Meet the Players

By Star Trek 14 May 2020

Meet Players


We welcome you to our new series – Meet the Players! This series will consist of mini-interviews where Commanders across the galaxy will give us a little bit of insight into their lives as a gamer and their love for STFC!

Our first guest is our friendly neighborhood Moderator and all-out Officer aficionado, the one, the only…. Captain Epictetus!

Q. Why did you start playing STFC?

A. I’ve always been a mobile MMO fan and pairing that with be a Star Trek and Space Warfare fan it was a natural pairing for me. 

Q. What do you like the most out of the game?

A. have, and probably always will, get a ton of satisfaction out of officers, how those are combined and paired with other officers and ships. It’s the one part of that game that differentiates players who take the time to appreciate the game mechanics and leverage them.

Q. What kind of player are you in the game?

A. I largely started off being a resource raider when I joined the game. The game is well-balanced earlier on and the resources you raid having a meaningful impact on progression. As I transitioned from being a player in relative competitive balance to being a “whale”, I put all my focus into game mechanics and experimenting with officers and ship combinations. I’m effectively a Game Mechanics PVE Whale now.

Q. What makes this game fun for you?

A. Playing with my friends, alliance mates, and continuing to dabble and experiment with game mechanics

Q. If you had the power of the BIG RED BUTTON what would you change in the game?

A. 1) Targeted PVP engagements (Alliance Wars, Territories, for example) 2) The concept of individual player fleets and synergy between ship types and faction types I’d be over the moon. 3) Balanced PVP Mechanics respective of ship types. E.g. a battleship overcomes it slow impulse by having a gravity well to bring in faster ships. 4) MAKE G4 SHIPS AS FAST AS G3 or do #3

Q. The most memorable moment of the game?

A. To this day I remember doing my first raid with my ECS Horizon and just getting through what then was a major whale (“Grinch”).

Q. A funny moment whilst being a moderator?

A. It’s a series of moments really. But I can tell you there are numerous funny moments found in the #mod-screenshots where our players may be funny, but not appropriate for discord.