Meet the Team – Vikki

By Star Trek 22 March 2021

Meet the Team


We’re delighted to start our Meet the Team series! In this series of posts, we bring you members of the Star Trek Fleet Command team and we ask them about their roles and favourite things about the game. Let’s warp in!

Meet our Product Manager, Vikki!

You probably saw her during our 2nd-year anniversary video, in case you missed it you can check it here.

What’s your role inside the team?

My role is to work with the product, performance, game design, engineering, UX and creative teams to create features from the point of conception all the way through to launch.

What is it that you love about your role and how does it impact the community?

I love reviewing and presenting work that the team has created throughout the development process. Opening up a fresh build with some new part of a feature being implemented is exciting. Providing feedback on the build and working with others to get their input is really important to me. I take great pride in the features that I work on and it’s rewarding when a feature is received really well by the community. Seeing players engage with something you’ve spent time creating feels really good.

What do you find fascinating about the game and the franchise?

What I find fascinating about STFC is the level of satisfaction I feel as I build up my resources, upgrade my station modules and smash through the missions! I’m definitely a PvE oriented player, I almost always have my shields up. The feeling of progression is a good one!

As for Star Trek itself, I mean what’s not to like! Star Trek has such rich lore and each week I learn about a new story from it’s vast collection of episodes and movies! I’m also a Klingon aligned player and I have a crush on Worf. So there’s that too.

Can you tell us what are you currently working on?

I can’t say straight out, but the project I’m currently working on is one of my favourite features in games. I’ve been super excited about working on it since we first discussed it. I can’t wait to get it out live and deliver an awesome and rewarding experience to players! And to get to play it myself really.

If you were a Star Trek officer, who would you be and why?

I love Data. Simply being able to learn and absorb knowledge at an extremely accelerated pace and then recall what you learned instantly would be invaluable.

What are your favourite ships in the game?

I love the Klingons so my favourite ship, by far, is the Bortas. Its silhouette is super intimidating and badass. The Bortas is also my strongest ship in-game right now. Eventually, when I progress further I’d love to unlock the K’T’inga, it looks very like the Bortas with a few subtle differences. Rolling around space with those two ships in my fleet would be awesome.

What is your favourite crew?

KLINGONS. I don’t go deep on mechanics, I rely very much on who I think is the coolest looking, ha! My go-to officers are Mara, Azetbur and Chang. I am super close to unlocking Gorkon. Just need 3 more shards! Six Of Ten is awesome looking too, I love the Borgified officers.

Tell us some funny development moments that you remember

Oh wow, there are many! The one that comes straight to mind was a LONG time ago. We were delivering the Missions feature and we had just been sent the final build to review but when we opened it, the Missions button was gone! So we had no way to access the feature! It was frustrating and hilarious all at once. I’ll never forget that evening.