Change is the Essential Process of All Existence – Website Update!

By gabriel 5 May 2023


There has been a ton of content coming out this year both in-game and out. From the Vi’Dar Talios to the Ex-Borg faction, we’ve had new additions change the way people interact with the game every day.

We’ve also been working on a variety of community video content ranging from interviews with team members here at Scopely to some unseen trivia contests that will be released in the coming weeks.

But one thing that has remained unchanged for quite some time is the official STFC website, and that changes today. Not only has the website received a facelift in terms of the layout, images and colors, but the content has changed as well.

The Academy tab features new player guides, FAQs, articles on new content, and also directly will bring you the everyone’s favorite informational resource, STFC.Space

Community will provide all the latest video content in one place that you can view directly on the website as well as hosting fan art featured from our very talented community members

And of course News will feature the latest game updates, patch notes, feature spotlights, and more as you’ve all come to be familiar with.

We’re beyond excited for this new chapter and if you have any ideas of content you’d like to see added to the website in the future, be sure to leave a comment or reach out to the community team!

Live Long and Prosper Commanders

– The STFC Team