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Stories of the Galaxy – Episode 3

By Star Trek 17 May 2020

Stories Galaxy


Episode 3 of “Stories of the Galaxy” is here! Below are stories from fellow Commanders around the Galaxy describing their own experiences. We want to thank all Commanders for submitting their stories.

I’m a cop, at a Sheriff’s Office in Western NY. Wife, 2 kids, and another one on the way. Every day I still need to go into work. Definitely an eerie feeling with less traffic and more family disputes. We call it cabin fever, people being held up inside going stir crazy. I try to keep my head low and do the minimums to avoid exposure, and avoid bringing COVID home with me. Hoping on fleet command has significantly helped in passing the time.

Submitted by Unknown from server Unknown

I’m a high school student living in California. We’ve been sheltering in place for some time now; all my teachers have been giving assignments online, and posting video lectures or holding zoom meetings to stay connected. I miss my friends and my choir classes, but I’ve been trying to stay positive and spread positivity. A week or so ago I went around my neighborhood and put colorful notecards with uplifting quotes in people’s mailboxes. I shared the idea with my commanders on discord, hoping they got some positivity, or inspiration to do the same in their community. I also started an Instagram account named, “Spreading Positivity” or under the username “positive.savoirs” with the same goal in mind: To inspire others to spread happiness, love, and positivity, in these strange new times we’re in. Now I’m sharing my story hoping you’ll get my message to stay positive, and maybe you can spread some positivity in your communities. I attached an image of a few notecards I wrote to give you some inspiration. Signing off -Draw –

Submitted by Draw from server Unknown

My story is on the opposite side. I am a paramedic for the local EMS agency and I am also attached to the police department as a tactical medic. About three weeks ago we went to mandatory 12 on 12 off shifts. I primarily work nights and in that time I’ve had one full day off.

My girlfriend is a nurse in the emergency department at one of the local hospitals. It happens to be the county hospital and a level 1 trauma center. Her department is also on the same schedule. Last week she tested positive for COVID-19. Her fever broke yesterday and she is getting some energy back.

I am the admiral of a small alliance of players who have become friends over the last year. My playtime has decreased but I still chat with everyone in-game or on discord. If I’m having a rough night at work, I know I can log on and get a good laugh. It’s funny how a game on your phone and the people who it brings into your life can make a terrible shift a little better.

Submitted by Unknown from server Unknown

My call sign is QuasarRendDragon in the Pacific Northwest alliance. I am a disabled Naval veteran who has played the game for the past 6 months. I currently level 24, I have self quarantined myself and my family. because I have underlying conditions that weaken my immune system. I pray every day for those who have contracted the Coronavirus to recover with the grace of God. I enjoy playing the game, it gives me a way to connect with people. I talk with my allies about the current situation and have developed close relationships with many of my alliance members. Every day we have is a blessing of God’s grace and love, even when everything is normal. May God bless us all.

Submitted by QuasarRendDragon from server Unknown