Borg Reconnaissance // Event

By Star Trek 23 January 2020


As the epic conflict between the three great factions continues and Independent commanders fight to carve out their own place among the stars, a new threat rises that will eclipse all others.

It begins with a simple rescue mission. A brilliant scientist, DALEN, is saved from a Corvallen attack. Dalen’s unusual cargo introduces a compelling new mystery. Dalen discovered the wreckage of a ship belonging to an unknown species and took one of the surviving alien crew aboard his own vessel. This SURVIVOR, a humanoid equipped with enhanced cybernetic components, becomes the object of Dalen’s obsession. If he can awaken the Survivor and repair the alien ship, he might access the secrets of new technology more powerful than any that has come before.

Dalen enlists the help of Independent commanders to find and acquire missing cybernetic components that will help him awaken the Survivor. But each of the three great factions has their own interests at stake, and acquiring the components will be no easy task.

Ultimately, the Survivor awakens, and a terrifying new future arrives…

“We are the Borg. You will be assimilated.”

The Borg Seasonal Arc Begins!

Fleet Command’s first Seasonal Arc begins today and will continue over the next three months as the Borg conflict unfolds. Each month-long act of the Borg Arc will reveal a new story, unleash challenging enemies, and deliver valuable rewards to earn. Your achievements each month will matter throughout the arc, so be sure to begin uncovering the secrets of the Borg today and return each month. Set out now to experience new Borg missions, unlock a powerful Borg Officer, and progress through the first Monthly Event.

Borg Arc Monthly Events

Month-long events will run throughout each act of the Borg Seasonal Arc. Each event will have a series of milestones unlocked by completing Borg missions and activities, and every milestone will award you a new pack of rewards such as resources, materials, Borg Officer shards, and new Borg missions.

The 5th Milestone of the Borg Recon Event awards the Borg Mission Keys needed to unlock the mission chain! Missions are recommended for level 25+

To begin this month’s Borg Event (Borg Reconnaissance), head to the Events Tab to learn how you can score points. Once you reach a milestone you’ll receive standard rewards, as well as premium reward tokens which may be redeemed in the Event Store. However, you can only redeem the premium tokens if you’ve purchased the Premium Reward Unlock Pack. If you acquire the Premium Rewards Unlock Pack after you’ve already begun progressing through the event, you’ll still be able to redeem premium rewards for each milestone you’ve already completed.

Finally, you’ll also earn Epic Borg Tokens for completing milestones. These will be available to earn throughout each of the three Borg Arc Monthly Events and may be redeemed for a special reward near the end of the arc, so be sure to continue reaching milestones throughout the Borg Arc.

Over and Out
Good luck during the Borg Seasonal Arc, and as always Commanders, live long and prosper…


We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us.

Resistance is futile.

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Good luck!