Five of Ten – Jaylah

By Star Trek 7 April 2020

Stardate: 2377.4

Location: Beta Quadrant, the Borg Cube

“Lieutenant, lower shields and reduce power,” said Kirk firmly. The Enterprise approached the infamous Cube. 

At Scotty’s insistence, he had set course to Iezat to rescue Jaylah from the Borg Hive. After all, her help in Altamid turned out to be invaluable. Kirk entered the transporter room.

“Beam us down, we’re going to kick some cybernetic ass!” shouted Scotty. 

On the Cube, Kirk and Scotty found themselves behind a gathering of dozens of Borg drones surrounding a female amalgam of synthetic and organic components. 

“I am the One who is many. I am Our voice, the Manifestation…” it spoke to the crowd. 

“The Borg Queen…” whispered Kirk. 

“Our Collective will be yet again enhanced with new technologies. Together, I grow. We attain perfection!” the Queen continued as she injected a vial of nanoprobes into what appeared to be a sleepy Jaylah. 

“Stop it at once! Leave that lass alone!” Scotty jumped from their hiding spot, pointing his phaser at the ruthless Queen. 

“Oh, visitors! More to assimilate!” the Queen cried with delight, as a new Jaylah rose from her chair. 

“Your weapon is irrelevant, Montgomery Scotty,” Jaylah said. 

“Jaylah! I know that’s not you speaking, lassie!” said Scotty. 

“There is no more Jaylah, just us.”