Discovery Part 2 – Events

By Star Trek 7 October 2020


The fury of Kronos has been unleashed.

Mudd’s victory has left the Discovery crew shaken, but they will have no time to recover. Following hot on the heels of their quarry, Klingons from Discovery’s own universe have found themselves pulled into this reality. Their arrival here is seemingly an unintended side effect of Mudd’s manipulation of the mycelial network.

Reports abound from across the galaxy of Klingon ships gathering up ancient, defunct technology and annihilating everything in their path.
What could these renegades possibly want from us?
How many will fall before they are stopped?

The gates have been opened and the hounds of war have been set loose.

“Remain Klingon!”

The Discovery Arc continues!

Discover new ways of using the mycelium network and unlock the true potential of the USS Discovery through brand new research in the Galaxy Tree – Travel further and faster with your USS Discovery, and gain the ability to project power in instant notice by quickly summoning your strongest ships to your USS Discovery’s side.

Recruit new and old friends to your side, with Phillipa Georgiou, Paul Staments and Sylvia Tilly all joining the bridge and ready to help fight the Klingon Invaders – that threaten havok in our reality as they once did in the prime universe.

Note: Based on your feedback, we have tightened the level bracket of many of our “engagement” leaderboards so players are competing with those closer to their level more often. We want to make sure there are enough players in each while also making it a fair competition between players. We hope this helps improve the leaderboard experiences, and as usual will be looking at your feedback!

Battle Pass:

Discovery Part 2 – The Call of the Empire (Level 10+)
October 6th – 29th
Score by completing milestones in select events identified with the Battle Pass Points badge.

There are two reward tracks: a free track for all players and an elite track for those who purchase the associated pack in the store.

This month’s Battle Pass rewards and sub-events have been improved in significant ways, all of which are explained in detail on another in-game news.

Battle Pass Milestones:

M1 – 6,000 | M2 – 13,000 | M3 – 21,000 | M4 – 30,000
M5 – 40,000 | M6 – 51,000 | M7 – 63,000 | M8 – 76,000
M9 – 90,000 | M10 – 105,000 | M11 – 121,000
M12 – 138,000 | M13 – 156,000 | M14 – 175,000
M15 – 195,000 | M16 – 216,000 | M17 – 238,000
M18 – 261,000 | M19 – 285,000 | M20 – 310,000

Non Battle Pass Specific Events

*Run times may change, and additional events might be scheduled for specific player segments

Remain Klingon! (Level 10+ Solo Milestone)
October 6th – 29th
Score by completing all core missions. All required missions can be unlocked through the free Battle Pass on milestone 2.

Recruit Philippa Georgiou & Avatar (Level 20+ Solo Leaderboard)
3x 48H – October 6th-7th, 14th-15th, 23th-24th
Score by spending G3 and G4 materials to compete for a chance to unlock the new epic officer: Georgiou & its exclusive avatar.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum (Level 39+ Solo Milestone)
2x 24H – October 12th and 19th
Score by destroying hostiles in the following systems: Sol, Romulus, Kronos. Extra points for using G4 Shipyard Lvl42+ combat ships.
Note: This is an iteration to last month’s event, allowing the use of other ships beside the lvl42+ ships, expanding the event to lvls 39-41 and reviewing the original event rewards.

Flash Events (Level 21+)

Week1 4x 24H – October 7th-8th, 10th-11th
Week2 4x 24H – October 14th-15th, 17th-18th
Week3 4x 24H – October 20th-21th, 23th-24th
Week4 4x 24H – October 26th-27th, 29th-30th

This month’s flash events, as well as a list of all anomaly systems, will be covered in detail on another in-game news.

Rescue Discovery Officers (Level 10+ Solo Leaderboard)

4x 24H – October 6th, 12th, 19th, and 25th
Score by dealing damage to lvl10+ hostiles throughout the galaxy to obtain Discovery officer shards.

Rage of the Klingon Houses (Level 10+ Alliance Leaderboard)

3x 24H – October 9th, 16th, and 28th
Score by destroying G2+ combat ships in PvP in any system. Lose points by losing with a G2+ combat ship in PvP in any system.
Note: By allowing PvP throughout the galaxy but restricting it to combat ships, we hope to address player feedback – giving players the flexibility to decide if they want to participate in PvP while not incentivizing attacking survey ships of players who don’t want to participate in it.

I, Mudd (Level 27+ Solo Milestone)

2x 24H – October 13th, and 22nd
Score by winning or losing in Stella vs Stella PvP combat in any Rogue or Exchange system.
You are mad! No. I’m Mudd.

But Who’s Counting? (Level 21 Solo Milestone & LB)

3x 24H – October 6th, 13th, and 22th
Score by winning or losing in Discovery vs Discovery PvP combat in specific systems.Extra points for using Harry Mudd, Mudd, Origins Burnham, Origins Saru, Origins Stamets, Stamets, Michael Burnham, Saru, Georgiou, Tilly, Pike, or Spock as Captain.
Do you know how many times I’ve had the pleasure of taking your life, Lorca? 53. But who’s counting?

A Chance to Shine (Level 10+ Alliance Leaderboard)

2x 24H – October 12th, and 19th
Score by dealing hull damage to any hostile with Origins Saru, Origins Stamets, Zahra or M’Benga as captain of a G2+ Combat Ship (Franklin, Vi’Dar and Stella excluded). Extra points for using lower shipyard level ships.
I can’t believe we are going to serve side by side. Scientists and commanders, an elite team.

  • Yeah, no, we’re not really elite. We’re more like the cool, scrappy underdogs of the ship.

Race to Ops 20 (Level 2-20 Solo Milestone)

2x 7D – October 6th-12th, and 23th-29th
Score by upgrading your operations building (lvl2-19) or any building (at level 20 only).

Good luck during the Discovery Seasonal Arc, and as always, Commanders. Live long and prosper!

The STFC Team.