of the Terran Empire, a pretender sits upon a throne of lies.

Under the rule of Empress Kira Nerys, the Terran Empire has returned to an age of prosperity. Although once feared as the menacing Intendant of Terok Nor, this Bajoran outsider has used her cunning, guile and classified knowledge of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance to ingratiate herself with her new Terran subjects. However, from high atop a fortress built upon a foundation of sand, with the tides of rebellion drawing ever-closer, the newly-appointed Terran Empress stands poised to lose everything.

In the darkest recesses of the alternate dimension, insurrection stirs. Under the guidance of the defector Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the ISS Enterprise-D, the Terran Resistance Forces conduct clandestine operations in defiance of their would-be Bajoran ruler. As battle lines are drawn and allies are consolidated, the reign of Empress Kira Nerys hangs in the balance. However, the taste of absolute power is not so easily forgotten…

“Once your little Station is reduced to embers, I will reshape it and mold it into a palace fit for an Empress. If I cannot rule in this dimension, I will rule in yours!”

Update 68 Includes:

  • New Mirror Universe Building
  • New Wave Defense Encounters
  • New Forbidden Tech
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • New Refits
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Battle Pass
  • And more

Notable Improvements

New Store Groups + Visual Differentiators:

More details about the new store update can be found in a previous blog here.

Mirror Universe Improvements

Following player feedback, we have made the following improvements to support the Mirror Universe expansion:

  • Daily voucher claim: increase from 900 to 1200
  • Voucher max cap: increase from 900 to 1,200
  • Common rift max cap: increased from 500/600/800 to 1,400/1,700,/2,000
  • Rift Key Exchange: Liquid Trellium cost has been reduced from 50/65/80 to 20/30/40

Mirror Efficiency Exchanges

The team has heard player feedback around additional loops and the time required in the Mirror Universe and in response added new efficiencies aimed at making sure the time spent in the Mirror Universe is efficient. This is a feature that the team wants to actively continue to build upon and improve, so we look forward to your feedback in our official channels.

3x new efficiencies can be found under a new category: Mirror Efficiency Exchanges

  • Stella Particles
  • Rogue Reputation
  • Independent Credits
  • Rogue Credits
  • Actian Venom
  • Syndicate XP
  • Hull Fragments
  • Exotic Biotoxins
  • Common Samples
  • Rare Samples
  • Commerce Insignia

Each claim costs 300 Liquid Trellium and has a 1 day cooldown.

Mirror Universe Building – District 56

District 56 is a new building located within your station that unlocks at Operations 40. Once unlocked, Mirror Fragments will be available from a daily claim in the Mirror Refinery in exchange for Liquid Trellium. 

District 56 offers the following buffs:

  • Increased Apex Barrier in PvP
  • Increased Mitigation
  • A reduction in opponent’s Critical Damage in PvP

In addition to these buffs, this building also extends the time spent within the Mirror Universe. At level 40, the Mirror Universe Entry Voucher time limit is increased by 50%, from 20 minutes to 30 minutes, giving you more time to go further into the Mirror Universe. 

Players may also be interested to know that with this new building comes a free daily gift in the Mirror Refinery with rewards that scale every 5 building levels. The contents within this gift are Liquid Trellium-D, Premium Rift Keys, and Mirror Universe Entry Vouchers. 

Read more here about this new Mirror Universe Building.

Wave Defense Encounters

Two new Wave Defense encounters are being introduced in this Mirror Universe update. These encounters have two different level targets: G4 and G5+. 

G4 targeted hostiles: 

  • Terran Empire hostiles
  • Hirogen Hostiles
  • Species 8472
  • Texas-Class. 

G5+ targeted hostiles:

  • Terran Empire Hostiles
  • Xindi Aquatics
  • Silent Enemies
  • Gorn

These encounters are located within the same existing Wave Defense systems and can be accessed via 1 entry every 3 days and require new entry directives: Section 31 Mirror Ciphers. These Ciphers can be located within the Section 31 faction store. The new Wave Defense encounters will reward you with Liquid Trellium and Section 31 Mirror Credits depending on the level reached. 

Section 31 Mirror Credits can then be exchanged in the S31 faction store for:

  • Agony Booth Forbidden Tech (exclusive grind path)
  • Field Repair ASA shards (exclusive grind path)
  • Welding Hardware (exclusive grind path)
  • Elite Rep bundles
  • Elite Sigma for 61+
  • Elite Syndicate XP bundle
  • Conversion of new credits into old

Forbidden Tech

Heads up! Two powerful new Forbidden Tech are being released in this Mirror Universe update: Tantalus Field and Agony Booth. They’re the first Forbidden Tech to offer Apex Barrier. 

Tantalus Field 

  • 1. Increases Hull Health
  • 2. Increases Damage against players
  • 3. Increases Apex Barrier against players
  • Increases Isolytic Damage against players

Agony Booth 

  • Increases Apex Barrier against non-Armada hostiles
  • Increases Positive FKR Reputation gains
  • Increases Hull Health
  • Increases Damage against non-Armada hostiles

Agony Booth has an exclusive grind path via the new Wave Defense Encounters, and will play a role in Apex Barrier in PvE. 

New Officers

Epic: Mirror Kira

Captain Maneuver: Intoxication

On round start against players, Mirror Kira increases your Apex Barrier by 1500 for 5 rounds (stacks each round, caps at round 5).

  • Base: 1500
  • Big Synergy: 1500
  • Small Synergy: 1500

Officer Ability: A Little Excitement

On round start against players with Assimilate, Mirror Kira increases your shots by 15% for 5 rounds.

  • X = 15% / 20% / 25% / 30% / 40%

Rare: Mirror Ezri

Captain Maneuver: The Smart Move

On combat start while against a Battleship player: Mirror Ezri increases your Apex Barrier by 7500 for the duration of combat.

  • Base: 7500
  • Big Synergy: 18750
  • Small Synergy: 3500

Officer Ability: Clean It Up

On round start against players with Assimilate, Mirror Ezri increases your Kinetic Weapon damage by X% for 1 round.

  • X = 450% / 850% / 1500% / 2300% / 3500%

Rare: Mirror Troi

Captain Maneuver: Psionic Tactics

On combat start while against an Explorer player, Mirror Troi increases your Apex Barrier by 7500 for the duration of combat.

  • Base: 7500
  • Big Synergy: 18750
  • Small Synergy: 3500

Officer Ability: Inquisitor’s Wrath

On round start against players with Assimilate, Mirror Troi increases your Energy Weapon damage by 450% for 1 round.

  • X = 450% / 850% / 1500% / 2300% / 3500%

Mirror Universe Synergy

All the previous officers have the same synergy group, and can be used together to get a great boost to survivability with the new Apex Barrier modifier, depending on the type of ship you’re in.

Update! Mirror Data has had his synergy boosted to match Mirror Troi and Mirror Ezri. His Big Synergy is now 18750 (previously 7500).

  • Try Mirror Picard (C), Mirror Data and Mirror Kira for an extremely powerful PvP crew!

Rare: Lieutenant Picard

Captain Maneuver: Test That Assumption

  • On combat start against non Armada Hostiles of level 35 and under: Lieutenant Picard increases your Apex Barrier by 4000 for the duration of combat.
    • Base: 4000
    • Big Synergy: 3500
    • Small Synergy: 1000
  • Officer Ability: Always A Light
    • On combat start + X to the Shield Health vs non-Armada Hostiles
      • X = 5% / 7% / 9% / 11% / 14%
  • Try Lieutenant Picard with Next Gen Crew, this officer is meant to provide a strong PVE early crew for new players.

Promo Codes

The promo codes are now live in the webstore!

Reflection: For our daring Ops 10-39, claim (5) Mirror Kira shards and get ready for the Mirror Universe.

AlterEgo: For Ops 40-70, embrace your alter ego with (5) Mirror Kira shards and (750) Section 31 Mirror Ciphers.

Hurry! These exclusive rewards are only available until July 20.


18 new missions are coming this update to conclude this Mirror Universe arc. Update 68 brings with it:

  • 10x Core Missions 
  • 8x Side Missions
  • And bonus new Wave Defense Encounter Missions!

Core: Mirror Universe (10 Missions | Level 34)Pretender’s Throne

As Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the Terran Resistance Forces conspire in the shadows against her leadership, Empress Kira Nerys endeavors to retain her grasp of the Terran throne.

Side Missions: Introducing Wave Defense (1×1, 1×1 | Level 40)Dossiers 3 & 4

Section 31 needs the Commander’s help to conceal their operations within the Mirror Universe and stop Terran Empire forces from attacking the crucial outposts.

Side Missions: Mirror Universe (3 | Level 40)Exodus

The Commander helps a Vulcan from the Prime universe travel to the Mirror universe in order to help some of their Vulcan counterparts abscond from the Terran Empire.

Side Missions: Lower Level Engagement (5 Missions | Level 25) Ally in Reflection

When a Klingon House goes dark after a recent change in the High Council, the Commander gets involved in a whirlwind of intrigue, schemes, and unexpected alliances.


Twelve new Field Repair Activated Ship Ability refits are showing up this month. Field Repair is a new activated ship ability that’s used exclusively outside of combat to heal your ship. Each use of Field Repair heals 25% of that specific ship’s HHP.

Field Repair requires Welding Hardware to work. Players can obtain 1 free activation of Welding Hardware daily via a free bundle located within the Wave Defense Store, and can hold up to 10 free activations at any point in time. Players can also spend new Wave Defense directives for additional activations in the Section 31 faction store. At Tier 1 this ASA has a cooldown of 10 minutes, but that cooldown decreases 20 seconds every ship tier.

G4 Uncommon 

USS Kelvin



G5 Uncommon

USS Northcutt

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Token_9253_VorCha_healing_Large.png



G5 Epic

USS Enterprise D



G6 Uncommon

USS Akira



2x New Projectiles

Isolytic Damage Projectile

  • 5% increase to Isolytic damage against everything
  • Shard cost: 75

PvP Apex Barrier Projectile

  • 500 Apex Barrier against PvP targets (excluding station defense)
  • Shard cost: 75

Battlepass & Cosmetics

A brand new BattlePass is available this month, and players will have the ability to earn several new cosmetics, consisting of 7 new avatars, 3 new frames, and 2 new TC frames. Be sure to keep an eye on the event schedule to learn how you can obtain this month’s cosmetics!

Patch Notes Video

To see gameplay footage of some of these updates, be sure to watch the video on the newest release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed unlocalized strings in some parts of the FTUE
  • Adjusted spacing between chest frames in the refinery tab for better visual distinction
  • Corrected placeholders and visual glitches in the war room upper right tooltips
  • Fixed the scrolling on the refinery bundles on the right side
  • Updated the artwork for the “Rare Mirror Space Warp Path Efficiency” research  to match its description
  • Fixed an issue where ships occasionally got stuck in the Mirror Universe
  • Resolved warp path issue to Endron Beta system that would occasionally display the error message “Out of Warp Range, requires a warp range of 1”
  • Fixed an issue with the displayed warp range numbers in several system paths
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping officer abilities text on the ship management screen
  • Fixed a responsiveness issue when two ships enter a MU rift simultaneously
  • Fixed an issue with the warp range requirements to allow the use of the Extract Rift to exit MU
  • Fixed an issue with Apex Barrier values in Battle Log exports to reflect “Mitigated Apex Barrier”
  • Added the missing ”[Extract]”’ to the “Mirror Archanis” system name for consistency reasons
  • Fixed an inconsistency issue with battle engagement and rift usage in MU
  • Fixed an issue where queued targets in the action queue would get stuck
  • Updated SNW Nurse Chapel’s abilities across all languages to maintain consistency
  • Fixed an issue where Silent Hostiles were generated in Q’s Trials
  • Added “Ship abilities are always active” text to the Gorn Eviscerator Ship Ability for consistency reasons
  • Fixed an issue where USS Voyager “Advanced Sensors” ability cooldown timer was stuck at 00s
  • Fixed an issue for players below OPS 40 who can now enter Mirror Alpha Centuri, Mirror Wolf and Mirror Sirius
  • Ensured art for mining Raw Trellium-A matches specifications on all devices for visual consistency
  • Hazard resistance stats are now visible for targets in the scan view
  • Fixed an issue with “Max Officer Level” info window incorrectly popping up after tapping “Attack” on Cadet Nyota Uhura’ level-up page


-The Star Trek Team