Fleet Commanders Spotlight – A New Way to Lead

By Star Trek 10 January 2023


With Star Trek Fleet Command Update 50 now live, Fleet Commanders are at everyone’s disposal Operations level 15 and up! Unlike the officers that work aboard your ships, Fleet Commanders provide powerful buffs from the new Command Center building located in your station. Each Fleet Commander has their own unique set of abilities, and choosing the right ones for you will be crucial in taking on the new threats throughout the system.

Ready to Lead

You can earn your first Fleet Commander, either Kirk or Spock, by completing the mission “Legends of the Cosmos”. Each Fleet Commander provides unique benefits when on duty which can be viewed from the Command Center building on your station, so be sure to take a look at their abilities before choosing!

Commanding from Afar

Once a Fleet Commander is unlocked, you’ll want to go back to your Commander Center and set them on duty. In the beginning, only one Fleet Commander can be active at a time, but by upgrading the Commander Center, you’ll be able to have two Fleet Commanders working in tandem. Fleet Commanders can be changed once every six hours, and when switched, all ships must be recalled to receive the buffs and benefits of that new Fleet Commander. Be sure to have a Fleet Commander in command that is going to be the most beneficial for the activity that you’re choosing.

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

Each Fleet Commander has three different skill trees which can be upgraded to provide benefits to your active ships, construction and research. While Commanders can have all of the trees upgraded over time, rows of skills that are clustered together (the orange border with dark background around the skill icons) can only have one selected.As Fleet Commanders will grow in experience and leadership, they will become more versatile with new on duty and always active abilities. Switching between certain grouped abilities will become possible in a future update.


Skill specialties: (10 skills in each specialty)

  • Leader – Skills that grant buffs to officers
  • Hunter – Skills that help against hostiles
  • Explorer – Skills related to space exploration and ships

Example skills:

  • Give us All You Got – Increases Warp Speed
  • Phase Bank Upgrades – Increases Energy Weapon Damage
  • Khan!!! – Increases Critical Chance against non-Armada hostiles


Skill specialties: (10 skills in each specialty)

  • Miner – Skills related to mining and survey ships
  • Architect – Skills related to station
  • Scientist – Skills related to research and other fascinating buffs

Example skills:

  • The Needs of the Many – Increases Mining rate of Crystal, Gas and Ore
  • Insufficient Facts – Increases Research Speed
  • Alloy Metallurgies – Increases Tritranium – Upgrade cost efficiency for all Ships

Change is the Essential Part of All Existence

Fleet Commanders are forged in the fires of combat and experience is gained by defeating Borg Solo Armadas. These solo armadas are available for all Commander operations level 35 and above. Skill points are granted when a Fleet Commander levels up, and ranking up a Fleet Commander provides access to new rows of skills. Skill points can be redeemed for specific Fleet Commanders through the Refinery.

Fleet Commander provides a way to customize your Star Trek Fleet Command experience in a way never before possible. Each Commander now has a way to customize their fleet in the way that is right for them. While making the hard choices isn’t always easy, it’s what helps each of us grow and learn. Good luck out there Commanders, and as always, live long and prosper.