Roadmap Update – March 2021

By Star Trek 30 March 2021

Roadmap Update


Now that we are wrapping up the TOS arc, we wanted to give you another look on the exciting content that’s coming in 2021.

Looking back on our previous update, much has changed. As promised, we added Territory Capture and Last Online Status, which have energized a lot of the Alliance gameplay in each server. We heard your feedback on it so far. and in addition to the Territory Capture lag improvements that we are working on, we are looking to address some of your other main concerns in future updates.

We have also launched Second Builder & Ship Refits (personalized starship) features and are excited to see your reactions.

Looking forward, here are some of our plans for the rest of the year. Many details may change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release , but we hope you’ll enjoy another sneak peek into the future.

We appreciate the passion and time all of you put into the game, and we share your love for Star Trek and Star Trek Fleet Command!

Let’s get started! 

Officer Away Teams

With Away Teams, Commanders will be able to send Officers on special assignments to earn rewards, gaining resources and power. You’ll be able to select Officers you own to complete assignments, and their power will determine how likely they are to complete the assignment or even earn special, rare rewards. One of our primary goals with Away Teams is to make sure the Officers you collect or already own are useful and valuable, even if they may not have made the cut for your active fleet.

We’ve made a lot of progress on this feature and wanted to share a screenshot from this upcoming new addition to the game:

If all goes well, we expect to release this soon™!

Second Research Queue

After releasing the second builder feature, a common point of feedback we heard was that a second research queue would be even more valuable to many of you. We’ve heard you and are now working on adding a permanent Second Research Queue, enabling you to have two simultaneous active research projects. 

New Event Types

We’re always on the lookout for new, interesting events and have recently added several new types like Server Milestone Events, the mysterious “Scrambled Communication” event type, and Ticketed Events. Our goal is to provide fresh gameplay and even more choice in how you engage with the game each day.

This will continue in the coming months, and we’re currently working on several new event types. For example, Face Off events will debut a new milestone race mechanic, delivering big rewards to the first players to reach a specific score threshold. Server vs. Server Leaderboards events will give you a chance to band together as a server-wide community and compete against other servers to see who truly reigns supreme. That’s just a taste of what’s to come, so keep an eye out for even more new events making their way to a galaxy near you!

Consumable Buffs

Have you ever wished you had a bit more firepower, defense, or that little extra oomph so your fleet could truly go where no man has gone before? Well we have, which is why we’re in the early stages of developing a wide variety of consumable buffs which will provide temporary power, utility, or even unique benefits you can’t get elsewhere.

It’s still too early for us to share specific details about consumable buffs, but we’re excited about the opportunity to introduce new ways to deliver more choices and unique gameplay where a Commander’s strategic, timely decisions have an even greater impact on their success.

G4 Improvements

Lastly, we recently did a balance pass on G4 ship repair costs for level 40+ players and we are looking to continue making improvements to the overall 40+ experience. Expect additional tweaks to the economy, new challenges to face off against, quality of life improvements, and some G4 ship buffs down the road.

We’re committed to making Star Trek Fleet Command an experience Commanders are able to enjoy for years and years to come. To us, that means not only providing regular monthly content updates, but even bigger investments in supporting the endgame experience for our most dedicated players.

There’s still far more for Commanders to chart in the final frontier, and we’re looking forward to sharing how the Fleet Command universe will continue to expand!

Reminder: Everything mentioned is a work in progress, so they might not hit the live servers precisely as described and we cannot yet provide an estimated date of release.  

These are just some of the many ideas the team is working on. We will continue to listen, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think, and we will keep updating this series as we move into deeper space. We are committed as a team to create the best possible experience for all of you and we appreciate your help getting there!