Meet the Team – Oskar!

By Star Trek 2 February 2022

Meet the Team Oskar


We’re delighted to continue with this Meet the Team series! We bring you Star Trek Fleet Command team members, and we ask them about their roles and favorite things about the game. Let’s warp in!

Meet our 3d Artist, Oskar!


Today we have one of our 3D Artists in the hot seat. So what’s your role inside the team?

As a 3D Artist, I tend to work on a variety of different things depending on the release! We like to switch stuff up within the team, so sometimes I might be working on new ships and sometimes on new characters!

What do you find exciting about your job?

Being an artist means every day is exciting! I get to create loads of cool art for this vast and deep Star Trek universe. I love bringing iconic characters and ships and making entirely new ones is very luring.

What is it that you love about the game and the franchise?

I am pretty new to the Star Trek universe, but seeing the unique designs for both characters and ships really inspires me!

What is the most exciting thing you’ve personally worked on in STFC?

There are so many things that it’s kind of hard to name just one! When I started, I had a chance to work on an iconic ship, Vor’cha, as one of my first pieces to be in the game!

And now, off to the juicy bits. Can you tell us about some funny development moments that you remember?

That would definitely be every meeting we have with our Art Director. “Why”, you ask? Well, I guess we’ll need to bring him here in this Meet the Team series so he can tell you all about those himself. 😛

What kind of skills and experience are needed for your work? If you want to give any tips to someone interested in starting a career in the gaming industry.

In order to become a 3D Artist, there are quite a few series of steps to take for sure. There are many 3D programs that you can use, quite a few are used in the industry! Pick one and get to know it inside out, be flexible, create hard surface props as well as organic shapes. Take your time with textures and understand how materials work, and most importantly, be patient!

Thanks for your time with us today, Oskar!

Live Long and Prosper.