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Love Can Not Be Assimilated – STFC Valentines Day Events

By Star Trek 15 February 2023


February is here, and love is in the air. Throughout Star Trek’s history, we’ve seen many relationships spark into burning flames, and we’re focusing on some of those for our latest Valentine’s Day in-game event “Love Can Not Be Assimilated”! These are a bit different from some of our past events, so we wanted to give a little more information on how they work and the rewards available from these events! Take a look at the notes below for a full breakdown.

The events that you want to look out for to participate over the coming days are:

– Love Can Not Be Assimilated – SMS Meta: Feb 14 – Feb 16

– Walk Down Memory Lane – SMS: Feb 14
– Rekindle the Flame – SMS: Feb 15
– Fight Back – SMS: Feb 16

Each SMS has four different versions based on a different couple within the Star Trek universe

Commanders will receive in their Gift section 10 Horga’hn Totems that can be used to enter one of the four versions of the SMS.

Each of these events will provide Horgan’hn carved Currency which can then be redeemed in various ways in the event store.

The total amount of Horgan’hn carved Currency that can be earned by completing the events with the daily provided Horgan’hn Totems is 1,070. By completing the Love Can Not Be Assimilate Meta, you can also earn yourself the epic animated Valentines 2023 frame!

Horgan’hn carved Currency can be spent on three different options:

Refitting is Not Futile: A variety of refits for different ships
Don’t Go Tribble My Heart!: A rare Tribble themed Hailing Frequency
Be My Imzadi!: An officer recruit bundle featuring Picard and many others!

We look forward to seeing which of the four power couples you love most and hope everyone has a great February!


The Star Trek Fleet Command Team