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Update M49 – Patch Notes

By Star Trek 6 December 2022


A shadow looms over the Alpha Quadrant.
Although Captain Benjamin Sisko and his dauntless crew have managed to reclaim Deep Space Nine from the Cardassians, their trials are far from finished.
The corruption and influence of the Dominion has reached the highest echelons of the great powers. Only one more thing stands in their way of total domination… You.

Star Trek Fleet Command’s Deep Space Nine pt.4 update includes:

  • New Station Upgrades
  • Field Training
  • New Officers
  • 30 New Missions

And much more!

Field Training

The new Field Training Feature will be available for all Commanders, with a special focus on those new to the Star Trek Fleet Command world!
Follow all the training tasks to learn the intricacies of being a Commander and unlock rewards for your efforts!

New Research

Alongside the new Alliance Research, 6 new Defiant Nodes in the Starships Tree and 1 Galaxy Tree Prime will now be available for Commanders:

Defiant Research:
5 new Nodes and 1 Prime enhancing the Defiant’s active ability for Assaults

Prime: Bajoran Diplomacy

Increases amount of Diplomacy Tokens earned when claiming chests in the Bajoran Store

New Drydock

A new Drydock will be available for construction at level 35, you can unlock this feature through the Offers tab.
Acquiring Drydock H will allow you to command an extra vessel and greatly increase your combat and mining capabilities.

New Queues

New Building and Repair Queues will be available for Commanders. Get meaningful value and expand your station and stay ahead of the curve!

New Refits

Ops 42 Federation, Klingon and Romulan combat ships will receive new Epic refits with unique visuals that provide meaningful increases to reputation gains.

Jem’Hadar Fighter Refit: USS Kelvin

  • Increase the base amount of Federation reputation gained or lost from defeating Hostiles and Armadas with the USS Kelvin by 50%

Breen Warship Refit: K’T’inga

  • Increase the base amount of Klingon reputation gained or lost from defeating Hostiles and Armadas with the K’T’inga by 50%

Cardassian Galor Refit: Valdore

  • Increase the base amount of Romulan reputation gained or lost from defeating Hostiles and Armadas with the Valdore by 50%

New Officers

Jadzia Dax, now available as an Epic Officer

Captain Maneuver: Keen Eye
Increase Shield Piercing, Armor Piercing and Accuracy by X% of Officers Health, against Solo Armadas
Base: 700% / Small: 175% / Big: 350%

Officer Ability: Warrior Spirit
Increase Weapon Damage by X% of Officers Health, against Solo Armadas
300% / 450% / 650% / 900% / 1200%

Odo, now available as an Epic Officer

Officer Ability: Fluidic Strength
Increase base Armor, Shield Deflection and Dodge X% against Solo Armadas
40% / 50% / 60% / 80% / 100%

Below Deck Ability: Right is Might
Increase Critical Damage by Y%
20% / 25% / 35% / 45% / 60%

Julian Bashir, now available as a Rare Officer

Captain Maneuver: Surgical Precision
Increase Critical Hit Damage by X% against Solo Armadas
Base: 50% / Small: 25% / Big: 50%

Officer Ability: Steady Hand
Increase Critical Hit Chance by Y% against Solo Armadas
20% / 25% / 35% / 45% / 60%

Kira Nerys, now available as a Rare Officer

Officer Ability: Steel Determination
Decrease Shield Mitigation by X% in an Assault
4% / 5% / 6% / 8% / 10%

Below Deck Ability: Guerilla Strategy
Reduce Opponent Player Critical Hit Chance By X%
10% / 15% / 20% / 25% / 35%

New Missions

  • 10 new missions conclude Deep Space Nine Arc! Join forces with Sisko and Crew as they fight for the greater good of the Galaxy.
  • Learn about the new Assaults in 5 new missions. All you’ll need is a tall ship, and some contraband to fill it with!
  • Be on the lookout for 10 side-missions that will have you alongside your favourite DS9 characters onward to the Gamma Quadrant!
  • Lastly, join the Bajoran Resistance in 5 new exclusive missions available in the Faction Store.

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

Espionage Event Conclusion

The Espionage Event comes to an end! Participate in the grand reveal of the Changeling Spy and rescue the captive character in a new mission!

New Frames and Avatars

Avatars (7):

  • Epic Jadzia Dax
  • Epic Incursions Winner
  • Epic Holiday Season
  • Epic Odo
  • Rare Bashir
  • Uncommon DS9 Worf
  • Uncommon New Year 2023 

Frames (5):

  • Epic 2023
  • Epic Infinite Incursions Winner
  • Rare Alliance Starbase
  • Uncommon Jake Sisko
  • Uncommon DS9 Gold Uniform

    Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users are seeing an excessive amount of time pass in order for the shop to populate its bundles
  • Fixed an issue where where users attempting to access their Alliance Starbase got stuck on the “Preparing” screen
  • Fixed an issue where the D3 Separatist is unable to cloak in M48
  • Fixed an issue where Shop_error_303 is triggered in certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s captain is reported incorrectly when they are the defender in a battle
  • Fixed an issue where the Alliance Starbase appears inside the system after relocating Alliance Starbase to the Collisional Plasma harvester.
  • Fixed an issue of stars indicating reward material grade disappear after sending an officer on another Away Team mission
  • Fixed an issue on Geody where Actian Hostiles are only spawning 1 hostile at a time
  • Fixed an issue in Syndicate where the buff “Hull Health Bonus” is not applied properly for Level 30.
  • Fixed an issue of incorrect graphics on nodes in Starbase Research Tree
  • Fixed an issue regarding ships where number rounding is inconsistent across the game
  • Fixed an issue on the Scan Screen where the Ability Status icon of an enemy ship is not placed on the correct side of the scene / overlaps the ships 3D model
  • Fixed an issue where in the Ship Refits of Bchor, VortaVor and USS Hydra Refits description do not mention they only work for this specific ship
  • Fixed an issue where Ortegas’ Tooltip description says “Inflct” instead of “Inflict”
  • Fixed an issue where Faction store characters appear smaller in size on PC in comparison with the other platforms (iOS/Android).
  • Fixed an issue where Officer Assignment Screen in Ships had the “Confirm” button overlapping with the ship stats panel
  • Fixed an issue where power increase is displayed as a percentage instead of a value on the first levels of buildings.


  • Made an improvement for the Mission “Imbalance” (Parts 4 and 5) in localization where there was a string issue with the mission titles
  • Made an improvement where Mission hostile ship names appear as Legionary for the “Jem’Hadar Cruiser”, “Jem’Hadar Fighter”, and “Jem’Hadar Battlecruiser” in missions “The Sixth Host” (Part 5), “Gambit” (Parts 8 & 9) & “Looking In” (Part 2)
  • Increased the number of Actian Apex hostiles in each system from 1 to 3
  • Made a formatting improvement to the third Tutorial Slide for ASB
  • Made an improvement in Solo Armadas to show correct color sonar pulse when in solo armada
  • Made an improvement where pressing the Help all icon directly helps all, no menus involved
  • Added a leaderboard button to Alliance Milestone Events
  • Made an improvement to showcase the cooldown timer on active ship abilities