Epic Armadas

By Star Trek 19 November 2019

Epic Armada targets have been sighted all across the galaxy! The latest intelligence reports that these hostiles are extremely powerful, but carry incredibly valuable cargo.

Assemble and Attack!

Team up with your Alliance and bring your strongest ships to take down these targets whenever you can: they are more than twice as scarce than Rare Armada targets and in some cases may take ten times longer to return to systems they’re defeated in.

Upgrade Your Fleet and Earn More

The higher the level an Epic Armada Target is, the more Epic Armada Credits it will drop. The amount of credits you earn depends on the strength of the ship you bring to the fight, so upgrade your fleet and bring your most powerful ships to battle Epic Armada targets!

Level-Up For New Rewards

Increasing your level will unlock higher quality Epic Armada Packs, including ones containing a chance to earn the complete blueprints of powerful ships like the Ferengi D’vor, USS Mayflower, Augur, and more!

Remember:  no matter the faction of the Armada target, attacking it will not negatively impact your Faction standing.

Live long and prosper, Commanders!