Utilizing June’s Officers – Mirror Picard and Mirror Data

By rebekah 1 July 2024

“Space… The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of the I.S.S. Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to conquer strange new worlds, to enslave new life and new civilizations… to boldly go where no one has gone before!”

-Mirror Picard

Commanders, this month has brought the Mirror Universe into contact with our own, and along with them has come the crew of the I.S.S. Enterprise! The invasion into our reality begins with Mirror Picard and Mirror Data, and they bring with them powerful new combat abilities fitting for such accomplished officers from such a brutal realm. Mirror Picard is no diplomat, no archeologist. He is a warrior and a conqueror, and with him in the captain’s chair of your ship, battle and conquest are exactly what you will be prepared for!

Let’s take a closer look at Mirror Picard’s abilities and how they work:

Epic Mirror Picard

Captain’s Maneuver: Take the Shot – On round start against players, Mirror Picard increases your Isolytic Cascade damage by X% for 2 rounds.

  • Base: 50
  • Big Synergy: 50
  • Small Synergy: 25

Even with no synergy, this will result in an unconditional +50% isolytic cascade on the first round and +100% isolytic cascade on the second and each subsequent round. With Mirror Data by his side, this increases to +100% on the first and +200% on each subsequent round. This is a very powerful isolytic offense that exceeds what other officers are capable of at this time.

Officer Ability: Anticollective – On round start against players with Assimilate, Mirror Picard increases your Apex Barrier by X for 1 round.

  • 10000 / 13000 / 17000 / 22000 / 30000

Even just at the first tier, this results in your ship having effectively double its HP once this ability is active. Carol Freeman made a splash in battle by doubling the weapons fire of her ship. Mirror Picard answers that challenge with a doubling of defenses. With promotions, Mirror Picard’s Apex Barrier can grow to a very high cap!

With these two abilities, Mirror Picard provides extremely powerful offense and defense, requiring only the use of the Assimilate state to activate the defense. This is where his subordinate Mirror Data comes into play. Mirror Data’s abilities are designed to support his Captain, and he does a fine job of it.

Rare Mirror Data

Captain’s Maneuver: Self-Improvement – On combat start against an Interceptor player, Mirror Data increases your Apex Barrier by X for the duration of combat.

  • Base: 7500
  • Big Synergy: 7500
  • Small Synergy: 3500

With Mirror Data in the captain’s chair and Mirror Picard supporting, this will generate an unconditional +15000 Apex Barrier against player Interceptors. Once the Assimilate state is applied, Mirror Picard’s barrier will be added as well. This will provide a substantial defense against interceptor damage, at the cost of the Isolytic offense of Mirror Picard.

Officer Ability: Reflections – On round start against players, Mirror Data has X% chance to apply Assimilate to it for 2 rounds.

  • 45% / 55% / 65% / 80% / 100%

This is how you can activate Mirror Picard’s barrier. It takes luck or promotions to ensure that Mirror Data will inflict Assimilate at the very beginning of combat, but once it goes into effect you only need him to be able to activate once every 2 rounds to maintain the Assimilation and Mirror Picard’s barrier with it.

Here are some suggestions on who you can use with these two new officers to round out your bridge crew!

Mirror Picard / Mirror Data / HG Worf – Lots of critical hits to supplement the isolytic offense.

Mirror Picard / Mirror Data / Phlox – A direct counter to the previous suggestion. Phlox’s critical hit chance negation combined with Mirror Picard’s barrier will be an extremely powerful defense!

Mirror Picard / Mirror Data / Trip Tucker – An alternative to Phlox, Tucker will weaken incoming critical hits drastically, and that combined with the Apex Barrier will provide excellent defenses.

Mirror Picard / Mirror Data / Carol Freeman – Combining all the most prominent PvP officers into one highly destructive crew, Carol Freeman’s isolytic cascade will be triggered at the same time as Mirror Picard’s Apex Barrier by the Assimilate state, and will stack with Mirror Picard’s own isolytic cascade for an extremely powerful isolytic onslaught!

Did you find any of these crews helpful? Be sure to let us know on our official channels.


-The Star Trek Team