I am Spock

By Star Trek 15 November 2019

Commander’s Log

Stardate: 2263.4

Location: Foreign Universe

I have passed through an anomaly at the center of an uncharted ion storm. After the briefest of explorations, my analysis is complete. The anomaly carried me into a parallel universe and this universe is measurably inferior to the one I left back home, in terms of both technology and the willpower to use it.

There is no Terran Empire, only a simpering Federation that dedicates itself to the goal of peaceful exploration. Factions here only pretend to fight for supremacy. The only logical course of action is conquest.

They do not know the true power of the Empire. The time has come to pilot the ISS Jellyfish and its incomparable T38 Disruptor cannons stronger than anything this universe has.

With this powerful machine, I will consign the Federation and the Romulans into the dustbin of history. In both my universe and theirs! I only hope that I encounter the beardless Vulcan who bears my name in this universe before I return home to my own with all the trophies of conquest. There can be only one, true Spock.

Can the Mirror Spock be stopped? Will the Terran warmongers and tyrants reign supreme in our timeline? 

Join the Mirror, Mirror frenzy and take part in events tailored to your taste to earn blueprints for the most coveted ship in the game, the ISS Jellyfish!