Roadmap update – March 2022

By Star Trek 28 March 2022


As we head into 2022, we wanted to share more of our exciting roadmap for this year! Since our last roadmap update, we released Ship Cloaking, Officer Presets, The Syndicate, 2nd Repair Queue, Extra Drydock and much more.

Now, let’s talk about the rest of this year. As always, details are subject to change, as may the order and timing of their eventual release, but we hope you’ll enjoy our sneak peek into the future.

Thanks again for all your time and passion.

Let’s get started!

Below Deck Officers

Being a deck officer means you share in all the glory and responsibility of running a starship! Yet a starship is a lot more than just the Bridge! Many officers below deck contribute just as much to the overall success of the missions.

That’s exactly what the new Below Deck Officers contribute: These officers might not have the best Bridge abilities or synergies, but they can help and contribute via the lower deck section and give you that extra edge in battles. Coming soon to a starship near you.

*Please be aware that the screenshot is a work-in-progress and may differ from the final version*

Server vs. Server Features

In March, we launched our first in-game server vs. server events, and we are looking to expand on that concept later this year.

Aside from Leaderboards and fun events between servers that we are looking to increase beyond 1v1, we are also working on a way for servers to physically invade one another and bring their ships (temporarily) to a “new universe”.

These engaging limited time events will put your server and Alliance against other servers’ Alliances in direct epic space battles.

Alliance Star Bases 

Ever thought what it would be like to run a bigger Space Station? Alliance Star Bases will give Alliances the ability to build and expand their very own Space Stations. Each Alliance Star Base will provide unique abilities, exclusive mining nodes, and extra defenses for each members’ own bases.

This feature is in early development, so we are happy to hear some great ideas and early feedback from the community on it.

Old & New Star Trek IP

We have some very exciting shows and characters coming this year and we can’t wait to welcome them all to Star Trek Fleet Command. From new shows to the top fan favorites from Star Trek’s tv history, we have a packed year with lots of new features, officers, ships, missions and much more!

Live long and prosper, Commanders.